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  1. The 18th goal is pure comedy gold. I found it on You Tube. The overall standard of women’s football is non league at best. Would love to see the BBC’s true viewing figures for these games. I imagine they are pitifully low, despite the Beeb’s relentless efforts at promoting the women’s game. They even have ‘Women’s Football’ placed between the Prem and Championship on their website page. Does anyone really watch this stuff ? A mate said to me he would only give it a go once goalkeepers can hit the halfway line from goal kicks. Seems fair enough.
  2. DTBS if Chelsea were poor then goodness knows how you yourself would describe Man U on Sunday. Their lack of ambition was truly staggering. Rewind to the Fergie era and his teams would come to The Bridge and always go all out to win (ditto Wenger’s Arsenal). To see your team with 11 behind the ball for the first 45 and most of the second half was, well, actually sad to see….and to hear Carrick after the game claim they had ‘come to win the match’ was just laughable.
  3. If it had been a boxing match, the ref would have stopped the fight in Round 8. Other than one freak knockdown in Round 5, the Mancunian offered nothing throughout. Almost sad to see a once great fighter turn up with this attitude. His former manager, who was no doubt watching the bout from afar, would have been shaking his head with both sadness and despair. How could a once great pugilist now perform with such timidness ?
  4. Yes, official announcements on the 25th apparently. Looking good.
  5. Sparky Hughes will be on any shortlist drawn up. United legend and achieved precious little as a manager at places like, from memory, City, Fulham, Stoke and Southampton. Superb credentials !
  6. Massively rash decision by the board !
  7. Next Man Utd manager, latest odds : Sir Alex Ferguson (caretaker until Summer 2022) 1/4 Fav ; Steve Bruce, Sam Allardyce, Wayne Rooney, Evens ; Phil Neville, 2/1 ; Eric Cantona 5/1 ; Harry McGuire (player coach) 10/1 ; D Yorke/A Cole joint managers 20/1 ; Z Zidane 50/1 ; 250/1 Steve MacLaren.
  8. I am hearing on the grapevine of 4 nights at the Palau Sant Jordi early May…..sounds like a Wed/Thurs…..Saturday/Sunday run…..this according to a friend of a friend who had dinner last weekend in the Big Apple with Landau. Hugely encouraging. Official announcement next Thursday.
  9. If the rumours are correct in that we are talking about Thursdays being the day of the week, and the end of November being the deadline, then it follows that next Thursday Nov 25th will mark the announcement of the first tour dates……probably by noon EST.
  10. If Levy needs to raise funds in Jan, he could sell Dier and Deli Alli. Could raise at least £4.75M lol.
  11. The question is, can Conte get a tune out of a squad of very limited talent ? Lloris in goal is class. Last season Kane and Son were on fire but this season Harry has totally lost his mojo and this has affected Son’s performances too. The rest of the team, whichever 8 players Conte picks between goalkeeper and front two, are frankly bang average. Can Conte inspire performances like the home win v City or will it be a continuation of what has followed since, this season ? The other question is…..will Kane be sold in Jan to raise funds ? He clearly wants ‘out’. Without this, is there any money in Levy’s pot ? Arguably not. Spurs have the largest bank overdraft in the Premiership…..over £700M.
  12. It’s looking like this Thursday then for the first tour dates to be announced.
  13. Villa are a club with a great history. I personally have never had a problem with them. They deserve to be up their year in year out as a Top 10 Premiership club. That said, I have no time for Stevie G at all and I thus truly hope (and I think he will) fail miserably at Villa Park. Quite shameful how he turned his back on Rangers. Let’s see what unravels.
  14. Klopp let himself down badly in the post match Sky interview…..disputing the first WHU goal and then bleating about Cresswell deserving of a red. Huge goalkeeping error for the opening goal. VAR showed that clearly. Keeper poor for the second goal too. Cresswell got the ball so it was a good tackle, Jurgen, not a red. No comment however from the German about the blatant dive by Salah to get the free kick for the first Liverpool goal. An utterly graceless interview. Always the victims…….
  15. He might lose his hair again if he takes the Spurs job.
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