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  1. Agree more or less with your gradings; A for Antichrist indeed.Thought Jacob Snell warranted a grading as well though.
  2. Any fans of this amazing band?Their new song For Sure is great.
  3. Has there been a 'Best guest appearance with Bruce & ESB' poll on Greasy Lake?Watched a lot of videos today of Eddie Vedder,as well as Bono and u2, playing with Bruce and the band,was wondering has it been done on here before.
  4. Do you know of any way us Europeans can get access to any of that?
  5. The best walk on music Bruce ever used.Spine tingling.
  6. Was that not Brothers Under The Bridge?As opposed to ('83)
  7. What a great song,how has he not played this live?Or has he?I can't find any live versions on YouTube.