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  1. Will give it another go then Sometimes tracks just sneak up on you when you least expect them to while you can sometimes become fatigued by other, more immediately accessible ones
  2. I love the Trenton version and that is coming from someone who strongly dislike the D&D tour generally. But the LTY version is just mesmerisingly compelling to listen to and blows every other version out of the water. Currently threatening to knock Janey off the top slot for my favourite LTY track.
  3. Been watching these videos on repeat these last few and I think the band sound great. The guitars sound incredible and someone should tell John Altschiller that is how to mix the E Street Band; real goosebumps moment when the band kicked in on Ghosts, which sounds like it will be a real monster live. And love seeing Steve looking so energised, it’s like he has been revitalised by the live spontaneity of the LTY sessions. So the vocals were a lower key and a bit ring rusty. To be expected in the circumstances and in no way detracted from what was a very welcome tonic for me. It is never going to have the same power and elasticity it did years ago but you can bet it will still be in full working order if a tour ever comes around...
  4. Perennially late to the party as ever but have only just found time to download and listen to this... A magnificent addition to the archive programme. Crushingly good performance, great setlist and it sounds tremendous. Was never that happy with the shit hot and rockin boot so feel I am really hearing the show for the first time and as good as night one was, this is stunning; easily the best 1975 show to date. Miami Steve was on fire during the BTR tour. It does not sound as good as the Clearmountain mixed Sony release but it was never, ever going to, and taken in that context, it sounds really good. If you had to bottle and distil the essence of rock n roll, you could do worse that Carol from this release. So good it might even make Oscar the grouch smile ...
  5. Ditto, had never heard of them to be honest but played some stuff on you tube and ended up getting the first album. Really enjoy all but the last couple of tracks which aren’t really my thing but some real belters in there. £6.99 very well spent thanks to this thread! Been playing You’re still a mystery, rollercoaster and reckless love a lot in particular.
  6. With you on this in that I think it sits with Sam’s Town and Battle Born as the very best of their work. Brilliant album. Only one duff track for me, which is fire in bone. Can’t stand it, simply because I don’t like that jerky white-boy funk style of music but of the others, every single one is absolute class without exception. Love this album and as others have said, it pairs very well with LTY.
  7. No worries! I went with this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rioddas-External-Portable-Rewriter-Desktop/dp/B07JGWBLVH Hope that link works ok!
  8. A very good point lol. Forgive my brain fart!!
  9. I use iTunes to copy to my iPod so tend to buy ALAC which is lossless, CD quality (apple version of FLAC) and downloading is really easy. Even if you don’t use the nugster app, you can just go to “your shows”, click on “download” and when the tracklist pops up in another window, just follow the very simple instructions to download. The from your download folder, just copy and paste the tracks into your “automatically upload to iTunes” folder in iTunes media and it will be there ready to synch to your iPod. Or if you want to stick with CD, just go to Amazon and search for external CD drive in electronics. Can pick a decent one up for £25.00. It’s what I did when my new laptop didn’t come with an integrated drive. These are simple to use and just plug into a USB port like an external hard drive.
  10. And Coventry 2016 (brilliant show) but agree entirely. Plus, it has been over 2 years since Roxy 75 was released so BTR has to be a shoo-in. Hammersmith 2 is a great show but still hope one day for one with an official release of I think it’s gonna work out fine. Very happy with H2 though!
  11. I think it just proves how much better everything sounds undercover in an arena. Crazy to think this was my fourth Bruce show of which three were in arenas. Sadly also the last indoor show for me too. Had been desperate to hear Because the Night And was so thrilled when Roy started his piano intro... it is pretty ubiquitous now but at the time, I wanted to hear it more than anything, and wow, what a version it was. I know some people were critical of the sound at the 02 when it first opened, but I think it is a great venue.
  12. Bruce plays prominent solos on both tracks, with backing vocals on Float Away and joint lead vocals on Black Boots. Sounds really raw and pumped too. Matt O’Ree taught Bruce’s son guitar apparently. Both tracks feature on great albums too.
  13. Some great duets with Southside on the Xmas holiday shows too, especially The Fever from 2004.
  14. Meh. Easily the weakest song on BTR and so many better tracks could have replaced it. A track I always skip on live releases too with the exception of 88. Love the versions with the segue into Born to be Wild...
