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  1. Haha I thought you might!It was just the lack of horns and the fact I've listened to it so much,familiarity breeds contempt and all that jazz.
  2. DTMH was badass on the WB tour.It actually became a toilet break song for me on last year's tour though
  3. Hahaha @SoulBoogieAlex and @phantomengineer I feel I should explain the term 'punching horns',from my perspective at least.I saw an interview many years ago from the composer of the main Rocky theme song(you know the one that is played during the training montages?!) and he said the horns in the song feel like they're punching you in the face.So that's where I coined the phrase 'punching horns' from,I'm not even sure if it makes sense but it does to me
  4. @Paolo's Circus Story Oh don't get me wrong I do love his acoustic stuff;Mansion on the Hill is probably my favourite acoustic song of his.I love seeing him turn acoustic albums tracks into live rock n' roll forces of nature(Youngstown,GOTJ,Atlantic City etc.) as well as turning rock n' roll album tracks into live acoustic performances (This Hard Land,Thunder Road,Spirit in the Night,Incident) etc. My point was that I wouldn't be half as excited about a full concert of acoustic songs.But of course I would definitely go see him solo,just much prefer to see him with the ESB!
  5. @SoulBoogieAlex it's the punching horns! @Paolo's Circus Story I might take a lot of heat for saying this but I wouldn't be half as interested in seeing Bruce solo as I would with the ESB.I'd still be drooling over him solo but I'm a Rock n' Roll child I like my drums loud and my guitars electric,not the biggest fan of acoustic concerts.I do love the odd time he plays acoustic or solo piano at his concerts though;witnessing Incident in Dublin last with just Bruce on piano was out of this world.
  6. @Paolo's Circus Story due to his unfortunate ageing I don't want any solo tours I want to see him jogging around the stage and rockin' it out with the mighty ESB! @Tenth Avenue put the chicken fingers downnn!
  7. @rachelharms You can tell it really gets Bruce going too!A friend of mine was at this concert too it was his first time he was blown away by Bruce's energy('How the hell is he jumping up and down on a piano at his age?!')
  8. Anyone else feel like the intro to Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out(live,well on most versions) is incredibly motivational?!I feel like stepping into a boxing ring or running a marathon everytime I hear it
  9. @Paolo's Circus Story the WB tour is probably my favourite tour,I wish I could go back to early 2012 and look forward to it all again
  10. On the subject of dating/Bruce I once brought a girl I was dating(and crazy about) to one of his shows in 2013.She did not know one Bruce song,not even DITD or BITUSA,before the concert which baffled me completely!Got in the pit and she had a great time,although she said Wild Billy's Circus Story was the worst fucking song she had ever heard which I found funny haha.Me thinks my future love having a love for Bruce will be a prerequisite
  11. @the calvary I love Louis too!Yes absolutely you hit the nail on the head.I like Conan too I think he did a good howling Bruce impression haha
  12. Randomly watching this video and he mentions Bruce and Jungleland!Thought you guys would find it funny
  13. Random Bruce thought #4637:How hilarious/amazing/unlikely would it be if Bruce and The ESB had their own WhatsApp group?
  14. You'll Be Coming Down;I used to be obsessed with it when I was younger!
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