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  1. ……but if you are talking of a tour entourage of well over 100 (maybe nearer 200), then the chances are that several won’t be vaxxed.
  2. ‘People…..who have been triple jabbed…..less likely to come to the same harm as in the early days of the virus…..because of the jabs’. No mention there of Omicron being little more dangerous or powerful than the common cold. As Covid mutates, it is weakening.
  3. DJ are you suggesting a permanent Australian ban for Novak whilst he remains unvaccinated ? That would marry up with the Australian Government’s hare-brained attempt at achieving ‘zero Covid’ which in reality is a complete impossibility, and proving to be so. As is now being seen across the world, even those poor deluded souls who have been triple jabbed can still catch, as well as pass on, the virus. Someone help Scott Morrison understand this !
  4. I was at the game last night. Admittedly some key Spurs players not on show but the team really looks quite rudderless. Whilst all the current chat centres on whether Arsenal, Man U, Spurs or West Ham will take 4th spot in the league, I could easily see Spurs slipping away quite quickly and ultimately finishing below the likes of Leicester, Wolves, Villa and Southampton who all look generally speaking to be in good shape. A mountain for Conte to climb. Stadium remains magnificent though. It must be the finest football arena in Europe let alone England.
  5. Has Trippier got an exit clause / break clause in his contract in the likely event that the poor Geordies get relegated this season ? I imagine every player that arrives this month will insist on a ‘get out’ clause. If not, Rotherham away next season awaits !
  6. Nine Thumbs u r spot on. It’s not the first time that has happened. How he was not red carded was beyond belief. Carragher embarrassed himself after the game by defending Mané……until Jimmy-Floyd and Souness put him well and truly back in his box. Still, at least it was preferable listening to Jamie the one eyed Scouser defend the indefensible than Klopp doing likewise. Taylor btw once again showed why he should not be allowed to referee Chelsea games.
  7. ……and of course it never will be eradicated which is why what NZ and Australia are trying to achieve is so utterly pointless. The virus is here to stay, mutating constantly but hopefully as Omicron is proving, becoming less severe with each variant. Time for Bruce to come out from under his stone and announce the world tour (possibly this Thursday).
  8. Stevie, China’s death toll is indeed remarkably low lol. You might even think they are cooking the books. Surely not !
  9. The country that gave us the virus is now making millions out of it. They also have the ability to produce ‘rogue kits’ to give false positives leading to continued chaos in the civilised western world.
  10. …..and guess which country in the world manufactures most of the test kits ? Yes, China. You couldn’t make it up.
  11. Yes to confirm, 3.00 pm UK time, that’s 10.00 am In New York, from where Bruce and Landau are doing the press conference. From Sony’s NYC HQ apparently.
  12. Big announcement on Thursday the 6th, apparently.
  13. Tom, correct……which is of course why the common cold has never been able to be eradicated. Covid will be with us forever. ‘Project Fear’, as it’s called in the UK, has been appalling to witness. The Govt, main stream media, and scientists have literally petrified millions over the last 21 months. I even saw a runner out yesterday pounding the streets…..with his mask on. What a poor deluded soul. Does he think the Chinese virus falls off trees ? We need to learn to live with Covid and get on with our lives. The show must go on !
  14. Surely there must be a few indiscreet peeps down here at the Greasy Lake who work in the events industry and know what’s cooking on the E Street world tour front. This constant on, off, not sure stuff is driving me to a breakdown, but at least there remains this coming Thursday as a real possibility for big announcements.
  15. Will Bruce get the Grecian 2000 out before the 2022 world tour ?
  16. The 18th goal is pure comedy gold. I found it on You Tube. The overall standard of women’s football is non league at best. Would love to see the BBC’s true viewing figures for these games. I imagine they are pitifully low, despite the Beeb’s relentless efforts at promoting the women’s game. They even have ‘Women’s Football’ placed between the Prem and Championship on their website page. Does anyone really watch this stuff ? A mate said to me he would only give it a go once goalkeepers can hit the halfway line from goal kicks. Seems fair enough.
  17. DTBS if Chelsea were poor then goodness knows how you yourself would describe Man U on Sunday. Their lack of ambition was truly staggering. Rewind to the Fergie era and his teams would come to The Bridge and always go all out to win (ditto Wenger’s Arsenal). To see your team with 11 behind the ball for the first 45 and most of the second half was, well, actually sad to see….and to hear Carrick after the game claim they had ‘come to win the match’ was just laughable.
  18. If it had been a boxing match, the ref would have stopped the fight in Round 8. Other than one freak knockdown in Round 5, the Mancunian offered nothing throughout. Almost sad to see a once great fighter turn up with this attitude. His former manager, who was no doubt watching the bout from afar, would have been shaking his head with both sadness and despair. How could a once great pugilist now perform with such timidness ?
  19. Yes, official announcements on the 25th apparently. Looking good.
  20. Sparky Hughes will be on any shortlist drawn up. United legend and achieved precious little as a manager at places like, from memory, City, Fulham, Stoke and Southampton. Superb credentials !
  21. Next Man Utd manager, latest odds : Sir Alex Ferguson (caretaker until Summer 2022) 1/4 Fav ; Steve Bruce, Sam Allardyce, Wayne Rooney, Evens ; Phil Neville, 2/1 ; Eric Cantona 5/1 ; Harry McGuire (player coach) 10/1 ; D Yorke/A Cole joint managers 20/1 ; Z Zidane 50/1 ; 250/1 Steve MacLaren.
  22. I am hearing on the grapevine of 4 nights at the Palau Sant Jordi early May…..sounds like a Wed/Thurs…..Saturday/Sunday run…..this according to a friend of a friend who had dinner last weekend in the Big Apple with Landau. Hugely encouraging. Official announcement next Thursday.
  23. If the rumours are correct in that we are talking about Thursdays being the day of the week, and the end of November being the deadline, then it follows that next Thursday Nov 25th will mark the announcement of the first tour dates……probably by noon EST.
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