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  1. Still hoping we'l get a 73/74 release at some point that would be incredible
  2. Id love a 73/74 release (written whilst listening to my Wild And The Innocent Vinyl) but im not holding out much hope
  3. You are a god among men thank you. Personally I love it excited for the rest of the album and a tour to follow
  4. He'd definately play Dublin so clearly this is BS
  5. Where Bruce and Steve could not stop laughing afterwards that was a great gig
  6. County fairs in my top 5 Springsteen songs I dont know why but I just love it
  7. Agreed Long Walk home should be a set staple to be honest theres so many songs that get missed out everyone will have a preference for me id love to hear Incident on 57th Street live no luck out of my 7 shows so far also meeting across the river and girls in their summer clothes for me
  8. That sounds more familiar I know the better seatd were alot more as youd expect
  9. Id be suprised if Bruce did that there were rumours of a big increase last time but think I still paid around £60/70 for Manchester tickets would be a kick in the balls if it did happen though
  10. Great band saw them on their last tour cant go wrong
  11. I was at that gig incredible setlist standing for Springsteens always seemed reasonably priced to me but have always said I wouldnt pay £100 plus for anyone
  12. I was shocked when I went to get Metallica tickets with cheapest standing being £110 no thank you ticket prices are getting ridiculous now hoping for a Springsteen tour soon though.......
  13. Side 4 for me Wreck On The Highway/The Price You Pay are incredible great album right through of course....can take or leave Im A Rocker personally though
  14. Bored was the wrong phrasing looking forward to doing something new I should have said