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  1. Certainly outside of the world of F1 and its fans, I sense the British people have no interest whatsoever in Lewis Hamilton and many actually have little time for him. His political virtue signalling over recent times has not exactly helped his public perception (aside of the woke population who presumably approved). It is somewhat strange as over the years, several British drivers such as Hill Senior and Junior, Moss, Hunt and Jackie Stewart, to name a few, have generated huge admiration and love. It’s simply never happened for Hamilton, and I guess it never will.
  2. BTW if you are suggesting the titles of OBE, MBE and CBE should go or at least be renamed, I stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Time has moved on since the days when the old saying ‘the sun never sets on the British Empire’ was actually true. OBE, MBE and CBE also in my opinion make a veiled reference to the dark days of slavery.....the word ‘empire’ is not something we Brits should applaud in this modern world.
  3. One of the most popular sportsmen in the UK. Winner of perhaps the highest accolade a British sportsman can achieve.....the BBC’s Sports Personality Of The Year, which he won last month. Charismatic Monaco based legend. Brought the BLM agenda to F1 and must be saluted for that alone. Arise Sir Lewis.
  4. Thank you for these pearls of wisdom, CC. Have you ever considered a career in journalism ?
  5. Great to see Derek ‘Degsy’ Hatton one of the group arrested with the Liverpool mayor for the bribery and corruption allegations. Degsy, one of Liverpool’s finest.
  6. I’m not having that, BEB. Liverpudlians tried pulling that one after Heysel !
  7. There are two great young fans, the legendary Hoffman brothers, Scots with amazing knowledge of the band for two guys so young, they had a request sign up for a song that hadn’t been played live since about 1972 and Bruce obliged.....oh what was the track ? Amazing moment really. The crowd were going nuts. No wonder Bruce was a bit more chilled out the next night in Leeds. He, and lest we forget, we, had burnt the candle big time in Cardiff.
  8. Bribery, corruption, intimidation, underworld violence......in Liverpool ? Surely not ! Fake news !
  9. An absolute classic of a show. Full on top gear from start to finish. Quite astonishing. Eric Burden on stage was extraordinary as the video proves. What a night that was.
  10. Dreamin’ Man Live ‘92 is wonderful. Solo acoustic. Just great, if anyone looking for something sublime. Not sure where it was recorded. I remember having his triple album Decade back in the 70s. Obviously a compilation album but what a way to introduce yourself to the great man’s music. Still go back to it nearly 50 years on ! What a legend.
  11. It was such a great show. The band really filled that barn with noise that night. What a great ending to the European tour. I lurked with a couple of mates at Claridges late afternoon and was rewarded with the magnificent sight of the Big Man strolling through the foyer to his waiting people carrier, chuffing on a huge cigar with no regard for any silly smoking ban ! I got him to sign my ticket. I was for a split second or maybe half a minute in the presence of greatness !
  12. If there has been a big court ruling today in Pennsylvania, and if recounts are ongoing in Georgia and Arizona, shall I hang on to my ‘Trump to win the 2020 US election’ betting slip (£10 to win at 6/4) ? Lol. The fat lady is still in the dressing room.
  13. What a great record it undoubtedly is......and when the tour hopefully one day happens, can there be a more rousing way to kick off the evening than with Burning Train. Incredible !
  14. Bruce does look amazing for his age. No question. I am wondering, however, whether to achieve this look, the teeth may have been bleached, Botox liberally applied to the face, some time spent on the sun bed, and maybe even the hair tinted slightly black ?
  15. It’s a great review of the album and also a superb piece on the making of the record. Deffo go buy the magazine.
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