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  1. But honestly this song is just amazing, it blew my mind. Please let this be played at my wedding and funeral. Anyway, it is great for the ESB as well because: 1) this might be the only song in which I actually LIKE the pedal steel guitar! So Nils can go wild on that instrument. 2) Jake can finally pick up his soprano saxophone... And now that he has that in his hands, they might as well continue with Stray Bullet as next song
  2. I agree with @BrilliantDisguise, Hungry Heart and Out in the Street would be excellent choices for them!
  3. I'm happy for you @rosiejaneymary @rachelharms ! I'm sorry to hear that @BrilliantDisguise
  4. @rosiejaneymary, @rachelharms did you manage to secure tickets?
  5. This year, during the Asbury Park Music + Film Festival, Thom Zimney will be present to show a couple of clips from the Archives again! Tickets & more info: https://apmff.org/tickets/2020/4/25/the-bruce-springsteen-archives https://apmff.org/tickets?fbclid=IwAR1iMy6e1ULv3nBbgp-FbS-sKY5odp_yDWBAbuHoB9n1v-62lYxWNTLaxag And who knows, maybe Bruce will give a surprise appearance again like he did last year! Is anyone going? Also, have the clips from last year actually been made publicly available? Because I've never seen them
  6. Interesting, what other topics are discussed in American Music? For me Bruce is the epitome of American Music, but then again, I would fail to name any other artist from The States
  7. Backstreets 1978 Winterland dec 15 Incident on 57th street Uniondale 1980 Incident on 57th street Passaic 1978 Racing in the street Tempe 1980 Because the night Leeds 2013 and of course prove it all night 1978 and LOST IN THE FLOOD!
  8. Yeah!!! I also found out there are more of it But so far they are all great! Even though I can't understand a word what he's singing But oh gosh musically it's great
  9. I listened to Chevrolet Deluxe for the first time in my life today. My god, I'm blown away.
  10. The problem with creating a top 5, is that there are 7 releases from 1978...
  11. This is actually a very difficult choice, since you can only vote for one song!* * Kidding of course, I really like the HT/LT albums
  12. @Paolo's Circus Story are you still looking for the ultimate tenth avenue freeze-out? I''m really liking the 7 feb Albany version. Horns!!