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  1. Hi Rachel ... i am sorry I’m so late to this (have not been by this site for awhile). I only knew Marsha through this board, but the little i did know i was she was one of the most friendly and supportive people I’ve ever ‘known’ online. I was in AP for a brief visit about half a day and she gave me loads of tips on where to go and eat/see while i was there. Thanks for setting up the PayPal thing and I’m glad i saw this in time to donate before it closes. Hopefully once COVID is better i will be able to visit AP again and hopefully see her bench. My thoughts and prayers
  2. No. That's for their premium service which isike Spotify but I've never tried it. You can stream the releases you buy on Nugs for free (use the same account you used to buy them). They will show up under My Stash in the app.
  3. Thanks for sharing this. I've always wondered why he gave the same title to 2 very different songs.
  4. Assuming you bought the releases from Nugs (they run the live.brucespringsteen.net site) you should be able to add the Nugs app as a service like you did with Spotify and stream the releases you bought. I have the FLAC versions on a NAS that I can stream on Sonos which works great too, but a lot of people don't want to mess with setting up a NAS.
  5. yeah, no kidding. i think of the amount of money i spent in HS and college on CDs (and lugging them around, storing them etc) ... now for $10/month you get pretty much unlimited music is just crazy good. I used Pandora when it first came out (but never went to the paid version, just the free one) and the song selection was limited plus the commercials. Loving spotify so far.
  6. Thanks ... yeah, i've used the Nugs app a lot and i also have my actual releases on a NAS that i can access via an app on my phone. I added Spotify because i can now sync their playlists to my watch and listen while running without carrying my phone.
  7. Thanks ... that makes sense. I saw the 'Songs of ...' lists and knew a bunch of those songs came from the live releases, but couldn't find the actual albums themselves. Now i get it. Been enjoying it so far, but the 'Bruce Springsteen Radio' channel seems to get in ruts and play like 3 straight Van Morrison or Bob Dylan or Tom Petty songs ... which i like, but if you are going to play someone back to back on 'Bruce Springsteen Radio' .. it should pretty much only be Bruce!
  8. Hi all. I know many of you use Spotify and i recently signed up for the premium plan. It looks like a lot of live releases are on there, but i'm just curious if when Nugs does new releases, do they get added to Spotify? Does it happen pretty quickly? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I definitely heard the Badlands in the intro. who was the actor that introduced it? Was it Kevin bacon?
  10. The Hyde Park one is great, but this is still my favorite version (although not technically a concert version).
  11. Thanks for sharing. What was the other song they did that night? Never mind. Found it. Meet me in the city and santa claus.
  12. I hope it’s not this. Its kinda a mess (Billy doesn’t sound right singing Bruce’s stuff and Bruce is just ok on Billy’s songs) it’s also pretty short.
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