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  1. Anyone else see this pic from @Flagofpiracy and think Forrest Gump? Okay, so just me then.
  2. I have no chance of seeing it but I am with you. The man is in his 70s FFS. If you had told me in the 1980s that this arse would still be throwing itself around a stage in 2021 I would have told you your bandana was too tight. I say let the man do what he wants.
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else find it thoroughly appropriate that the first Laker to make it Marsha's spot on the Boardwalk at Asbury Park was a Laker named Madam Marie???
  4. It might be an odd thing to say but I realy like the idea that we all have a little spot on the beach at Asbury that we share, and with which we honour Marsha. No matter how small a contribution we made a little bit of our time and income went into that plaque and so we are all "there" with Marsha in a sense. Or at least that is how I am choosing to see it. Thank you again Rachel for coming up with what has to be the perfect tribute to her. You were lucky to be able to call her friend but so was she to be able to say the same of you.
  5. I saw that reply and laughed my head off. Maybe the horse could be in the Jeep with him.
  6. Such a great way to celebrate Marsha's life and ensure she is remembered. Thank you so much Rachel and thank you Ray.
  7. I am so, so sorry to see this news. Loved her and even discovering she was a big Peanuts fan is so bittersweet. That is something else I would have been commenting on to her. Now I am going to go pick out a Peanuts t-shirt to wear in her honour (and yes I am proudly dorky enough to have a couple). Some people literally don't care what people will think of them when they are gone but I think Marsha would be pleased to see how many people she touched while she was with us. Rest in peace.
  8. RIP Michael Gudinski Without you we would not have had any of these tours since 2013. Thank you so much. https://www.smh.com.au/culture/music/australian-music-industry-icon-michael-gudinski-dies-aged-68-20210302-p5770i.html
  9. This is awful news. And you are right we owe him a great debt for bringing Bruce back to us. I was about to post the news on the Oz Nz tour thread because without Gudinski it would not have happened.
  10. Thanks so much for posting the links. I didn't want to sign up for an account just to listen to these and the ads were not too distracting. Much appreciated.
  11. @AMIW This is specially for you. People in Sydney are being asked to catch Funnel Web Spiders. I have them in my yard and frankly I stay as far from the mongrels as I can. https://www.theleader.com.au/story/7114945/funnel-web-spiders-sought/
  12. I love this. And it mentions two of Australia's most deadly animals. Foxes and cats. Kill far more critters than snakes, sharks etc. Also why EW is an indoor cat.
  13. When I finished propositioning Bruce I was overly familiar with Jake's shoulder and I may have blacked out after that.
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