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  1. Well, even a bad Springsteen show is good. Hammersmith drags at the end. The first official release of ANY '75 show was bound to be met with acclaim. Springsteen's own liner notes reveal he thought the show wasn't great until he listened to it 30 years later. It's ok if the show isn't great, by the way. If EVERY show is legendary than NO shows are legendary.
  2. Yup. I remember when Hammersmith was released, and I also remember the contemporaneous reviews of Hammersmith by veteran fans as being largely negative. Marsh even mentions the sub-par show in the first edition of Born to Run. THIS is the '75 show I have been waiting for. Nice work here by all.
  3. The Iraq war was a crime of historic proportions. The failure of the current administration to react to the Covid threat is yet another epic Republican failure. Just how badly does life have to get under Republican leadership until you get that your party is unfit to govern? What will it take?
  4. Ah shit... We mostly disagreed about all things political, in the dirty world of the Fight Club. Time to remember that we are all flesh and blood, and we all stop someday. Condolences all around. I choose to remember the fleeting virtual moments over the years when BBB and I agreed, and for all those times he made me laugh when we disagreed. Shit fuck. So sorry.
  5. I concede that it’s difficult to judge these releases within the context (time period) that the shows were performed. I can clearly recall the hullabaloo surrounding this epic run in the summer of ‘81. He opened the joint, for Pete’s Sake. Springsteen himself said, of the reaction of the fans at the Meadowlands: “it felt like we were The Beatles”. This is a great addition to the archive series. As an aside: the contemporaneous reviews of that released ‘75 Hammersmith show were not all raves. It was his return later that year that had been hailed as the barnburner.
  6. Nah, he was right. That’s why that show remained unreleased for decades. That perspective was shared by a few folks that were veterans of many Springsteen shows by ‘75 Were your PARENTS even born in ‘75?
  7. It ain’t the tapes. This is a show performed by a pro who, despite not being at the top of his game, still goes out and punches the clock. I noticed right off that the energy level seemed low, but I come away stunned and impressed by what I can hear as Springsteen’s sheer effort to crank it up for the fans. Lets face it, it’s 2020 and ANY show from The River Tour will garner enormous enthusiasm from the cognoscenti (that’s us) i remember when Hammersmith was released to great applause despite even Springsteen’s assertion that the show was a disappointment i lov
  8. Here’s one: Jungleland is a pretentious bombastic mess along the lines of that Meatloaf song about the dashboard. Live it up.
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