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  1. Amazon is ahead of time here in Germany. Just enjoying my first Listen, sounds great so far...
  2. Twist and Shout, Zürich 2016. I was hoping so much, he would say "We'll be seein' you", but he didn't. That left me with the feeling, I was probably witnessing the last ever Euro-concert with my daughter. Now the odds are pretty good, I was wrong. Bring on 2020!
  3. Badlands, Berlin 1988 (Waldbühne in West-Berlin, the best outdoor arena in the world, not Radrennbahn Weißensee three days earlier, the biggest Bruce concert ever) Back then I only knew the BITUSA Album and Live 1975-85. I had heard, that he was a great live act, so I spent the 36 DeutschMarks for the ticket. Life changing... Thank you Rachel for this thread
  4. November 9 1989 the wall came down. East Berlin 1988? Just a wild guess from a German perspective...
  5. By the time your daughter is due to be born, my daughter's 9th birthday will be exactly one week behind us All the best to you
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