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  1. A good song indeed. I certainly wouldn't mind hearing it live.
  2. Of the songs listed, 1/4 to 3 for me, definitely. Detroit Medley is another huge favourite of mine. And I wouldn't mind hearing Raise Your Hand live, either.
  3. Mary's Place, Live in Barcelona This one always makes me feel so good!
  4. I think I was pretty fanatic around 2012-2014 having just discovered Bruce big time. The European legs of the WB tour helped things along quite a bit, of course. It was such a great time! So, I guess you could say that was the peak of my fandom, in a way. However, there has never been a lull since then in the sense that I would've lost interest in Bruce or his music would've become less meaningful to me (even though I wasn't that excited about the SOB thing). So, I guess my fandom is pretty solid with tours being the biggest highlights. In that sense I cannot really say the peak of my fandom has passed.
  5. LOHAD, Live in Barcelona (Man, I needed this so much right now!)
  6. I'm with you on this! Well, I cannot say I hate this song but I certainly do not like it at all. It just doesn't do anything for me and... I can't really put my finger on it, I simply just dislike pretty much everything about this song. (I absolutely love Seeds!)
  7. I just watched the performances of LOHAD and Jersey Girl on YouTube and think that Bruce's voice sounded fantastic! Personally, I love LOHAD to bits! Man, it gives me Brucebumps, the LINYC version in particular... However, I would not say it's one of the greatest songs ever written and I totally understand not every fan likes it. But it's nice to know there are other LOHAD lovers out there 'cause I sometimes feel like I'm the only one.
  8. An interesting thread, indeed. As I'm not allowed to pick a hundred Bruce songs, maybe... Bruce: The Price You Pay Bob Dylan: Blowin' in the Wind Drive-By Truckers: What It Means Otis Gibbs: It Was a Train Don Henley: The Boys of Summer Prince: Purple Rain Creedence Clearwater Revival: Who'll Stop the Rain Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band: Against the Wind Anssi Kela: 1972 PMMP: Tytöt
  9. Welcome to the Lake, Accountant Pete! Some nice songs you listed… I, too, absolutely love LOHAD! And Independence Day is one of the greatest songs written by anyone, ever. I really, really like Long Walk Home, too. And Moonlight Motel… it really gets under your skin.
  10. Welcome to the Lake, Thundy!
  11. I'm a bit late to the party, but... My first time of seeing Bruce live was Helsinki "over 4 hours" on 31 July 2012. I'll be forever grateful me and a friend of mine finally went to see Bruce that summer. I had so much fun at the show that went by so fast 4 hours only felt like an hour and a half. We had seats (never again!) but I didn't really need mine (unlike most people around us who stayed firmly on their seats until the start of BitUSA). Some of the biggest highlights for me were LOHAD, Light of Day (I couldn't believe I got to hear it at my very first Bruce show!), Loose Ends, Dancing in the Dark and Does This Bus Stop, to name but a few. It was also great to hear Lonesome Day 'cause that's the song that had started my interest in Bruce nearly a decade earlier. There were also some songs that I kind of missed 'cause I wasn't into them that much at the time. Detroit Medley was one of them. Even though we didn't get Jungleland (which I felt should've been played), that gig wasn't too bad for a first Bruce show.
  12. A great, great song. Definitely one of my favourites. I absolutely love it when you "discover" a familiar song that just all of a sudden really hits you!