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  1. Wembley 2002?! Crumbs chief, I know a man that won’t be happy!
  2. Dude, festive season can’t start until after Bonfire Night... you have allowed for Halloween to have its moment but what about poor old Bonfire Night haha
  3. Agree on all of that. Plus we need to remember that the live shows are exactly that: full shows not live albums edited and culled from various songs and nights to make a packaged product for mass marketing. So something that works great on the night may not work on record and vice versa. Plus you don’t have to download every track or copy to a playlist or iPod etc. If I get a show with a Christmas song for example, I just don’t add to my iPod or even download from Nugs after buying the show.
  4. This. I want this show real bad. If I could pick one show I had been to that would be released, it would be this. Said to a mate previously that I wasn’t a fan of album shows but I would happily eat my words if the album was Darkness; before adding that it would be better still if he were to play Lost in the Flood... Happy Days! Failing that would settle for Dublin night 1 the next time the WOAD tour comes up.
  5. No that effect was definitely on the boots. Wondering now whether that was an anomaly caused by the fact it was an audience recording. Can’t remember the song from being at an actual show, was a rather scary half my lifetime ago
  6. Nah, definitely the Ramones’ version based on tempo and beat. Plus there is shared history (and a future cover of I wanna be sedated) with them and Stevie is a fan that has covered them too...
  7. As much as I love all things Darkness and 78... Best Adam was raised in 88 not 78... those Muddy Waters’ outros elevate an already great song to a new level. Plus the horns too.
  8. Seems a shame if that is the case as I think it works really well on Metallica’s Nugs site and I bet there are lots of people that would like to download individual Bruce tracks too. Personally, I would definitely download Follow that Dream and Across the Borderline from Bridge Benefit and Christic respectively as individual tracks if I had the choice. I don’t want the shows themselves so in the end both Nugs and customers lose out. Given they allow individual downloads on other Nugs sites, could be a Bruce Inc caveat.
  9. Nugs do need to sort out the track sequencing though. The intro should have been a separate track so people can go straight to the music. Same with a lot of the inter song chat (Rendevous!!!) as people don’t always have the time to listen to shows from end to end and might want the chance to go straight into certain songs. Would help with their samples too. Anyone that didn’t know this show and played the Take ‘Em clip wouldn’t actually get any of the song to listen to which seems strange. This happens quite frequently on releases and a little more thought might help people make more informed choices about which shows to download.
  10. This is pretty much my view too. Generally when I want to listen to Reunion era Brice, my go to is LINYC. The sound and mix are flawless and the performance is essential. I only downloaded Chicago because of Take ‘Em and NYCS (love the Reunion era versions of one of my very favourite tracks) and rarely listen to anything else from that show but the LA show is something else. Even on the Los Angeles night boot (which I thought was nowhere near professional quality sound wise to add my two penny worth to that debate) there was something special about this night. A night that could show non believers what all the fuss was about. Plus as a big Ramones fan, love the segue into California Sun during Light of Day. Reunion wouldn’t have been my first choice for the month, but I don’t think they could have chosen a better show from that tour to release as it stands.
  11. Aye, think you are right . Love the Tunnel version of BTR so much. Think the 27 April version from the chimes of freedom EP may be even better still (has the best woah oh oh ohs in the outro)...
  12. Not forgotten a good show (is there such a thing as a bad Tunnel show?) but to kind of prove my point, one I rarely / never play as MSG is even better with pretty much the same early tour setlist.
  13. Love the ToL tour. Second best tour after Darkness for me... but as staggeringly awesome as the performances and set lists were, the set lists were quite static so I am not sure it lends itself to too many releases too soon when other tours have a richer variety of shows that could be released first. Unless a show with Across the Borderline is offered up, I am happy to keep playing Stockholm and MSG as these shows cover between them the two distinct kinds of shows that were played on the tour (early more ToL material heavy arena shows / more bombastic stadium shows) and each showcases a performance that is top notch. Stockholm in particular being the best show of the tour. Would prefer to see some more 92/93 and 84 shows in the short term.
  14. With you on this. Never really rated either that highly before their respective (re)releases, which dramatically changed my perception of each. Now consider them both as being in the top 3 versions I have ever heard. The third would be Wembley 2007.
  15. Love it when these guys get together. Bruce always cuts loose as a guitar slinger without the pressure of fronting the band in a big stadium show. Just down and dirty rock n roll. Would love to see some of their team ups released via the archive programme.