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  1. I have no idea how acoustics in reality work in stadiums but having been to the new Spurs stadium it is deliciously compact in a way despite having a 60,000 capacity. A magnificent football stadium for sure. Reckon it could hold the sound in far better than The Emirates (2009 ?) and the hideous Wembley. Much more like the Etihad in Manchester in that respect as far as design is concerned. Could be a fabulous venue for a big show.
  2. I found it sad to watch. He looks frail, and it really is a terrible rendition of a beautiful song, in my opinion. What I was also shocked by, looking at the clip on You Tube, were the comments about Bruce in the ‘comments’ section below the clip. A lot of vitriol expressed by, I assume, many Americans. Seems he is not universally adored in the US like he is here in the UK. I had not realised that.
  3. Just been googling Dr Jeanette Young. Again. She really does believe it. Zero Covid can be achieved. ‘Keep hunkering down’, she advises Queenslanders. Blah blah blah. For the love of God, someone step in here. Utter madness. At this rate, Australia will never see another Springsteen show again.
  4. DJ…..that’s guaranteed for NZ and Aus whilst your Governments believe Zero Covid can be achieved……because of course it can’t. I love you tubing Dr Jeanette Young, Queensland’s very own Chris Whitty……she is out with the fairies, bless her.
  5. An excellent summer sorting out the squad etc. Caballero released. Ditto Blackman. Giroud and Tomori to Milan. Moses to Moscow. Guehi to Palace. Abraham to Rome. Zappacosta to Atalanta. Zouma to West Ham. Ugbo to Genk. Van Ginkel to PSV. Pantic to Partizan Belgrade. Simeu and Livramento to Southampton. Lewis to Union St Gilloise. Russell to the Terriers. Wakely to the Chairboys. Elimby to West Ham. Brown to Preston. Bate to dirty Leeds. McCormick to the Dons. Peart-Harris to the Bees. Wiggett to Newcastle. Loans sorted for Gallagher, Broja, Gilmour, Baxter, Castillo, Maatsen, Colwill, Rahman, Clarke-Salter, Lawrence, Cummings and even Drinkwater. Heading overseas : Palmieri, Batshuayi, Bakayoko, Miazga, Kenedy, Ziger, Velenje, Ballo and Ampadu. Not many left at Cobham twiddling their toes.
  6. ……not disputing the actual sending off incident though which was technically correct.
  7. Anthony Taylor has a real problem with Chelsea and his officiating of their games over recent years has resulted in some shocking refereeing. Ask any Chelsea fan, as soon as they saw Taylor down as the ref for the game at Anfield, trouble lay ahead.
  8. Levy must be chortling after that win on Sunday. He should just say to the Arabs, it’s £180M or Harry stays where he is. He should fleece the Man City owners for every penny. They can afford it, and they are desperate.
  9. Lovely to see the colour of the van matching, sort of, the lettering of The River album. Nice touch.
  10. DTBS, as you will have noticed at OT, he can not trap a bag of cement. Extraordinary amount of money spent by CFC (£97.5M), but recent sales (Tomori, Guehi, Moses, Giroud, Ekwah-Elimby, Bate, Livramento, Peart-Harris and Simeu) have netted approx £64M….and Abraham will fetch around £40M……so the club might argue they are quids in…..and that finding an available centre forward who might net 20 goals a season is not easy.
  11. Like many, I am no big fan of the London O2…..but Bruce put on a superb show there (was it Dec 2007 ?) and properly ‘filled’ the arena with E Street joy.
  12. Head coach of the tournament ? Certainly not Southgate. He was given a real lesson by Mancini in the final. Some might say he was tactically humiliated by the Italian. Once RM realised after 20 minutes what was going wrong, he started to change things. They were back in the game by half time albeit still losing. The second half was one way traffic. RM started making good substitutions to freshen things up, using his full quota during the hour from 55 minutes onwards. As extra time started, Southgate unbelievably didn’t make one single change despite being overrun for the previous 45. The rest, as we know, is history. Let us English not fall into the trap thinking we will use this tournament as a stepping stone to lifting the big one in Qatar. No chance. The team is being coached by an ex centre half…..no attacking mindset, no use of flair players, often 8 defensive players on the pitch. Really the best thing that could have happened after the defeat would have been for ‘Handbrake’ to have resigned. Instead, I believe he has himself (or will have soon) a new contract.
