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  1. Haha... Jumping forward in time from this to today and I spy with my little eye, a hunchback wielding a banjo shaped rifle as a lethal weapon upon a grassy knoll whilst listening to a Seeger sessions download on his iPod. Crumbs chief! Further proof of the great Nugs conspiracy to use delays as an opportunity to release less (conventionally) popular shows?! Just hope there is a BITUSA shaped cavalry coming over the hill to rescue us in just two more weeks from the banjo shenanigans. It is surely time for a big release... Two weeks to listen to the new Killers album in the meantime
  2. And as to something that would break the internet, if Kermit the frog has covered Johnny Cash covering NIN’s Hurt then how about a video of Baby Yoda covering Born to Run? Internet dynamite!
  3. Prince is technically very proficient but he can’t touch the likes of Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, SRV or even Neil Young for me. Hendrix once said that “heaven was listening to Buddy playing guitar”...
  4. Amen my friend. I love the 92/93 tour and think Plugged is fantastic. Lucky Town is definitive for me and love Bruce’s guitar outro on that one. In fact with a doff of the cap to friend Paolo, I would go as far as to say it represents “essence” to me! My only gripe with Plugged, is why not release the whole thing on double CD. The version of Local Hero is awesome and needs to be heard as often as possible quite frankly!
  5. Made me appreciate it more as an actual album. I prefer many of the Tracks 2 and box set cuts on a song by song basis but as a consolidated work of art, what a journey The River is. Ebbs and flows like life itself, which I guess was kind of the point. And Crush on You is genuinely one of the all time great rock and roll songs. Bruce meets the Stones meets Johnny Thunders in swaggering fashion...
  6. Crumbs. Is it a breach of etiquette or confidentiality to ask why? JF always wrote so passionately and eloquently that I can’t imagine him being banned... Hope he is safe and well in his beloved desert badlands
  7. Really hope you are right as mentioned earlier how I would love lots more from both BITUSA and 92/93. But with all the BTR talk, I checked your schedule of releases and Roxy 75 was released back in Oct 2018 so perhaps it really will be a BTR show. If so, I hope it has more of the great covers that tour was renowned for; think it’s gonna work out fine or ain’t too proud to beg perhaps... Still hoping for BITUSA or Lucky Touch though. Sheffield 93 would be a great shout.
  8. Point Blank is an interesting one as I actually love all its incarnations. The album version is a great piece of noir storytelling but I also love the unreleased rock version. Best of all are the 78 versions. Plural as you can really hear the song evolve from Roxy through to Winterland 2. Love all the 78 versions which all have something uniquely special about them - love the “all things must fade away” line from the Roxy for example - but Passaic 1 is my favourite. The vocal is a contender for best ever along with Incident from Nassau 80 (as amazing as the guitar outro is, the vocal
  9. Would love the 02 show. Was there that night and thin’ Nils has never played the BTN solo better. Best E St solo since 1978
  10. I used to think Stolen Car was a droning dirge. Then I heard the Tracks version and realised what a stunningly poignant song it really is. Still think the original album version is shit though. I genuinely cannot fathom why that take got the nod.
  11. Not Bruce, but Estranged by Guns n Roses. Never got it until hearing it live a couple of years ago in Olympic Park. Love it now. Bruce-wise, a similar story. Used to skip Drive all Night when playing The River. The herad it live on a 2014 release and suddenly realised what a great song it was. How on earth did I not hear it before?!
  12. I am with you on this. I continue to believe that 78 and 88 were the best tours but varied the shows were not, so once you have the best from each tour, I think a long pause to explore other, more varied tours is in order. For me, I want as much from Lucky Touch and BITUSA tours as possible. I would like Atlanta and the Palladium at some stage but not for at least a year and if never released, I could live with that too if we got some epic Fall 84 shows for example. And picking up on an earlier point in the thread; any 76 show surely must include the “slow” version of Something in
  13. This has been my thinking for a while now too. The only slight counter point against it is that I am not sure they are that organised!
  14. I like Bosstralian’s comment that the reunion versions were quite unique as the outro solo was in the same tempo as the song itself which makes the LA version quite a nice rarity