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  1. Thanks both of you, I’ll be sure not to chuck them!!
  2. Hi - thought I’d come to the bootleg experts as I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing with them, really. So having a big clear out at home and stumbled upon a bunch of bootleg CDs, I’d estimate around a hundred shows worth, if not more. They are my dad’s and he can’t remember how much he paid for them, so I’m not sure what to do - chuck them out or try sell them on (if there are any northern Bruce fan that fancies a bunch of bootleg CDs let me know) They appear to largely be audience recordings with a plain CD and plastic wallet, with most shoes separated over two discs. There are some complication CDs, sort of ‘best of this tour’ sort of thing. Any help or advice would be appreciated - what should I do? Thanks!
  3. While the Plangent Processed and remixed version of 12/31/80 is being sold as a standalone release, anyone who bought the original can access the new upgraded audio for free via the “My Stash” section of the app, which provides streaming access to all shows purchased as downloads or CDs (no subscription required). Previous buyers of New Years Eve ’80 can log in with the account credentials they used to buy the show the first time. From the essay^^
  4. For the first time, multi-track master tapes of the classic New Year’s Eve 1980 show have been transferred via Plangent Processes and newly remixed by Jon Altschiller for superior sound. This upgraded edition breathes fresh life into a jaw-dropping 38-song performance which is packed with highlights, including “Spirit in the Night,” “Rendezvous,” “Fade Away,” “The Price You Pay,” “Held Up Without a Gun,” “In The Midnight Hour,” “Auld Lang Syne,” “Twist and Shout” and “Raise Your Hand.” The all-time fan favorite has never sounded better.
  5. I've never really complained with the 31/12/80 mix but I'm certainly not complaining about a remix if its any good!
  6. Very happy with this, love the River - is this a remastered 31/12/81 show too?
  7. Would that suggest that December 12 '75 show the official release is taken off? (I think that's right) Either way, would take the show but not a huge fan of Xmas music playing at the height of summer!
  8. I can see why - I was glued to their Glastonbury performance and I'm loving this album I've bought (Disintegration, I think its one of their biggest albums), plus I listen to a lot of music that is influenced by the Cure so figured they are a perfect match - always exciting getting into someone new I think!
  9. A Agreed - I like the anticipation! I always manage to fill in time in the most unlike me ways on archive day - today I've spent nearly 4 hours walking round town looking for a jacket. Had no luck there, but I did buy a Cure CD after being very impressed with their Glastonbury set I'm going for the River tour today, think it was August that we last got something from that tour. (my other guess is '78 given we last got that last July, although strangely I'm not super desperate for them as the number of releases we've got at the minute are fantastic)
  10. This is definitely besides the point but I always try and shoe horn this in when I can - for me the best version of The Promise is the archive release of Albany ‘77, man it haunts me
  11. Keep forgetting about the Reunion tour - I’d definitely take another show like Chicago ‘99 that’s a cracker
  12. Like a lot of you here I’m also really keen for something from the River - here’s hoping!
  13. Happy birthday! Always felt he is the unsung hero of E Street - so many classic piano intros