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  1. I’m a 22 year old northern kid who’s favourite musicians include Springsteen, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Prince, as well as a tonne of bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s all with members in their late 60s+ - age is just a number, and there’s nothing wrong with liking “your dad’s” (as I often get teased) music. The artists named are some of the coolest people alive, to me, and the fact that they’re getting on a bit (or for Petty and Prince, dead) doesn’t cancel out the fact that they have made some incredible music in their 20s, 30s, 40, 50s and 60s Perhaps you’re just overthinking it - there doesn’t have to be a reason for you stopping listening to Springsteen, just go and listen to something else. I barely listen to him at the minute (there’s an insane amount of incredible new music being released at the moment!!) but I know that soon enough I’ll be hooked again Read this back and it sounds like I’m having a go, I’m honestly not - please read in a tone of voice that sounds like I’m being nice
  2. Thanks for the explanation - glad to know I wasn’t going crazy!!
  3. Am I going crazy or was there another thread for Tracks 2 on here yesterday that I replied to - regarding the release being of shelved albums?
  4. For the second time in a matter of minutes this forum’s rumour mill has had me super excited!! (Other is on the Tracks 2 thread) - where did you hear this? Or is it simply a confident personal assumption? Either way I’m now sharing your excitement! Maybe the Birthday show release? I say that as Passaic was released without even a mention of the big 70th - I was expecting the essay to read something like ‘released to coincide with his birthday month’ or something
  5. Re above post I say that as it is such a famous show so a CD release would sell in droves you’d imagine, especially among Springsteen fans, many of whom don’t really know of the archives (many of my dad’s friends are super fans and have attended a tonne of shows, yet don’t know of the archives, for example)
  6. Interesting point you’ve made actually - you’ve got to imagine releasing this through the archives will have lost Bruce and co money, if you compare it to how much it would have made as an “official”/“standard” release
  7. Also a big fan of the long harmonica and sax intro of the Reunion tour!
  8. Not to make anyone jealous, but I’ve actually never listened to this show’s bootleg at all. That means I have the privilege of listening to this show for the first time when I take a long drive to pick up some friend’s tomorrow morning - safe to say I cannot wait
  9. When I first started listening to the rising it was World’s Apart I kept coming back to - certainly thought it was the best track then and haven’t diverged too much since then!
  10. That’s what made me think it’ll be a birthday special release - get a big one out on his birthday
  11. I have a feeling we’ll get the big release on Bruce’s birthday as opposed to first friday, although that could just be me being greedy and wanting two releases this month
  12. No idea why I posted this I feel like I was maybe at the pub
  13. No he’d actually commented that it was taking place in LA (the picture he said was taken a while back in NJ) and without the band - then regarding Tracks 2 there’d be a lot of overdubbing required to make the tracks complete/release worthy which would require a lot of recording