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  1. I always thought Working On A Dream(album) was a bit shoegaze,especially This Life.I remember around the time that album came out,U2 released No Line On The Horizon and The Killers released Day and Age,which again I thought both had shoegaze elements.All these albums came out in late 2008/early 2009,must have been a bit popular back then?
  2. Born To Run(song) is one of the best songs you can hear on the radio,by anyone.
  3. The cover of Just Like Fire Would is a beaut.
  4. Looks great!Really interested to see how how it turns out.
  5. Radio Nowhere deserves great credit.His previous two albums were obviously acoustic driven departures so it was imperative that the first single released was to be a proper rock tune,and he knocked it out of the park in my eyes.I remember seeing on MTV something along the lines of 'The Boss is back' when they were reviewing the single.It has sounded great live as well since,even though I have yet to experience it
  6. Gotta love The Mavericks!Here Comes My Baby is another gem.Have you heard their cover of All That Heaven Will Allow?
  7. Plugged is amazing.I especially loved Shane's guitar,it sounded so good.
  8. Decent song on first listen,has a similar 'oooooo' to the one Bruce uses on Growin' Up.
  9. Album version for me,although electric live is badass.
  10. Now you were the Red Sea I was Moses I kissed you and slipped into a bed of roses The waters parted and love rushed inside I was Jesus' son sanctified Tonight the moon's looking young but I'm feelin' younger 'Neath a veil of dreams sweet blessings rain Honey I can feel the first breeze of summer And in your love I'm born again
  11. I love that video!Maybe he made one because Hungry Heart never had a music video before,and was his best chart performing song in the USA after Dancing in The Dark?
  12. 10 Greatest 10 Favourites In no particular order. Incident. PIAN NYCS. Frankie BTR. Backstreets TR. DOTEOT Backstreets. Loose Ends Jungleland. LITF(Magic) RITS. MLWNLYD DOTEOT. Hungry Heart The River. I'm Goin' Down Atlantic City. Youngstown
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