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  1. One of the greatest songs Bruce has ever written. That performance is absolutely amazing, but personally, I prefer the solo piano version in its simplicity and rawness. I love it to bits!
  2. Man, how I want that to happen! We'll just have to wait and see...
  3. Thanks for sharing the video! I had never seen this nice little interview before.
  4. I like D&D quite a bit so this is anything but unappealing for me.
  5. I'd say Racing is almost everything. I certainly wouldn't mind if it was played live more often. I've been lucky to have heard it live 3 times (absolutely mesmerizing every time), which I think isn't a bad number considering I haven't seen dozens of shows (yet). I love, love, love the '78 version and would kill to hear it live! The intro alone is enough to make me cry like a baby. It just hits the right spots in my soul...
  6. I'm a bit late to the party but... When I think of the word masterpiece (the song as a whole, not just single lines) these are the first songs that come to mind: The Price You Pay Independence Day The Ghost of Tom Joad IMO they're some of the greatest (if not the greatest) songs written by anyone ever. These are some of the songs that come very, very close to the ones listed above (so close that they could practically be included in the masterpiece category): The Hitter Walk Like a Man Devils & Dust The Promise If I Should Fall Behind Racing in the Street
  7. I discovered this one just the other day (how come I had never heard it before?!). I like it quite a bit!
  8. Yup. It's just realism, a taste of real life... And that's pretty much how I feel about myself, I mean I'm not a beauty but hey I'm alright...
  9. My first thought when I saw the OP... Cool tattoo! I'd never get one myself (any tattoo, that is), but I'm a bit tempted to have my arm signed the next time I get the chance...
  10. I couldn't agree more! For me, things such as gender and ethnicity are irrelevant in Bruce's music 'cause that's not what his songs are ultimately about.
  11. I was there (as were a bunch of other Finns), too! I remember the heat like it was yesterday… The pre-show was a great surprise and totally unexpected indeed! Good times...
  12. Yes! I've never had a problem with Bruce's vocals in this song. I love his voice raw. Well, I love his voice soft, too, and certainly don't mind the howling etc., either.