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  1. It’s a great review of the album and also a superb piece on the making of the record. Deffo go buy the magazine.
  2. There is a superb interview with EVH on you tube if you go to ‘interview with Eddie Van Halen : is rock ‘n’ roll all about reinvention ?’, recorded about 5 years ago with Eddie discussing his life and of course making and playing guitar. Well worth checking out. What a top guy he was.
  3. Like many others here, I have some gigs postponed from 2020 that are now rescheduled for 2021 but I am wondering if the artists, promoters and venues are taking a bit of a punt to say the least in respect of the social distancing thing and whether regulations will still be in force, and thus whether these gigs in reality will take place. Do they know something we don’t ? Two of my gigs for example are standing tickets at Brixton and the London O2 where in the old days we used to be fairly rammed in etc. Kiwanuka at Brixton, sold out, 5,000 fans, originally postpon
  4. Brown Eyed Boy’s question is quite valid, and, as he says, genuine. I am happy to offer an impartial opinion, but it will be tomorrow via The Purple Helmet.
  5. ......and any Spurs fan watching the FA Cup final. If Arsenal win it, they get a Europa League spot I think at the expense of Spurs (assuming for the purposes of these calculations that the current league positions end up as the final ones). 3 Europa League spots up for grabs.....League Cup winners, FA Cup winners and 5th spot......but as Man C won the League Cup, 6th then qualifies for the EL as City are going CL. This then becomes 7th if CFC win the FA Cup as like City they go CL. I think this then becomes 8th if either Wolves or Man U win the current EL (as that gets CL
  6. I have heard some wonderful melodic chilled out stuff over the years - Everything But The Girl, some of Van’s classics, ditto Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Khruangbin, Ray Lamontagne, Steve Hiett, Marissa Nadler, The Sandpipers, Kandace Springs, Waxahatchee, Myrkur, Riverside, The XX, the late great Nick Drake and Jonathan Hultén, to name a few......but frankly the bizarrely named band from Texas, Cigarettes After Sex, probably surpass all the above for me. Quite fantastic in my humble opinion. Am years late getting to them but mighty pleased I have done now.
  7. Breaking news : FA announce 4 game ban for Eric Dier. Spurs manager, Jose Mourinho, reacted by telling Sky Sports : “This is a terrific boost for my players in this moment as we approach the final run-in of the season still with a slim chance of making the last Europa League spot. Having Eric now ineligible for the next 4 games will give the whole squad a huge lift”.
  8. Serious question, for once. Assuming the Man City Champions League ban remains in situ even if just for one season not two, does 5th spot qualify for the Champions League this summer.....or will it only be 3 that go forward ?
  9. If true that Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ album being renamed ‘Back to Back’ (and approved by her father), then further evidence that the world has gone mad.
  10. Future sales of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ to be renamed ‘Back To Back’. Record company apparently believe most buyers won’t even notice the change. Album cover to retain original colour. Mad really but quite a subtle change. Approved by her father I read.
  11. If the rumour is true that the Black Eyed Peas are changing their name to The Peas, has the world gone mad ?
  12. Just watched it on You Tube.....memory deceiving me ! Great solo half way through......and then the Big Man back in for the finale. Anyway, superb performance of the song. A great night for sure.
  13. What I remember so vividly about the weekend, 2 amazing shows, but during Night 2 and Drive All Night, Clarence stepped forward for the sax solo and it was of course immense. As it was ending, I think Bruce motioned for him to keep it going.....and he did. It was unbelievable. It was, I think, the last time the Big Man would play that song live. Soon after, he had left us.
  14. CC you’re not wrong. Heysel has very much been airbrushed from Liverpool FC’s history.
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