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  1. Breaking news : Boris Johnson to order an immediate Public Inquiry into Trent Alexander Arnold’s exclusion from recent England squads. Unthinkable to imagine him missing the Euro Championships this summer. “The best young full back in world football”, screamed Mark Lawrenson. “Class is permanent. Form is temporary”, exclaimed Jamie Carragher. A shame for Trent he has shown no form since last season.
  2. BEB thanks for posting the Alexa clip. Quite superb. Will there be a Part 2 that will include Hillsborough as this was sadly omitted from the original ? I do hope so.
  3. Shaun, that’s a real badge of honour. Exactly the type of response I was hoping for lol. Klopp commits his future to the club. Great news. He is the gift that keeps on giving. Bring on the Wolves. Am assuming Jurgen would take a point now, if offered. The club sliding effortlessly to mid table anonymity. A joy.
  4. The real shame is that we three may well have been blocked by many of the Liverpool fans here. A shame. They could do with reading the advice from outside of Scouseland. They need to realise that our hatred goes way back to Hillsborough and Heysel. English clubs banned from Europe for 5 years after the tragic scenes before kick off v Juve. All seater stadia imposed on us following that semi final in Sheffield. None of it their fault of course......they are merely the victims. They disgust me.....and that will never change.
  5. 6 of the best, as the old saying goes ! Bring The Messiah back......King Kenny !
  6. The question today is twofold. Would Jurgen take a point now if offered ? Probably yes. Would Scottie Parker take a point now if offered ? Probably not, and that from a team sitting in the bottom three. That tells you everything about the current Anfield implosion.
  7. From a stats perspective, am I right in saying this is the worst defence of a top flight English title since 1947 ?
  8. Poor Jurgen. The 5 minute long post match interview on Sky was grim viewing (for Liverpool fans). He is a broken man, that is for sure. The end surely is nigh.
  9. It was all so obviously a French made anti English attack. They hate us. We hate them. It may well have been a spill over of Brexit where Macron has nailed his colours to the mast. A horrible little man. No French food and drink produce in the Vasey household since 31/12/20, that is for sure.
  10. You won’t see him refereeing at top level again. It’s one thing officiating like that at say Croydon v Redhill but quite another at the very highest level.
  11. Ex club legend Stevie G, no worthwhile managerial experience to date, to take over at Anfield. Haven’t FSG observed what happened recently at Chelsea ?
  12. The first two tries dodgy, not just the first one. Disgraceful refereeing by the French but I guess no surprise. Game changing moments. Just appalling.
  13. Why would it be ‘cool’ ? You have a guy here who from all accounts was driving completely recklessly and has had an accident it seems caused by his own behaviour (luckily no one else hit / involved).....and you want a special dress code in play to offer support ? Were you born and raised in Liverpool ?
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