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  1. Genesis, Selling England By The Pound. My all time favourite album.
  2. The debut album by The Stone Roses. What a great album.
  3. Is that also I wonder a record win in an FA Cup final ?
  4. My understanding is that City’s net spend since the summer of 2016 is £345M. 2nd is Man U at £310M. Chelsea 3rd at £200M. Liverpool well lower at £75M. Spurs only at £30M.
  5. Shanks will be turning in his grave. As he once said, “if you are first, you are first. If you are second, you are nothing”.
  6. Glenn McConnell sums it up. You have to go back to the 80s to understand why so many people hate Liverpool FC. Thank you Roy for posting that. Spot on.
  7. Klopp, serial loser. Bring on the second leg. No silverware again. Has to go.....and dare I say, unless we should forget, JFT39 Italians.
  8. CC it’s not the fault of the Liverpool fans. Catalonian police over-reacted. It’s never Liverpool’s fault. Always the victims. They are in Barca in great humour. Great fans. Just having fun. Lovely people.
  9. Sorry, hadn’t read back......but I second Bus Stop’s view !
  10. Amazing to think that Liverpool could rack up 97 points, only lose one game all season, have a goal difference of around +70......and yet still not win the title. How sweet that would be.
  11. Cher at the London O2 the week before the 26-28 dates suggested. Other than that, nothing yet on the O2 listings. If the whole thing is a spoof, our OP, The Inside Man, has done his homework ! Great work !
  12. What’s going through my mind is that despite the MSM being absolutely desperate for Liverpool FC to win the Premiership and/or the Champions League, they may end up between a rock and a hard place winning, again under Klopp, nothing. Two huge midweek games v Barca, which will undoubtedly see them eliminated from the competition, will also see them mentally and physically drained.....whilst Citeh have just one game per week until the end of the season. What odds Klopp shown the door at the end of the season......having won nothing whilst manager of this once great club ?
  13. This is the greatest news I have heard this year. Absolutely marvellous. It will surely be a repeat of the 2002 (?) Rising arena tour that Autumn, with the big outdoor shows the following summer. Bring it on !
  14. Yet again we will be telling our other halves that “this is the last tour, I have to go”.
  15. Please tell me it will happen. Will it ? Have they got the physical capabilities ? The desire ? Can Max and Steve still cut the mustard for 3 hours. Does a cow eat grass ? Is the Pope an athlete ?