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  1. It was interesting to read all the replies in this thread, keep them coming. I completely forgot to mention Blood Brothers (the LINYC version) and the intro to Racing '78 in my original post.
  2. I was listening to None but the Brave earlier this week and the song made me cry, like it always does. That got me wondering, which Bruce songs make you cry. These are the ones that I just cannot listen to without crying: Independence Day None but the Brave Walk Like a Man There are many more songs that bring me very close to tears and sometimes actually make me cry.
  3. Mary's Place (live in Barcelona). So up-lifting... And what a performance!
  4. I haven't listened to LTY since it came out (I've hardly listened to any Bruce songs this year anyway) and I don't think my thoughts on the album have changed at all. I still think it's very incoherent as a whole and find many of the songs simply lame. I like the theme/topic in some of the songs but the lyrics just don't work for me at all. My favourites are Rainmaker (a great, great song!) and "the old songs". I should give this album another listen.
  5. Most people never end up doing horrible things despite going through all kinds of stuff in their lives. These people are lucky to have some protective factors (e.g. positive personality traits, a supportive friend) that prevent them from falling off the edge. Not everyone is that lucky. That's when the capacity to do the most horrible things may manifest itself. And, this does not mean that a person who has never gone through any difficult stuff could not potentially become a serial killer. The ability to do horrible things lies in all of us. Whether or not this ability ever manifests itself, is a result of extremely complicated interaction between our genes and environmental factors.
  6. Yes! And, in my view, the ability to do horrible things lies, at least to some extent, in all of us. I mean, circumstances permitting and everything going horribly wrong... I really appreciate the fact that Bruce has explored these complex themes in his work.
  7. I have some doubts about this so I voted for the second option in the poll. I'm sure any future stadium shows would need to be modified to fit Bruce's (and the band members') ability to perform. I'm okay with that but this is one of the reasons I'm hesitant about seeing Bruce live again. The last thing I wanna see is a show that is sad and awkward to watch.
  8. After taking a 5-month break from everything Bruce I'm slowly starting to listen to his music again. I've become totally alienated from all things Bruce, which makes me feel really weird. When it comes to my fandom, I don't know where I stand at the moment. I guess I'm now trying to figure it out.
  9. Long Walk Home. The first Bruce song after not listening to a single song from him for about 6 months.
  10. I wouldn't jump into conclusions just yet if I were you. Like I said the other day, I don't know what's gonna happen to my fandom in the end.
  11. In way I'm not surprised I seem to be the only one who's pissed because of the advert. I certainly do not expect Bruce to be perfect (and I don't care if he fuc** things up in his private life) but for me, it's not like he can do literally anything and I just shrug my shoulders. What he has done now is, IMO, probably the most ridiculous, embarrassing and cheapest thing an artist can ever do career-wise. So, I can't help feeling the way I do. I realized just the other day I'm not proud to be a Bruce fan anymore.
  12. My fandom is wavering big time because of the car advertisement. I find the whole thing just plain ridiculous and such a cheap thing to do. There's no way I could ever justify it. It's not the first time Bruce has made a career move I'm not happy about but now he has certainly crossed a line he should've never crossed. In my books, no self-respecting artist who wants to be taken seriously agrees to polish a commercial brand other than their own. So, I don't think I can respect Bruce as an artist anymore. I never thought this day would ever come so this is a lot to take in. Obviously, I still love the guy's music tremendously so I have mixed feelings. I have no idea what will happen to my fandom in the long run. Anyone else's fandom wavering at the moment?
  13. I did like the first song. I'm familiar with some Ryan and Lucinda songs but I'm not really keen on their work (I'm very picky when it comes to music ).
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