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  1. Oh thank you soooo much for that @kenjisan!! I don't watch the show so had never seen this but it just made my day. That has to be the most Ocker thing (in the best kind of way) I have seen in years. Going off to look for my pluggers. P.S. also agree with you his only worth was the suit thing.
  2. It is getting a little tiring watching the poor cat disappear under the car knowing it means the storms are coming again Daisey. After the damage the hailstorm did to my roof on the afternoon of Bruce's last Hunter Valley concert she understandably is very scared by them. There have been a couple so violent I considered joining her under the car. I think though this will have been the last as we are so close to April.
  3. Still chuckling over this and imagining Raced trying to explain the dash to a hire car company.
  4. Saw in some coverage of it that the couple who found it assumed from a distance it was a bit of a shipwreck. You see why!
  5. And if that wasn't Australian enough for you try this one. Now I would completely get Raced being bothered by this.
  6. I doubt there will be many smiles in @Daisey Jeep's house this weekend but I hope this can bring a couple. As Jukebox said peace, love and solidarity plus a little Kitty.
  7. The shame belongs to the arseholes who did it Daisey and sadly it seems an Australian was one of them. As you said I feel so sad for the poor individuals going about their every day lives cut down by somebody else's inability to cope rationally with whatever climbed up their arse to make them do such a vile thing. Also Christchurch. Of all places.
  8. Hey @Daisey Jeep just want to say I am thinking of you all. Can't say anything useful, just that I am gutted for New Zealand that it is going through this and this neighbour is sending love your collective way.
  9. Lordy, I thought I got enough comments when my cat walks me! I can only imagine the response to an alpaca walking its human.
  10. It is a close run thing but I think I love this more than the Robin Williams does Elmer Fudd version of Fire. OK, not that close run a thing but the visuals are what this about it not the vocals. And I am not just talking about Bruce's jeans (ahem @BrilliantDisguise and @tie that bind). Thanks for giving me somewhere to put this @Paolo's Circus Story. I miss Clarence!
  11. @AMIW I am sure you would have gotten to it eventually but this is the footage of a paraglider landing safely only to be attacked by a kangaroo. Does @Raced Off The Street paraglide by any chance?
  12. Line - 'I don't care what the preacher thinks' - is so perfect for news in Australia today.
  13. The snake shed its skin. Clearly passenger had a Bruce playlist going the whole trip home.
  14. Holy flipping heck!! They are extremely lucky whoever they were. We know it was not Raced because if he saw an Australian octopus he would have yelled Andrew and been 100kms away in about 60 seconds.