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  1. The Killers are a great band. Been lucky to see them live a few times and Sam’s Town and Battle Born in particular are superb. Someone commented earlier there is a shared spirit and feel to the music of them and Bruce and that nails it perfectly for me. Looking forward to the new album immensely. A little different to the band albums but I also love both of Flowers’ solo albums, especially the first one.
  2. Not available as an option currently but when the Passaic radio show was first released, individual tracks were available but I wonder if that was a mistake rather than a deliberate ploy. Though maybe there wasn’t much take up and if it was a trial, they might have abandoned it, especially if there was a cost to JLM for having the option.
  3. One man’s coffee etc as I think Buffalo 2009 is one of the most pristine JA mixes. Clear as a bell and even standard songs like The Rising shine in a way they don’t on other releases from that era
  4. Metallica allow individual tracks to be purchased via Nugs. Only MP3 though but still sound pretty good as have a few downloads myself Edit: MP3 only for individual tracks. The usual sound options apply to full show downloads as with Bruce.
  5. Exactly my thinking. Very happy with this release as I have been desperately hoping for electric Joad sans Morello and it’s finally here. The Wrestler, Hard Times and Outlaw Pete are an additional bonus for me. Plus personally, I think Bruce’s voice was in fantastic shape in 2009. Is it the best 2009 show they could have released? For my money, not a patch on the LA show with Mike Ness perhaps but ELECTRIC JOAD!!
  6. Some great lists here so thought it was about time I updated my own... 1) Passaic 19/09 2) Passaic 20/09 3) Nassau 31/12 remix 4) Stockholm 88 5) Buffalo 09 6) LA 85 7) East Rutherford 20/08 8) East Rutherford 93 9) MSG 88 10) Wembley 81
  7. Love me some Warren Zevon. One of the most underrated artists. Desperados under the Eaves would be another good option for a cover.
  8. It did indeed and a fabulous version it was. Was fit to burst with excitement when I saw the sign and heard the opening piano. A Wembley double drop would be awesome. Or throw in 04 July 1985 to make it a full hat trick
  9. Was not at either but having listened to both, I would give a comfortable nod to Leeds. However, I was at Wembley for the Darkness album show and I think that beats both. Incredible show.
  10. I have that too and it is a great show and setlist. Sound is a bit muddled at times but definitely worth getting though the live version of the Promise version of Racing doesn’t really reflect the style and power of the studio track. The other show from the US leg I would recommend is Atlanta. Some really good songs that were not in heavy rotation, good sound and a fab performance. Seeds is an absolute belter and rare because Nils takes the closing solo before Bruce joins in.
  11. Brisbane and Perth night 3 are the best two for me, maybe Sydney Darkness album night as next best.
  12. I also have CD Japan set and Volume 2 box set was plangent processed and remastered from original analogue sources. Sounds like these latest ones are not remastered though, likely because they are digital files as you say.
  13. Dude, it’s ok, it isn’t that serious so no need to panic on my behalf. In fact, it’s Friday night and I am too busy “drinking ‘til I get my fill” to worry
  14. Not entirely sure this is helpful. In fact, I probably think it misses the point somewhat. I and everyone else that may be disappointed appreciates it isn’t actually the end of the world. Understanding this does not preclude disappointment. I and most others here will undoubtedly have shit tonnes of other great music to listen to and frequently do so. I am also sure that everyone else has lost of other interests to keep them occupied and about which they are passionate. Again, this does not preclude being disappointed given many people look forward to the first Friday date each month. I certainly do and of course the disappointment will pass quickly enough but no need for the whole “first world problem” rhetoric. As I mentioned elsewhere, better communication would assuage much of the frustration. Whether it is every first Friday or they go to quarterly or bi-monthly, that will be what it will be but what is within their gift is to a) communicate clearly and timeously and b) to paraphrase Ronseal: do what they say they will do!
  15. 100%. Think Making Movies is a great album. That and Love over Gold are two absolute classics.