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  1. Good interview!Western Stars Soundtrack versions of SJC and WS are played in the interview as well.
  2. Ireland-wise I hope he returns to either Thomond Park or the RDS,or ideally both.Looking forward to going back to the crazy San Siro as well,and possibly a Spanish show.
  3. New Bruce interview in Irish music magazine Hot Press for their 1000th edition.Also an interview in the same magazine with Little Steven!Released on 17th October.
  4. I think he was just pretending to forget them,for very comedically humorous purposes.
  5. The Spirit 'forgetting lyrics' thing,was that not just some shtick he did?Like he did for it at Pinkpop 2012?
  6. You've just seen... The hay eatin' Show jumpin' Neigh sayin' Cheltenham winnin' Fast gallopin' Ketamine takin' Cray...zee...horseee
  7. I loved Tom on that tour as well,he definitely persuaded Bruce to do most of if not all of those great covers night after night.
  8. Also,purposefully left out the 2014 part of the WB tour because I know Tom Morello is a bit like marmite on here.
  9. Bono on GiTSC "It is the most insightful song about aging. It is a song of experience, actually.”
  10. They're very similar actually,both about getting older and looking back at life through the lense of experience.