  15. Great show. Crystal Cat did a great version but hoping this one comes up the next time Nugs release a 2007 show. Had we not had Greensboro last week, this may have been the perfect Xmas bonus release given it was right before Xmas and had the obligatory Santa Claus is coming to town...
  16. Perhaps no surprise that I rate both LT and HT far above Joad but the former pair are far too different in sound to merge for me. I would still have released both. Lucky Town is an awesome album as it stands but I would drop the following from Human Touch: Real Man, Pony Boy, Cross my Heart and replace with Seven Angels, Leavin Train, Trouble River, I would then switch the album version of 57 Channels for the Little Steven remix version. Only regret is not being able to make room for 30 Days Out... so would make this the b side to the first single...
  17. And best of all (and how on earth did I forget this a moment ago)... maybe because it is technically someone appearing with Bruce and the band rather than vice versa, but... Mike Ness joining Bruce for one of Social D’s best tunes, ‘Bad Luck’ in LA in 2009. Bruce did duet on Mike’s solo album too.
  18. Well, I consider Weld to be one of the all time great live recordings and there are certainly some great extended tracks on that. Like a Hurricane must be 14mins long but never outstays it’s welcome so can’t disagree as a general principle...
  19. Love all of the aforementioned tracks. Would also throw the following into the mix: Marah - Float Away Matt O’Ree Band - Black Boots Warren Zevon - Disorder in the House Joe Grushecky - Dark & Bloody Ground or Searching for my Soul Neil Young - VFC tour: Rocking in the Free World and All along the Watchtower
  20. Yeah, really wanted to love that and hoped it would be a return to former glories but whilst there are some great tracks on it (Ramada Inn and Walk like a Giant to name a couple, even though it goes on far too long in my view) I just felt it was a case of trying too hard so hard it veered into pastiche. A case of Neil Young and Crazy Horse by numbers, a bit how I feel about Wrecking Ball and WOAD. Was still gutted when Frank Sampedro broke his hand though as I had tickets for the cancelled show at the 02. Just wish they had buzzed Nils as they only had about 7 shows left IIRC... I am enjoying his archive releases though. Dreamin’ Man live was great and think Neil pulls off the acoustic troubadour act much more convincingly and melodically than Bruce.
  21. 100% agree. Brilliant song and a definite Lucky Town album feel for me too in the sound and arrangement. Can really hear Better Days especially as you say. The guitar solo also reminds me of the solo on the live full band version of Devils and Dust. Thematically and lyrically, it brings to mind Down River by Joe Grushecky and the House Rockers too, which is another great song.
  22. If they had dropped Wild Billy’s Circus Story for Thundercrack, I would say WIESS would be number 2 or 3, duking it out with BTR for the silver medal behind Darkness.
  23. My Lucky Day really is a bloody brilliant tune isn’t it. Flat out rocks. Being a big blues fan, A Night with the Jersey Devil is another track that I think is fantastic from the Magic/WOAD sessions. Was gutted when it was dropped from special edition of the latter but have since picked up on iTunes as part of the “Spare Parts” odds and ends collection released digitally last year. But what is great is being able to debate differences with new music from an artist of Bruce’s vintage. Neil Young will forever be one of my favourite artists but outside of his archive programme, he has not released an album of new music that comes close to Magic or LTY since Sleeps with Angels in 1994. That was 27 years ago nearly - when I was in bloody high school lol. Tom Petty likewise. Another all time great and have everything up to Echo in 1999. After that I have downloaded a few odd tracks from albums but his last great record from top to tail was Echo in my opinion. So as much as I don’t like Seeger Sessions, Western Stars etc, to have 4 or 5 great modern albums to listen to is really quite special I think.
  24. Greetings is a funny one. Dislike the studio album arrangement but love so many of the songs live. If I did a live version of the album, it would be a top 5 album but as it is, it would be bottom quartile. For example, Lost in the Flood from Buffalo 2009 is one of his all time great performances. The studio version sounds pallid in comparison. I love the love for WIESS though. Superb album.
  25. Agree, brilliant record that sounds lean and crisp like an electrified demo album. Love the gospel vibe and the straight up rock sound. Lucky Town, the song, is a personal favourite too.
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