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  1. Nice Fourfecta,if there is such a thing @E Street nation
  2. The one Bruce song that has kept your fires burning.What has been the main Bruce tune that has been keeping you going through this awful time?For me it has been the recent-ish Sundown.Looking forward to hearing yours.
  3. Exactly @el sergio,and it costs what,at least $5 million dollars to have your company featured in a SuperBowl ad?
  4. If Bruce wanted to share his words and thoughts he could have easily released a video to his millions of followers on Facebook,Instagram,YouTube etc.
  5. 1.U2 2.Bruce 3.The Killers 4.Oasis 5.Future Islands
  6. I was there,unfortunately missed the first few songs because of the snow!Candy's Room was one of the best songs of the night.
  7. And I still dont get why some people mentioned this as I stated in the OP that they are totally different.I never asked for them to be compared and contrasted,I simply asked which do people prefer.
  8. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6cZpiVqrGTFLcWN7PRS4vc?si=ZjdtiQT6R3ioeuB4qdshhA Bruce was on Conan's podcast a few weeks back,decent listen!
  9. Two totally different records;they just happen to be his last two releases. Personally I prefer Western Stars as I find it a much more interesting and rewarding listen,but Letter To You is still a very good album especially at his age. Which one do you prefer?
  10. Not sure if the performances were posted on GL?Here they are incase any of you didn't see them.
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