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  1. Oh man @jukebox I could own every word of that rant. Sooo me. The other thing I confess to do doing is stopping in front of the idiots peering at their phone and saying "heads up" really loudly.
  2. Is that the recently retired ALP Treasurer, and well known Springsteen fan, Wayne Swan?
  3. I HAD to buy a new iPod today (don't talk to me about music on phones!!) because I cannot listen to Bruce on a stupid iPod that I have dropped too many times and now stops and starts randomly and has me muttering "f^&* off" vociferously in public (to the shock of strangers) when it, again randomly, says "Siri not available - you are not connected to the internet". The things I do for you Bruce!
  4. Would have to sit and work out the full list but I know one of my faves I have only heard once live - Point Blank.
  5. Sadly only in my heart because right now it is Monday morning and I have to start work. Thankfully though it is work that will go much faster with some music. I wonder what I should listen to????
  6. Well it certainly started on Saturday, it may or may not have finished on Saturday...
  7. I did indeed love it. Only song that so far has not really grabbed me is Wayfarer but I will give it time to grow on me. The first listening was probably the most relaxed I have felt in months. Whatever else is wrong in the world Bruce has new music out there.
  8. I'm waiting for Saturday when there are no distractions whatsoever. I need to be alone with Bruce. Hang on, let me rephrase that. I need to be alone so I can listen to it for the first time in peace and quiet.
  9. I hope you packed a snack and a drink Roy cause I love the thought of you being rumbled by the cops and trying drunkely, with slurring words, explain that you needed to break in because you wanted to get lucky and human touch.
  10. Where did you find my baby picture Daisey?
  11. Feel sad that I let out a huge breath when I read this intro to the Guardian review, I should be more adult than that: The 19th Bruce Springsteen album has been heralded as a dramatic break from tradition. So dramatic, in fact, that in the interviews accompanying its release, Western Stars’ author has felt impelled to reassure fans that he’ll be back recording and touring with the E Street Band later this year.
  12. Must have slept through that one. VERY thick that fog. Reminds me of the first time I was on the Golden Gate Bridge. I was on the bridge but literally could not see the bridge structure (just the roadway) the fog was that thick.
  13. I am not big on superstition personally @Daisey Jeep but I grew up near an opal mining town and both parents of one my school friends died down an opal mine (carbon monoxide poisoning) so I have always accepted that superstition to some extent. Glad to see the lunch is becoming a regular event. Putting the 'Ties that bind' line into action as well as the lady of the same name at the centre of the action.
  14. At least the Bruce song names would be bearable. I have met a woman named after two Doctor Who characters. She was not thrilled (Tegan Nyssa if you are wondering). Actually scratch that. I can imagine a few kids being unimpressed with being named Outlaw Pete.