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  1. When I die I don't want no part of heaven,I would not do heaven's work well I pray the devil comes and takes me to stand in the fiery furnaces of hell Some of the greatest lyrics ever.
  2. I was late for his January 2016 MSG gig and missed the first few songs.As I was climbing the stairs to the arena the first song I heard was Independence Day.I got near the pit,got settled and caught the last beautiful minute or two of it before he launched into Hungry Heart.It remains one of my favourite Bruce concert memories.
  3. I've never had to switch Side 1 for Side 2,I first listened to it on cd
  4. I'm going by album sequence,and subsequently full album live shows.
  5. I like his abbreviating of words ending ING,to me it emphasises that country twang he likes to put on some words. Or maybe he just wanted to show off his grammar skills!
  6. Long Walk Home was actually brilliant on the Wrecking Ball the few times it was played.
  7. Magic is a great album to listen to and you're right,it probably sounds better than the live versions.
  8. It seems to be one of the few Bruce songs that sounds better on the album than in a live setting.
  9. I'd love if he performs it on the next tour,no speech before the song just straight in with that sax intro!
  10. I don't think I've ever seen this song being discussed on here,is it not well liked by diehards? I absolutely love it.It's probably my favourite song off Magic,love playing it while having a few beers with friends,great party tune!
  11. Feeling hungover and nostalgic... It's coming up to the six year anniversary of my favourite Bruce concert I've ever attended.I've seen him nine times,this was the second time seeing him,and it has always stood out as my favourite.So what made it so special for moi? So many factors.I was going to the concert with three of my good friends,two of which had never seen him live before but were big fans of his nonetheless.We set off for Thomond Park all giddy and soaking in a rare Irish heatwave with the whole day ahead of us,each wanting a specific song to be played by the Bossman. We walked up to the stadium slightly tipsy with giddiness ever increasing and who waves to us from the passing by car?Only Little Steven Van Zandt with a big smile on his face!Day already made. We got onto the pitch just after five and were struggling to find a way into the pit.Growing anxious I told the boys to stay put while I ran around the grounds like a headless chicken looking for four of those precious pit wristbands.I eventually salvaged four of them from one of the stewards and ran back to the boys with giddiness overload.Off we went into the pit.We found a nice central spot,looked down to put our belongings on the ground and THE MOMENT we looked back up The Boss walked on stage for an unexpected and magical pre-show. After that 'Did that actually just happen?' mini set we came back down to earth and tried to gather our thoughts.Minutes before main show a guy tried wagering a bet with me on what will be the show opener.He bet €5 it would be Fields of Athenry while I went for Spirit in the Night.I don't think anyone in the stadium would have predicted that This Little Light of Mine would the first song but it went down really well to a crowd in great spirits.We were already in the palm of his hand. Back to the specific songs we all wanted.Bruce Newbie #1 wanted to get American Land,but I said don't get your hopes up,but if he does play it will be in the encores.Second song in they blast it out and I was never happier to be more wrong in my life - we all went absolutley crazy to it.(Newbie #1 was also ecstatic to get Ain't Too Proud To Beg which he knew from the movie Remember The Titans!) Back then I was obsessed with Hungry Heart and was in heaven watching Bruce downing a pint and collect his Irish Passport after the opening salvo.Bruce newbie #2 wanted Thunder Road and Bobby Jean and Bruce answered his call.Bruce's little introduction before playing Born To Run start to finish was magical with the sun setting and the opening harmonica/piano intro gave us all Brucebumps.My other friend wanted Drive All Night and he was also duly rewarded,he looked like he was in trance as he took in a great performance of the tune.Later that night we did our best drunken Bruce impersonations on the dancefloor of a nightclub as the DJ belted out Dancing in the Dark,BITUSA and BTR. So we all got our requested songs,the crowd was great,the stadium was great,the weather was beautiful,Bruce and the E Street Band were clearly loving life on stage accompanied by a great setlist.Everything was perfect.Life affirming. At the end of the gig the two Bruce newbies turned around to me whilst trying to pick their jaws off the ground.Bruce newbie #1 uttered to me in disbelief.... 'He's not human.'
  12. Tampa 2014,the one he opened with Joe Hill?Not sure
  13. I listened to it about two hours ago,I love Living Proof album version!One of my favourites of his from the last 30 years.