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  1. Amazon is ahead of time here in Germany. Just enjoying my first Listen, sounds great so far...
  2. Twist and Shout, Zürich 2016. I was hoping so much, he would say "We'll be seein' you", but he didn't. That left me with the feeling, I was probably witnessing the last ever Euro-concert with my daughter. Now the odds are pretty good, I was wrong. Bring on 2020!
  3. Badlands, Berlin 1988 (Waldbühne in West-Berlin, the best outdoor arena in the world, not Radrennbahn Weißensee three days earlier, the biggest Bruce concert ever) Back then I only knew the BITUSA Album and Live 1975-85. I had heard, that he was a great live act, so I spent the 36 DeutschMarks for the ticket. Life changing... Thank you Rachel for this thread
  4. November 9 1989 the wall came down. East Berlin 1988? Just a wild guess from a German perspective...
  5. By the time your daughter is due to be born, my daughter's 9th birthday will be exactly one week behind us All the best to you
  6. What a nice day! I really enjoyed all the delicious food from @berlintramp. And the nice company of @Cecilia Sweden, @JaneyJaneyand @Raced Off The Street. And all the sweets from down under. I hope we will meet again for some Pizza in my garden. Maybe then we will find out how to post pictures in the right orientation for the northern hemisphere...
  7. I am coming with my (then 18yo;) daughter. I am really looking forward to it!
  8. After carefully reading my story "1 year ago - ...", a little trivial math and one educated guess you will find out... ... that she will be 18 by then And thanks for the welcome
  9. I just booked my flight^H^H^H^H^H BVG-Tickets. I'll be there and bring my daughter with me. I am really looking forward to the date! What a nice idea! Thank you
  10. Thanks for the replies. @riverdude2: I read so many great fan stories here, some even brought tears to my eyes, I just felt it's time to give something back. @Cecilia Sweden: I read your name so many times here. Nice to know, you were there, too and Jungleland blew you away like me at Frankfurt in 2009. @BrilliantDisguise: Wow, I made a Jersey Girl get goosebumps @Paolo's Circus Story: Have you ever been waiting for a bus in Berlin? @Exeterexeterexeterexeter12: Reading, you were struck by her sign and took a photo of it - great! So we meet again. To be honest, I am not sure, If I remember correctly. Was that in Berlin or Gothenburg? BTW: I edited 2 really embarrassing typos and corrected the years for Berlin and Leipzig.
  11. This is the story of me (a long time lurker, now a laker) and my daughter trying to get a live Jungleland. It's a bit long. 1999: My Daughter has been a Springsteen fan from the very beginning. Her first (and my third) concert was on the reunion tour in Berlin Wuhlheide (second night). She was still in her mother's womb then. 2000-2003: I listened a lot to the LINYC CD and especially loved LOHAD while going through some hard times with my wife leaving me. Later I bought the LINYC-DVD and watched it a lot with my kids. They loved 41 shots and 10th Avenue Freze Out. When Bruce jumped on the Grand Piano they would jump on the couch, when he jumped down again they would jump down. I went to the Berlin Concert in 2002 and Hamburg in 2003 - my first Bruce concert out of My Hometown. The kids were still too young then to take them with me (3 and 5). 2008: My son has his 10th Birthday, my daughter is still 8. Both old enough now. For his 10th Birthday I take Jonah (and of course Daria) to Hamburg, their first concert ever. I asked them, which song they were hoping for. Jonah didn't care, Daria was very destined: JUNGLELAND. We had a great concert, but no Jungleland. 2009: WOAD-Tour. Again Bruce doesn't make it to Berlin. So I travel to Frankfurt. I want to be in the pit for the first time and think I cannot take my 10 year old daughter with me to wait in queue for hours in the sun. So I travel alone. First time in the pit was great, meeting so many nice people, it felt like a big family. A fantastic main set incl. Point Blank and Factory was then topped by my first live JUNGLELAND! I immediately called my daughter on the cell phone to let her hear it. She was happy for me but not so happy for herself. 2012: I get GA Tickets for Berlin. Daria instantly begins drawing a beautiful request sign for JUNGLELAND. I tell her, we'll have to be very early at the stadium to make it to the pit. A few days later I find out, that since this tour there are FOS-Tickets --- too late. We don't make it to the pit, Daria takes her sign with her nevertheless, we have a great night but no JUNGLELAND. 2013: Leipzig, FOS-Tickets, we make it to the Pit, third row, the new sign is even better. Bruce looks at it and smiles ... but doesn't take it. Great show - no JUNGLELAND! 