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  1. That's a lot of Wrecking Balls! Don't forget Neil Young's Mansion on the Hill. and of course Fire by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  2. As Shout has been already been mentioned I'll pitch in with Detroit Medley. I've never seen it performed live so may have my mind changed but it's one I always skip over when listening to a boot. Seems like a good waste of ten minutes when he could be playing more of his own songs! As for his own, Two Hearts is one that I've never got.
  3. Re LOHAD, same here, I thought it made a great ending to the opening sequence of songs and was one of the highlights for me. Talking of new songs of course I wish that the new album is released soon and not just left sitting on the shelf, whether politically relevant or not. But just because no new songs are forthcoming doesn't mean that he is no longer relevant. I think the opening group of songs last night proved that point. I also happen to be a big Neil Young fan, for a longer period than Bruce. He is constantly bringing out new politically motivated stuff but in his case I think it is a matter of quantity over quality and I've lost interest in a lot of his more recent albums. So it can work both ways!
  4. I was way up in the gods but sound didn't seem to bad to me although considering my last show was Wembley anything would be an improvement!
  5. Just got home from the show. Very solid opener and Blood Brothers absolute highlight for me. A song I never thought I'd see performed live and it even made the beer-swilling chatterers across the aisle from me shut up for once in the evening, Other great moments LOHAD, Lost in the Flood (a first for me) into Kitty, Incident and NYCS. Only quibble - I was hoping we'd see more of the strings. The E Street Band - the new resistance movement!
  6. I didn't see, was on the highway. They are still advertising tickets on local radio for Sunday so I hope there is a good sized crowd.
  7. I think he'll be changing the habit of a lifetime to start on time!
  8. Thanks for all the welcomes. Arrived at crazy o'clock this morning. I should add that (for complicated reasons) for the last few years I have lived between here and the UK and we have recently moved over from Queensland to Perth, hence the Brisbane show in '14. So I am over for the next few months but am only going to the Perth shows.
  9. Long time lurker but waiting to fly out from London to Perth getting excited for the shows. I'm hoping that with a three night stand we might get a full River on one of the nights. I was lucky enough to be in Brisbane 2014 so will have to go a long way to surpass that show!