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  1. Can't think of Clarence without thinking of first Badlands and Jungleland but then this. (Bonus Danny)
  2. Tough choice. There is this - purely because every time the house lights go up I can see myself completely losing my shit and being totally in the moment. Or there is one I can no longer find of me grabbing the poor blokes hand and then Jake's ... ahem ...reasonably well defined shoulder .
  3. Thanks @jmw. Life's been a bit shit but a visit to the Lake is a good way to lift the gloom.
  4. REALLT????? Funny how we have never noticed that about you Daisey.
  5. Welcome @allsetcobrajet. You don't have to be bat shit crazy to fit in here but I find it helps.
  6. Well they are no longer bunched about Bruce not making a statement would be more accurate a comment.
  8. Interesting. This is what I get when I follow the link...
  9. This is NOT your standard Candy's Room. Well Candy's Room plus... Can't believe how few views it has.
  10. Been struggling with walking pneumonia for a bit and its been driving me nuts but honestly this has been more therapeutic than anything else in the last few weeks (I am fine - they call it walking pneumonia for a reason).
  11. Certainly a lot older than Bruce and in some ways peerless Ellis Marsalis Jr is sadly one who has not been so lucky.
  12. Thanks RJM. I am finally getting to the point I can put it behind me. Turns out it might have been COVID - there was a small hidden cluster of it where I live but tests would not confirm it one way or another this far into being sick. Doctor tells me to assume it is not COVID and do all the same stuff to avoid it as everyone else. Will get the antibody test when it is available just to know. Whatever virus is responsible it has given me great sympathy for those facing the challenge of severe COVID that so many are dealing with at the moment and enormous gratitude for being okay.