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  1. I have a major Springsteen fan friend who is REALLY not enjoying lockdown at the moment and I tossed up whether to raise it with him.
  2. I enjoyed this and truthfully sitting 14 weeks, or there abouts, into lockdown, it kind of feels like my theme song of the moment.
  3. So who is watching, and prepared to provide a run down of, Bruce interviewing Steve?
  4. Honestly without context that photo would generate an entirely different response than the one (nominally) intended.
  5. "Question was the one song would use to convert a friend to becoming a Bruce fan." Man that is such a subjective question. I have friends who would never have been a fan if their first exposure to him was Ghosts or The Fever but equally one who would not have responded at all to Promised Land or Thunder Road. Sure that one is certifiable but ...
  6. 8 weeks of lockdown is irritating the shit out of me JMW but I feel somewhat better now I am double vaxxed. I'm waiting for the rest of the people close to me to be fully vaxxed (all have had the first shot) and that will give me some comfort. Even in lockdown our numbers are climbing so we will be in lockdown until sometime in November at a guess and possibly longer. Something you guys can relate to I am sure.
  7. My computer died and I was having trouble getting back in on the new one. Karsten helped out. I was just saying thanks and showing him I made it back.
  8. Anyone else see this pic from @Flagofpiracy and think Forrest Gump? Okay, so just me then.
  9. I have no chance of seeing it but I am with you. The man is in his 70s FFS. If you had told me in the 1980s that this arse would still be throwing itself around a stage in 2021 I would have told you your bandana was too tight. I say let the man do what he wants.
  10. Is it just me or does anyone else find it thoroughly appropriate that the first Laker to make it Marsha's spot on the Boardwalk at Asbury Park was a Laker named Madam Marie???
  11. It might be an odd thing to say but I realy like the idea that we all have a little spot on the beach at Asbury that we share, and with which we honour Marsha. No matter how small a contribution we made a little bit of our time and income went into that plaque and so we are all "there" with Marsha in a sense. Or at least that is how I am choosing to see it. Thank you again Rachel for coming up with what has to be the perfect tribute to her. You were lucky to be able to call her friend but so was she to be able to say the same of you.
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