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  1. As we approach Jan 31st 2020, Independence Day Live in Paris 7/4/12, Bruce on piano, a wonderful 4 minutes 47 seconds of You Tube joy.
  2. Is it not Norwich City FC whose fans are rumoured to be fairly inbred ? I believe their midfielder, Todd Cantwell, has the nickname of Incest Iniesta.
  3. Some tour dates coming through......2 nights at the Brixton Academy in June for example. Bring it on. ’Special’ set lists too.......maybe (I hope) High Violet in its entirety.
  4. Bruce was totally on fire in Cardiff. It was extraordinary. Completely full on set list. High energy.....and Eric Burden !
  5. His drum kits over the years were unreal. Surely the biggest kits in rock music. Completely over the top but quite magnificent. He was a legend for sure.
  6. I have told Mrs Vasey tonight that I can not commit to booking any summer holiday (aka vacation) with her until the full E Street Band tour itinerary is announced.
  7. It will be interesting to see who Frank tries to buy this month. So far, this incredibly young squad has over-achieved this season looking at where they sit in the league but the form seems on and off, brilliant at Spurs one week, indifferent the next at Brighton. Finishing 4th would be an unbelievable achievement. Personally I think this squad can do it, and they will improve as the months progress, but don’t be surprised if Roman splashes the cash.
  8. Bruce Juice are good. Playing at the Half Moon in Putney late Feb. Well worth checking out.
  9. That could be the game where Frank as a manager came of age. I was lucky enough to be there and witness a very easy away win. They were brilliant throughout the team and throughout the 90 minutes. Kepa hardly had anything to do. Spurs offered nothing. Quite how Dier is considered a top level player is beyond me. Their midfield was outfought.....Kante & Mount outstanding. Mourinho will still be seething today, stitched up tactically but he can have no complaints. To cap it all, at the final whistle as Frank and his bench saluted the 3,000 delirious away fans, the Spurs PA system played Slade’s Merry Christmas Everyone (though most leaving the stadium had certainly not had fun).
  10. Sad to see this thread had slipped on to Page 2. Hopes for any tour now seemingly gone......well, a big summer one. Maybe some dates for later during 2020 might come through.....with the main thrust being for 2021 (he says with glass half full).
  11. Can I start the ball rolling ? Ben Watt, Brighton & London, in March. New album out next month. Michael Kiwanuka, Brixton, in March. Jamie Cullum, London Palladium, again, in March. Steve Hackett playing Seconds Out, London Palladium, November. Let’s start filling up that new diary !
  12. Flea u r probably technically right with that assessment......but....Friday at Hammersmith was outstanding. A full run through of Selling England backed up with Hackett’s back catalogue and other Genesis gems such as Dance On A Volcano and Los Endos. The love in the Odeon from 4,000 (mainly over 60 year old males !) fans was quite wonderful. Top musicianship throughout. It was a great evening. I urge any lover of Genesis to grab tix for next year’s tour and a full run through of the classic double live album from the late 70s, Seconds Out. It will be amazing. Roll on Nov 5th at the London Palladium !
  13. I haven’t been following the whole thing in detail but 9 : 1 is a very decisive margin. I wonder if there will now be an appeal ? I hope not.
  14. Hackett 2020 tour just announced. Full run through of Seconds Out. Marvellous.
  15. The ‘comeback’ has been and gone......2009 I think......Twickenham was a big show, loved it. Heading to Hammy Odeon on Nov 29th for the final show of Steve Hackett’s big tour and a full run through of my Number One all time fave album, Selling England. Originally released in ‘73, still in the Gabriel era. For me it really is a magnificent album which I never tire of playing. Hackett’s drummer will have to go some to match Phil’s superb work on the album. Much as half the world seem to despise Collins for reasons I have never quite understood, he is for me one hell of a musician.....singer and drummer.....and I think as a solo performer has sold more albums than virtually anyone else in the history of pop music.