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  1. 'Glastonbury's Greatest Headliners' on BBC2 in one hour for any Irish/UK people not out on the town tonight.Surely The Boss will make an appearance
  2. Taking a small break from Western Stars,listening to Living Proof.One of his best from last 30 years what a tune
  3. Listening to This Hard Land greatest hits version,just realised the first AND last song I've seen live is This Hard Land solo.
  4. The first 20 seconds I thought he was covering this.
  5. Just heard it,not bad,a kinda slow country cowboy mini-epic.
  6. Cover of this year's Xmas edition of Hotpress (Irish music magazine)
  7. Haven't been on here in a while, just came across @rachelharms on an Irish entertainment website and knew I recognised her! Also watched the Netflix show yesterday,it was very good.Favourite song was either My Hometown or Tenth.
  8. Looking forward to reading it.Are you going to do a Wrecking Ball Tour guide as well?
  9. I thought they'd have The Rising on it knowing their love for Bruce