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  1. Cant remember the last time i felt this dissapointed....oh yeah Thursday haha
  2. Didnt someone say they had a mate who said something was happening today...........
  3. Ah was it meant to be announced at 3? Back to being excited it is
  4. Its not happening today lets be honest and it pains me to say it.....soon though the timings right
  5. Wembley was great think its the olympic park gig a week or so later
  6. Id love another Magic show the releases have been epic so far
  7. Ive long been waiting for a pre 75 show another reunion show woudnt hold much interest for me personally.
  8. Id have to go London 75 Tampa 08 Wembley 81 In no particular order with: MSG Nov 7th 09 purely for the run through of WIESS and Philly 75 rounding off my top 5 Yours?
  9. You wont be dissapointed possibly my favourite archive release definately in the top 3
  10. Hey i order Bruce archive cds from Nugs quite a bit and sometimes they take a month sometimes 3 but they always come, I ordered London 75 the day it was announced and it came last week. Hope this helps
  11. Hey im a massive fan of 73-75 Bruce and just seen this vinyl does anyone know what the sound qualities like? Thanks
  12. The last 3 releases have been perfect for me a Magic Show, an incredible 75 release and a run through of Wild And The Innocent only Cardiff 2013 can keep the run going for me.
  13. Was thinking the same almost as if something biggers come along
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