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  1. STAYIN' ALIVE!!! HA AH AH AH STAYIN' ALIVE STAYIN' ALIVE Pure joy!! Video is great too Twist & Shout is absolutely amazing as well. Especially on the Amnesty Tour 1988 with that "Laaaaa laaaa Bamba" interlude And of course Trapped, It's my life, Chimes of Freedom, Goin' Back, and many more that I can't come up with now...
  2. Do you already want to share your list or only publish the top 10 when it's ready? I am interested in the contenders.
  3. How some people cannot choose lost in the flood and incident on 57th street baffles me
  4. COVER ME from 1988 tour!!! Man I love that version soooo much. The horns!!!
  5. This Paolo scale is an interesting phenomenon. Can't wait for Vets 81 and you're forced to give that inevitable score of 11/10
  6. Since Lost in the flood will take the #1 spot, you only have to worry about 9
  7. Say about the HT/LT tour whatever you want, but the archive release photo has to be one of the best covers ever!? (In NUGS release standards, I mean) I just love that everyone is present on the pic!
  8. Well, let's hope it's Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2013 then, with a full Darkness! (And my first show )
  9. Woke up in the middle of the night. Have a feeling it might be Hammersmith night 2 1975.
  10. And now I'm having a One step up marathon. Such a powerful song as well. Absolutely breathtaking.
  11. For the people living in the USA there is also a competition organized to win the vinyl record, photo album, and noise-cancelling headset: https://forms.sonymusicfans.com/campaign/bruce-springsteen-born-to-run-anniversary-giveaway/
  12. Born to Run... 25 August 1975. 45th anniversary
  13. Two Faces... Man I love this song so much. Probably top 10 for me. 1988/05/23 New York 1988/03/28 Detroit and now the 1988/04/23 Los Angeles version is playing. Powerful stuff!
  14. No it's not far fetched, this is also what I was thinking (or: hoping). In fact I even took my thoughts a step further, because the reason the original release is not finished is because Bob was not back from his Holidays in time to mix the Vet show '81!!
  15. So a month ago I posted some videos from the Rock&Roll Hall of fame archives, where we see Bruce & ESB perform in 2014 at the inauguration of the ESB: Apparently I had overlooked it initially, but not only these performances had been uploaded, in fact all of Bruce performances at the R&R HOF have been posted!! So this includes footage of: 1999: Bruce Springsteen induction 2014: ESB induction 2010: The 25th Anniversary concert 1995: the concert for Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and some more... The 25th anniversary footage I had seen before, but the clips from the 1999 inauguration were new to me: Here's a clip from the 1995 concert: Or how about a duet with Bob Dylan! And here's a clip from 1989 when Roy Orbison was inducted: Enjoy folks!!!
  16. I think you tried to post some pictures in the other threads but I was unable to see them, it didn't download anything
  17. Not sure if it has been posted before, but here:
  18. But I mean if you look at the release schedule (tours/years represented in the archive) a Seeger show was bound to happen, and let's also not forget that (whether you like it or not) Seeger Session is part of BruceHistory. Not to mention that Bruce himself had the time of his life on stage. And I am sort of happy they released this show now, since we only have to wait just two more weeks for the next release.
  19. So a month waiting and anticipation turned into 6 weeks of waiting turned into 7 weeks of waiting turned into this... I was really in need of some ESB.... Well let's wait 14 more days Let the countdown begin...
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