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  1. Just checked out that BTX place,its site layout is vastly inferior to GL,I felt like I was back in 2001 trying to navigate through it.
  2. Meet Me in The City was a great concert opener for the full River shows(and that one off time in Milan) in 2016.
  3. After rereading the lyrics it does come across as a 'f**k you' type of song
  4. LITF at 12?To paraphrase Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos - 'My estimation of Paolo as a man just f***ing plummeted'
  5. Not as odd as it only being played once on the Magic Tour.
  6. I can't see that for some reason it just comes up blank?
  7. A beauty of a song from a beauty of an album.This was one of the first if not the first Bruce songs that really made me take notice of his music,I remember being obsessed with it about ten years ago constantly playing it on my old iPod,and it still sounds great today. Anyone else in the YBCD appreciation club? Also is it true it's only been played live once?
  8. Nope,he said he's very pessimistic about tours happening in 2021 as well.
  9. I love Bruce & The ESB to death,but their overuse of 'y'know' in interviews drives me up the wall.
  10. Absolutely.Is that you in the picture?Are you a Bruce tribute act?
  11. Best guitar duel is probably IHTBASITC,but Heaven's Wall is great live too,they should've extended it a bit though.
  12. Nils - Youngstown LINYC Bruce - Prove It All Night Passaic '78 Steve - Jungleland
  13. It was a great,intense show by Bruce & the ESB,the venue was terrible though.
  14. Welcome!It was this video from The Netherlands that really opened my eyes to Bruce early on in my fandom,and remains my favourite version of Spirit. Spirit in The Night @ Pinkpop,2012.
  15. For those that don't know this is an ongoing interview series with members of the band during the pandemic,Bruce might get interviewed at some stage but I doubt it. Some of you have already seen the Nils one,Roy was interviewed last week and Max's interview was uploaded today; all posted below. I'll upload the others as they get posted,enjoy! Nils- Roy- Max-
  16. Well Amazon is the only place Garth is on,he's not even on YouTube!He's very finicky about his music.
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