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  1. Must say, I am very excited by the look of this new album, especially with Dave Keuning back in the picture
  2. ... you called it to be fair! Man the Killers were the first band for me, started off my whole music obsession. And led me to Bruce. Since the announcement of this (rather underwhelming) Bruce collaboration I’ve been revisiting some of their more recent albums - I liked Wonderful Wonderful but honestly only gave Imploding the Mirage a couple of listens. Took a drive today listening to them both and was surprised how much I enjoyed them - what a fantastic band, can’t wait to catch them next year
  3. I’m based in the UK currently and have a rare period where I won’t be at work for a period of time this summer. I’ve also been saving for a nice bit of travelling so can, for once, potentially afford the trip. Issue is, I’m pretty sure UK nationals can’t get into the U.S. currently - to those following COVID stories in the U.S., is there any word of travel between the U.S. and UK opening up any time soon? I’m half tempted to try for tickets in late July or August and hope for the best...!
  4. I’ve always thought Helsinki was chosen as the process was risky and the recording could become lost forever - i.e. they didn’t mind if they lost Helsinki as it was a ‘standard’ show, and not one of the more renowned ones like Shea. In this case, Helsinki worked and so they released it - but maybe the process was too difficult or risky to justify it for other shows, I don’t know in all honesty. Seems weird that recordings can’t just be accessed - surely the old technology that justified it in the first place still exists somewhere?
  5. Loving this top 3 - all cracking albums, especially that Phoebe Bridgers one - if you like those guys you'd like Julia Jacklin, a really cool Australian singer/songwriter I've also liked the new AC/DC, Neil Young (Homegrown) and Fontaine's D.C. albums
  6. Unless they have put a bit more effort into the physical CD package then I can’t see me spending that much on this, sadly. The volume 1 thing is really interesting, though - surely there’s not another 8 releases from 1978 just waiting there?
  7. I was also a huge Ryan Adams fan at the time the article was published - I remember he was tweeting a lot and doing a lot of Instagram live sessions and I was so excited for the three 2019 albums and shows I had tickets for. He seemed in a decent place then, but I guess we’ll never know, really, what state he was in. Truth be told, I wasn’t really familiar with Ryan Adams ‘the man’ until that article revealed some of his numerable flaws
  8. I have noticed that all but the most hardline brexiteers have gone rather quiet of late - what a mess we’re in at the minute (apologies if that crosses any political rules feel free to delete as appropriate - I do kind of think that what I said is factual though) I’ve seen a few comparisons to Ashes & Fire - I think I’ll like this more than Ashes & Fire simply because I wasn’t a Ryan Adams fan at the time of that release. Prisoner was probably in my top 3 records of all time (and believe me that is a competitive list - I listen to a lot of music) at the time the article was published (it may still be, I haven’t really decided), I loved that 80s rock thing he had going so I’ll be sad if we never get Big Colors.
  9. Ryan Adams released his first album since the allegations today - Wednesdays Online release today followed by a physical release in March. Also interesting that the trilogy idea is still happening - pre-allegations, he was planning on releasing three albums in 2020 (Big Colors, Wednesdays and an unnamed third album). Wednesdays seems to be a reduced version (maybe due to some collaborators not wanting their songs released, e.g. Jason Isbell) and includes a couple of Big Colors songs. Wednesdays also seems to have been chosen as a more appropriate release to re-emerge with as it’s very low key, mostly just Ryan and his guitar and/or piano. Interested to see what the other two albums will be, although I won’t lie the allegations have somewhat dampened my appetite for more of his music
  10. Enjoying listening to Vol 2 on the Archives site - like others have said, I just can’t justify the price tag for the box, especially when most of the stuff I already have through standalone releases Hopefully Neil will release some of the disks for individual resale sometime
  11. SNL airs in the UK on Sky Comedy so you can watch the whole thing, although I imagine that most of the good bits will be uploaded online EDIT - sorry I’ve just seen this has been answered, apologies - v excited
  12. And the archive release is great sorry for my audiophile rant
  13. I don’t get the deal with these earphones, because on one hand they’ll say that they will make every note stand out and then on the other they’ll promote Apple Music which is the equivalent of watching TV in standard definition - I imagine the majority of people will use these earphones to listen to Apple Music, therefore defeating the entire purpose of buying a decent set of earphones
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