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  1. I am having those moments too. Where life seems normal and then you remember it isn't. Been sick for nearly four weeks with a virus and every time I cough I think 'at least it is not COVID'. Have thought about my old Introversion versus Extroversion thread and hoping those on the extroversion end of that spectrum are coping well enough with the social distancing. It will be a bigger challenge for them than me. I have a great deal of sympathy for those people but not as much as I have for those whose kids are going to be singing endlessly the social distancing song The Wiggles released today. Not sure if that is a kindness or a cruelty.
  2. You work it out and we will both know. Bruce has a reach far beyond what we can know.
  3. I presume this has turned up on the Lake somewhere but I havn't got time to search and I definitely shared this blokes "oh the Springsteen" moment so forgive me if this is already posted.
  4. No one has ever called me a lady (or at least not while sober) so I am not sure I could explain.
  5. If we need to explain the difference between being described as hot and being described as greasy you may be having a fairly quiet Valentine's Day.
  6. This made me groan because it was not Bruce but I once had tickets to a concert at the Empty Container Centre (some Aussies will get that ref) and we turned up with the mate who had the tickets only to discover he had brought us along the day after the concert he had gotten the tickets too. A moment I will never forget. It gave me a level of paranoia about every Bruce show I ever saw that it is hard to describe. I display almost OCD like obsession about being there on the right day and incredibly early every time.
  7. You have to remember Australians never met a word they would n't shorten.
  8. @AMIW Aussie horror movie themes left off the schlockiest of the lot . If you have ever encountered an actual razorback in person you know they can be truly frightening (beginner's tip - never try to grab a feral pig's piglets, just saying - by the way I was not that stupid even at 13 so I was on the back of the ute yelling at the boys to run)
  9. Hello Young Padawan I have only been on the random thread over the other side occasionally because it has been a bit stressful here - fires, now wild wet weather and days long blackouts but things have settled down so thankfully I have had time to stroll through the circuit today.
  10. Actually my first time seeing Bruce live was not at a Bruce concert but immediately before my first Bruce concert. It was at Neil Young in Sydney and this is what a certain database says about what it was like but honestly it was AMAZING and ramped up my excitement for the two actual Bruce concerts I had in store that week: 01 Down by the river Notes: To a deafening ovation Bruce casually strolls out and joins NEIL YOUNG onstage during the final encore in Neil's final show in Sydney. Bruce and Neil trade vocals and blistering guitar solos on an extended version of Young's 1969 song classic. Nils Lofgren also made a guest appearance earlier in this show, playing piano on "Tell Me Why" and accordion on "Comes A Time". Still rated by many as Bruce's most memorable walk-on guest appearance. A very good quality audience recording of this entire show is in circulation via Neil Young fan sources. “Down By The River” is also found on various homemade Young CDR compilations. p.s. when they say "extended" they mean something like 20 minutes extended.
  11. Well if you approach it the right way a quokka will not kill you. It might just ruin your selfie.
  12. What this thread needs right after Australia Day is Bruce singing a song by an Australian band in Australia in a far kinder Australian summer. Good memories help wash away the bad.
  13. Finally got a day when I had both money in the bank and access to Greasy so tis done. Thanks as always.
  14. These lines from @Buddhabone are so prescient to what I wanted to say I should start with them. "taught me to be me, and only me. Thats what Bruce has taught me with his music. "All you need to do is risk being your true self." I was born with secrets that I have carried through my life, and when I heard this music, it taught me to love myself despite them, I cut them loose as they were dragging me down." I came to Bruce through BITUSA but unlike my peers I stayed with Bruce and it was Darkness that kept me at his metaphorical side. Many of you have read the introvert/extrovert thread so you know I live in my head. If you want a musician to speak to an introvert you need to go beyond a Justin Beiber (no offense Justin). You need someone with something real and resonant to say. Someone worth having a conversation in your head with. Not someone whose lyrics sends your brain off into a mental stocktake of what is in the pantry. Bruce was and is that for me. Additionally I was not born with secrets but beeping heck I had some thrust upon me and that line about cutting them loose before they drag you down still hits me years after I managed to do just that. I have always felt that Bruce knew he was liberating others, not just himself, with those lines. I thank him for it. And for getting me off my arse and dancing through many three hour sets. I love Bruce and I don't even care that he doesn't even know I exist. One of the rare cases of unrequited love working out for both parties. Happy Birthday old man. May you get much, much, much older and enjoy every darn second of it.