  13. News that will amuse the anti Chelsea brigade here comes as the club loan their Under 18 coach to AFC Wimbledon for I believe an initial 6 months. It might be a clever move by both clubs, certainly for The Dons who might get some access to Chelsea kids available on loan. For the Chelsea man, a good chance to coach a third tier first team, so maybe a win win all round.
  14. I have now watched the game three times......yes I know, should get out more ! Mahrez and Sterling were totally nullified by Chilwell and Reece James respectively. KDB produced nothing. City had no response to a full on 100% performance from Chelsea. Add to that Pep’s schoolboy error in playing no holding midfielder(s) and there was going to be trouble ahead. On the night they were well beaten.....it so easily could have been two or three nil. The pundits knew it, as soon as the team sheets came out. Pep is not the Messiah. He is a very naughty boy !
  15. For what it’s worth, I see City had 6 players in the PFA team of the year just announced. I assume votes were cast prior to last weekend’s Champions League final.
  16. Leogetz u raise an interesting point in terms of Pep’s thinking for the Chelsea game. Over thinking things ? Arrogance ? Too much tinkering ? All three ? Rewind to the Q Final exit to Lyon in 2020.....’Guardiola, who has been accused of over-thinking his approach in the Champions League before, adopted a 3 man central defensive system and chose to leave many of City’s creators and manipulators on the bench’. The total opposite of his line up against Chelsea. The same disastrous results. If City don’t win the CL next season, his future surely hinges on the manner of the exit. OK a freak goal sealing their fate, maybe fair enough, but if he cocks things up tactically again and from a starting 11 / formation point of view, surely he is toast in the eyes of the Arabs ?
  17. ......but do Chelsea fans care ? No they don’t. The club has just joined an illustrious group who can claim to have won the Cup Winners Cup twice, ditto the Europa League, and ditto the Champions League/European Cup......Ajax, Manchester United, Juventus, and Bayern Munich. The top table.
  18. Jimmy u know as well as I do that Pep’s Holy Grail is the Champions League. That is the one the Arabs want. I repeat what I said after Saturday.....the owners will be quietly livid with him for his massive tactical blunder in terms of his starting line up v Chelsea. I think he is now in the Last Chance Saloon. Deliver the European Cup next season or face almost certain dismissal.
  19. The media in the UK as a general comment do not like Chelsea. They hate the hire and fire thing with Abramovich......but Chelsea fans frankly love it. It wins trophies season after season after season. The whole media narrative preceding the game was City this, City that. Lawrenson on the BBC for example could not help himself. Everyone was saying if City play 100%, Chelsea will be cast aside. They were willing City to win. I was on the road all Friday and listening to Talk Sport most of the day. It was so biased to City it was sickening. Alan Brazil for example frothing at the mouth at City’s midfield.....well Alan, shame to say, they never turned up ! Aguero, City legend.....came on with the press desperate for the fairytale end.....and he never had a kick. Chelsea were utterly magnificent on the night, got it right tactically to perfection and Tuchel is some coach for sure. If I were City’s owners, I would seriously be thinking, enough is enough, Pep, you’re fired !
  20. Kante is literally extraordinary. When I watch Chelsea games, I find myself just watching him move around the pitch, gliding effortlessly and at pace. A quite unique athlete and footballer. He would get into any football team in the world, he is that good. Priceless.
  21. He totally screwed up in Porto, big time. The press were gobsmacked when the team sheets came out. No Rodhri. No Fernandinho. A bit like CFC starting without Kante and Jorginho.....and going with an eyeballs out front 5 of Werner, Havertz, Pulisic, Mount, and Ziyech. The Arabs must be quietly livid. What was Pep thinking ? Arrogance maybe ? Who cares. He cocked it up.....again. Well done Chelsea.....confounded all the media peeps who were clearly pining for a City win. Shame, that....scouser Lawrenson obviously included. On 70 minutes, Darren Fletcher enthused “Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Aguero is warming up”. He never had a kick ! Go-eth forth and multiply, Sergio, lol. City were dealt a very harsh lesson last night....and it was brilliant to watch.
  22. 36 years ago today saw one of the most tragic events unfold at a European Cup Final when 39 Italian football fans were killed at Heysel. A further 600 were injured. History has essentially been swept under the carpet by the British media, and Liverpool FC. Rather than the players ‘taking the knee’ before kick off tonight, it would surely be more appropriate if UEFA called for a minute’s silence prior to the game commencing. JTF39.
  23. .......and hopefully the file now closed for good. Time for the great Liverpool public to move on ?
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