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  1. Stan & Ollie a couple of weeks ago. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Superb performances. Brilliant film. Nearly moved to tears towards the end !
  2. Royston Vasey

    Since there is no Chelski thread

    Bring back Avram Grant !
  3. Royston Vasey

    Come on you Spurs!

    Whatever you say about the League Cup, by the time it gets to the semi final stage it’s pretty big stuff with a showpiece final to play for........and Spurs leave their captain and World Cup winning goalkeeper on the bench. in Poch they trust apparently.
  4. Royston Vasey

    Andy Murray

    Leaving aside his undoubted prowess on the court, can we please also mention that he once (can’t remember which World Cup) specifically wished for England to get beaten in a vital game (unforgivable), and that he is a thoroughly miserable character. I and many others I know have never warmed to him. I am pleased he has packed in. He won’t be missed.
  5. Royston Vasey

    The Man City Thread: The Pep Years

    DTBS left speechless by the result and defeat of the Scousers.
  6. Royston Vasey

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    Thank the Lord for that result. As Cundy said after Kiev, “life wouldn’t have been worth living if Liverpool had won”. The same applied tonight. Gap now down to 4. That’s essentially nothing.
  7. If you had to pick one year, one tour, when you thought the band were at their very very best, the set list at its finest, Bruce at his most focused, everything being together, when would it be ? Really difficult call......but for me the summer of ‘81, that tour, Red Rocks that August.....simply life changing. That said, the two nights in Paris on the last tour, oh my was that awesome. Oh.....and Earls Court, London in 2000.....the reunion tour, memorable......and Milan 2012, oh yes !
  8. Royston Vasey

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    The media love in with Liverpool is once again in full flow. Klopp is a tactical genius, the title is theirs to lose, Van Dyke is apparently the best defender in the world, the Ox is back in training, and Robertson is as good as Gareth Bale. I have just had to turn off Talk Sport. It’s stomach turning. Let us just pray Man City or Spurs win the league !
  9. Royston Vasey

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    We have to, CC. As Jason Cundy said after Kariusgate in Kiev, “life would have been unbearable had Liverpool won that game”.
  10. Royston Vasey

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    The bin dippers will implode around the first or second week of March. They always do. Klopp’s teams play good football but they don’t win trophies.
  11. Royston Vasey

    I had no idea... (random trivial facts about music)

    Brothers In Arms was recorded in Montserrat at the famous Air Studios. Local legend Danny ran the wind surfing school on the beach by the Viewpoint Hotel. He got to know Mark Knopfler and the band over the weeks they spent on the island. Thus, the line ‘Danny do the walk on by’ is dedicated to that great Montserratian. Useless fact I know but hey he gets a mention on one of the biggest selling albums of that era.
  12. Royston Vasey

    Favourite show of 2018.

    HN, a mate of mine was there too on Thursday at the O2, about half way back on the floor.....said it was totally awesome......better even than the Ally Pally and Roundhouse shows that themselves were brilliant. Clearly a band right at the top of their game.
  13. Royston Vasey

    Happy Birthday, Southside!

    Great news of his return to the UK. The show at the Kentish Town Forum (2017) was an absolute cracker.
  14. Royston Vasey

    Favourite show of 2018.

    For me, an unexpected delight....The Average White Ronnie Scott’s back in June. Obviously these guys have been around for many many years, we all know of them but they had rather passed me by. Anyway, got a pair of tickets, seats right to the side of the stage. Absolutely fantastic show, Ronnie’s is not often up and dancing but it certainly was that night (see also Incognito, another outstanding jazz funk show there). Great band.....the two Scottish main original founding members now supplemented by an array of quality musicians - terrific lead vocals from their man from New York. Totally memorable.
  15. Royston Vasey

    Come on you Spurs!

    Tottenham fans voting with their feet.....only 33,000 at Wembley last night. At this rate they may struggle to fill 61,000 seats when WHL (eventually) opens.