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  1. Royston Vasey

    The greatest even Vietnam movie ?

    Sorry......the greatest EVER Vietnam movie !
  2. So many contenders.....but for me I have to say Platoon. Just watched it - again ! - and it is so powerful......intense. Hamburger Hill as well.....right up there......totally distressing. Then of course The Niro’s greatest ever movie performance ? Full Metal Jacket not quite in the same league but still a top film. Oh.....and Apocalypse could we forget ! “The horror”.
  3. Royston Vasey

    Since there is no Chelski thread

    Would love to know exactly what words have been exchanged between the Home Office and Mr Abramovich. I am assuming the UK Govt have simply said “you are no longer welcome here”. Thus now the sale of the club. He bought it for £150M (including the £90M debt). He sells it (maybe for £2B). He has put £1.1B of his money into it for 15 years from 2003 - 2018. He gets his money back....and more....and with 15 trophies in the bank so to speak : 1 Champions League. 1 Europa League. 5 Premierships. 5 FA Cups. 3 League Cups. it has been a hugely enjoyable ride.
  4. Royston Vasey

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    Spent lots of Saturdays queuing outside the main gates of The Shed at Chelsea in the 70s and 80s....but we never rushed in eventually sometimes with our shoe laces taken out of our boots, but hey ho.....never any trouble, unless Millwall or West Ham took the place !
  5. Royston Vasey

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    Magic Rat ref your posted at 01.53 pm.....probably none. Maybe it’s time to just move on......30 years etc ? Were the Liverpool fans mobbed outside the stadium blameless ?
  6. Royston Vasey

    Anyone love Keane as much as me?

    Superb.....dare I ask.....are the band reforming ? What a joy that would be......and a great track to finish off that set list btw.
  7. Royston Vasey

    The Manchester United thread

    Roy I do not have Sky but if Carragher really is back.....that is a complete disgrace. Unbelievable.
  8. Royston Vasey

    Tom Odell

    Was dragged against my will 18 months ago to the Brixton Academy......on a Monday night (!) see Tom in concert. Was blown away.....great crowd...thought everyone would be under 30 but there were loads of peeps over 50 like me ! What a talent....only 26 then, great pop songs, great piano.....great front man, top band....absolutely loved it. New tour album.....this guy is a real talent.....go see him if you can.....enjoy !
  9. Royston Vasey

    Partick Thistle bring shame to Mascots everywhere!

    At least the York mascot caused no trouble nor came to an unhappy ending. Some years ago, the AFC Wimbledon mascot Hayden the Womble was essentially decapitated by 2 Luton fans who jumped on to the pitch from the away section and took Haydon’s head right off.
  10. Royston Vasey

    Partick Thistle bring shame to Mascots everywhere!

    Going back to the York City video and the cyclist, what I think makes it even more hilarious is just how appalling the corner kick is when taken. Just genius.
  11. Royston Vasey

    U2 2018 - with added app.

    Is ‘Angel of Harlem’ in the set list ? What an unbelievable song !
  12. Royston Vasey

    U2 2018 - with added app.

    Top footage ! Managed to I think confirm my Hammersmith tale.....Dec 1982......some live stuff from those shows on Spotify from the October/War period.
  13. Royston Vasey

    U2 2018 - with added app.

    Love that set list JJ. I am now racking my brains......I think......but I can not be certain (due to old age !) that I saw U2 perform two shows in one night back say 82 ish.....might have been 83, I think War had come was Hammersmith (I recall), they played the Odeon early evening then crossed the Broadway (by tank no less !) and then played the Palais. I remember being crammed at the front of the Palais.....Bono for some reason throwing out roses to the crowd....we managed to grab one and it had pride of place in our student flat at Oxford (we were at the Polytechnic not the Uni !) until it withered away and died......well I think that’s what happened......may now have to contact my old flatmate to verify events !
  14. Watched Inception at the weekend.....baffled from the first minute through to 2 hours 15 when the credits rolled !
  15. Royston Vasey

    The Greatest Showman

    It’s great......but I think like many films/musicals it does have to be seen on the ‘big screen’. Great music. Great colour.