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  1. SydneyGirl

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    Holy flipping heck!! They are extremely lucky whoever they were. We know it was not Raced because if he saw an Australian octopus he would have yelled Andrew and been 100kms away in about 60 seconds.
  2. SydneyGirl

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    Thanks Daisey. I was lucky as there was flooding to the north of me and then to the south of me but we just got a decent amount for the garden. The term flash flooding is the perfect term for what happened. It went from completly dry to cars floating away in 20 minutes in some areas.
  3. SydneyGirl

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    Andrew has missed an Australian hazard...
  4. SydneyGirl

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    Daisey I was not endorsing the sandpaper thing. I think they were justly punished for their cheating and frankly their stupidity but given the pitiful punishment similar infractions committed by South African and English players have garnered the hullabaloo was over the top. Particularly as it immediately seemed to wipe from memory the SA players comments about a certain vice captain's wife. As to Bruce I think he needs to come back and play a fundraising gig for the natural disasters of late and then settle into a house on Palm Beach for some post Broadway R&R. A couple of months on the beach spending the occasional evening popping into local pubs to watch some band try to eke out a living would do his soul a world of good.
  5. SydneyGirl

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    I accidentally stumbled on it last night and lasted about 5 minutes. I thought Chappell was wrong about it at the time but figured it did not need to be rehashed AGAIN 35 years later. God help us when the 5/10/20/30 year anniversaries of the sandpaper kerfuffle happen.
  6. Honestly Daisey I am pretty sure Bruce has split a few of my atoms over time... p.s. I have actually been in the Rutherford Appleton Labatory in Oxfordshire and I did not know Rutherford was a Kiwi so as usual Greasy Lake is an absolute font of knowledge.
  7. Fool JMW? Not sure that scans. Admit you jumped into his arms at the scarey bits didn't you?
  8. SydneyGirl

    Oz/NZ tour Jan Feb 2017

    We are a hardy lot. The story from the floods that got my attention this morning was a guy getting excited that a giant mud crab ended up in his gutter and was apparently happy that the bloke dragged him up on to the grass. Probably less happy when the bloke then cooked and ate him... if the wildlife don't get you, the humans will.
  9. SydneyGirl

    Random Thoughts + Discussion: Springsteen edition

    Waiting for someone to introduce Paolo to the concept that (for those of us lucky to be blessed with retaining some hearing) things can be heard with ears without little objects being stuck in them. Or is his world reduced to devices without speakers? And if so is that a result of a restraining order from the Justin Beiber fan next door?
  10. I am sorry Berlin Tramp. I know how much it hurts to lose a cat too soon and goes on hurting.
  11. Yes sir! Happy to oblige.
  12. SydneyGirl

    Bruce out drinking in Boston

    I think Bruce's jumped the shark moment for me would be if he tried to address the hairline issue in the same manner as his current president.
  13. SydneyGirl

    Random Thoughts + Discussion: Springsteen edition