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  1. Been listening to a lot of War on Drugs whilst working from home and looking forward to the live album If you haven't checked out Kurt Vile, too, then absolutely you should do - he was a former member of the War on Drugs and Adam Granduciel (War on Drugs frontman) has been a member of Kurt's backing band the Violators - the two are good friends I believe
  2. I like the look of this release and I’ll definitely download sometime - I’ve always low-key resented Bruce playing Santa Claus so early in the year because the small bit of superstition in me means I rarely play these Darkness shows front to back throughout the year hahaha
  3. He's right folks, showing up on my latest shows! Well done whoever guessed right!
  4. I feel like you could be right, and it would be a great show to get for sure - definitely a good guess, and I think the LOHAD reference must mean the song is included, surely? I’d definitely take this over another Darkness show
  5. Ah that's fantastic, will have to dust mine off - thanks for checking, they must be continually updating it as I've never seen them release new versions!
  6. I'm planning on watching it on my laptop and then using a HDMI cable to play it through my TV - I may have an old Apple TV lying around the house, too, but I'm not sure if that works for Apple TV+ - will have to investigate!
  7. I had a quick look this evening and it looks relatively straightforward - I'm sure we'll be able to help you out closer to the time!
  8. Will also be signing up for the free trial I think - really looking forward to this!
  9. I totally agree - I still like buying albums to support artists and I love listening to an album front to back, he’s absolutely right in that a good album tells a story that singles and playlists just can’t
  10. I looked into this a bit following the article and thought about posting a similar thread. From what I can tell, there is: Electric Nebraska (if it exists) The 1994 ‘hip hop’ album a la streets of Philadelphia An album recorded with the 1992/3 tour band Some swing/country album (pre Tunnel of Love? I can’t remember) An album written around the time of Wrecking Ball and Western Stars that Bruce says is ‘in the can’ as per the Rolling Stone article Am I missing anything? I’m sure if there was some awesome E Street record in the vault we’d have heard about it by now
  11. I haven’t seen the video but I love the song - it’s just a fun song, what’s not to love? The way I see it is we are lucky to be getting anything from Bruce. Tom Petty died suddenly aged 5 years younger than Bruce is now. Can’t we just enjoy the fact that he’s happy, working on new music (with the band!), working on a tonne of old music (going by the Rolling Stone piece), and that he’s happy and well? The man is 71 - the time for creating ‘masterpiece’ or ‘ground breaking’ albums is behind him. He’s been there and done that and has nothing to prove, so bring on the guitar rock wh
  12. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Bring on the rest of the album!!
  13. Just checked iTunes to see if the track had dropped (it hasn’t, yet..!) and noticed it clocks in at nearly 6 mins - don’t know why but that got me pretty excited as, reading the lyrics from the promo, I expected it to be a short hard and fast rock song
  14. I think the 10 minute reference in the article was the author saying he only expected to be allowed to watch it for 10 mins - the actual film is apparently 1 hour 30!!
  15. Just finished reading it and that’s the feeling I get - the new album, a 1hr30 movie documenting the recording (after watching Neil Young’s Colorado session movie I’m very excited), Tracks II, several ‘lost’ albums, mystery projects, archives... wow
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