2016 - (part 1): The first European dates materialize, again no Berlin date (so far). There is one thing I always wanted to do, but never thought I would: Go to a Bruce show in Gothenburg! One day Daria was sitting with me on the couch (yes, the same one) and told me, that Gothenburg got on sale today - and that there would even be two shows - and if I thought that Berlin dates would be announced. I assured her that he will come to Berlin and 10 minutes later June 19th was announced. Luckily I got FOS-Tickets again. A new, even better request sign was drawn. We again made it to third row, beautiful wheather, great show, Bruce again smiled at the sign, again didn't take it. And then the first encore: Those piano chords, my new wife gives her a big hug, finally: BACKSTREETS! It's definitely her second favourite song and our anticipation was so high, that my wife mixed up the two. Daria really enjoyed Backstreets, but when I watched her staring at the still untaken request sign in her hands after the show, I knew Backstreets was only a second prize for her. 2016 - (part 2): What Daria did not know then: On the very day she asked me on the couch if I thought Bruce would come to Berlin, my wife managed to get me two tickets for the second Gothenburg show (not FOS, seats in section N). A few days before I had decided, I would give her a birthday present in advance (and fulfill my own dream) that she would never forget: Gothenburg. So the Berlin announcement came a bit unpleasant and expensive (I could not tell her we would not go, nor did I want to spoil the surprise). On the evening of the first Gothenburg show we had a party at my house. I put on LOHAD and at the first verse "Grab your Ticket and your suitcase" I handed her a suitcase and a flight ticket. All the others knew about it, she had no idea. And didn't realize. I told her to look at the ticket (plain paper printout) and finally she saw her name on it and the destination. Next day we flew to Gothenburg. What a beautiful city! At midsummer! The whole town in Bruce mode! Newspapers full of Bruce! We walked to the stadium, met the hard core fans. A nice lady (I think she had number 26 on her hand) saw the sign and really liked it. She said she could take it to front row for us. I told her my plan (dream) was to walk around the city with this sign, and maybe by accident we would run into Bruce and give it to him. She wished us good luck and I promised we would be back the next morning if it didn't work out. Daria found out, which hotel Bruce and the band were staying at. So in the evening we walked there, I had some beer. We met some really nice people, especially a young lady from Pittsburg, who told us she had this very same father-daughter-bond by Bruce as we have. Later on we got to see all of the band, I took a selfie with Gary (playing bass myself). We didn't come close enough to Bruce to get a signature though. Next day, show day: What do you do, when you don't have to be at the stadium early, because you have tickets with the seat number printed on them? Go to the hotel again at 10 am. When we arrived nobody was there. We sat down at the hotel terrace, which is reserved for guests only. Nothing happens, nobody cares. Then I have to go to the restrooms. Where do I go? Into the Hotel! On my way back I ask at the bar if they serve capuccino on the terrace. Sure! I get my cappuccino, later I want to pay. The waitress asks for our room number. Ehh, no room number! She says she has to check with her boss. It's ok. I order another capuccino. More people gather around the hotel. Ropes are pulled. A guy from the hotel comes up to us and tells us we'd have to leave. I tell him, the waitress said, it's ok and I just ordered a capuccino. He agrees and says we can stay. Suddenly we are in the front row. Not in the stadium but at Bruce's hotel. Hours pass by, more and more people gather, Daria is interviewd by the local press. She tells the story of her first concert in the womb and what her sign is about (it showed a Giant Exxon Sign, a Barefoot Girl sitting on the hood of a dodge, a street sign saying Flamingo Lane and lots of charcoal painted Brucies flashing guitars just like switch blades). More people gathering, ropes being pulled tighter, we are front row. The band leaves the hotel one after another. Finally Bruce and Patti! Patti sees the sign, comes up to us and tells Daria how pretty it is. I tell her to take it, because we won't make it to the front row. She stands there in awe and asks us, if she really can take it. She is such a nice person! She takes it and takes some more selfies. Seconds later I hear my sometimes shy daughter scream: "Can you sign my shirt, Bruce?" "Here you go, sweetheart" was his reply. That shirt is framed in her room now. Seconds later Bruce, Patti and our sign enter the limousine and off to Ullevi they go. Wow! Is a dream a lie if it don't come true? But what is a dream if it more than comes true? Here comes the show! Great setlist in the main set, so many things we hoped for: Racing, Independence Day, Something in the Night... The main set is over and something incredible happened in my head. I knew, I took my daughter here to finally hear Jungleland. I knew Patti took the request sign. I knew it was Gothenburg, it was night two, he didn't play Jungleland on night one. I did not fear, I did not hope, i did KNOW what was coming next. I was totally relaxed, grabbed her hand, and then Soozie and Roy started the first chords of JJUUNNGGLLEELLAAND! Yes! Finally! It all worked out! 2016 -(Encore 1): The next morning at the hotel. The local newspaper Göteborg Posten has a story of the concert and a sixteen year old girl from Germany, who heard her first Bruce concert in her mothers womb. The article is headed by a picture of Bruce signing her shirt. 2016 - (Encore 2): Around one month later Daria asks me if I had any plans for next Sunday. "No, why?" "I just won two tickets for the Zurich show!". OK, some more plane tickets, another great show (esp. None But the Brave, Roll of the Dice and again Jole Blon (recommended in B-Flat)) and another JJUUNNGGLLEELLAANNDD! What a summer! Faith will be rewarded!