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  1. RIP Michael Gudinski Without you we would not have had any of these tours since 2013. Thank you so much. https://www.smh.com.au/culture/music/australian-music-industry-icon-michael-gudinski-dies-aged-68-20210302-p5770i.html
  2. This is awful news. And you are right we owe him a great debt for bringing Bruce back to us. I was about to post the news on the Oz Nz tour thread because without Gudinski it would not have happened.
  3. Thanks so much for posting the links. I didn't want to sign up for an account just to listen to these and the ads were not too distracting. Much appreciated.
  4. @AMIW This is specially for you. People in Sydney are being asked to catch Funnel Web Spiders. I have them in my yard and frankly I stay as far from the mongrels as I can. https://www.theleader.com.au/story/7114945/funnel-web-spiders-sought/
  5. I love this. And it mentions two of Australia's most deadly animals. Foxes and cats. Kill far more critters than snakes, sharks etc. Also why EW is an indoor cat.
  6. When I finished propositioning Bruce I was overly familiar with Jake's shoulder and I may have blacked out after that.
  7. Thanks JMW, you too. Fine, just trying to hold on to my job which may run out at the end of April and in this economy holding on to a job as long as it is still around is vital. Lot of other things going by the wayside at the moment.
  8. I came to this topic expecting some debate on Bruce doing a commercial. I wasn't expecting a debate on the resale value of Jeeps. Gotta love Greasy Lake.
  9. The show where I grabbed Bruce's hand and Jake's shoulder. Both were firm.
  10. Hi JMW. Nice to be seen. Life has been weird but there is so much of that going round I am grateful mine has been low scale weird. Hopefully it will be less weird when I start holidays in a few days and I might be around more.
  11. Truthfully 'due to circumstances' I had only listened to a couple of the tracks till Wednesday when I needed to go for a long walk and not listen to political podcasts as I have for months. So I did as a certain drummer suggested and listened to it through as a story. I loved it. My fandom has never gone away and I have enjoyed each recent album in their own way but there have been plenty of times where my focus has been very much on other things. But when I needed his voice in my head on Wednesday, Bruce delivered. This is definitely my favourite album in some time.
  12. I just cut to the chase and grabbed it off iTunes. I will get the CD next week.
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