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  1. Had a dream last night that I was watching Bruce play the Leeds arena - he opened with Lonesome Day, during which he crowd surfed Tour confirmed?????
  2. That’s definitely his laugh - and the other guy saying “I think you’ve got it rocking too hard” is promising, too!
  3. The Gaslight Anthem are one of my all time favourite bands and I’d actually disagree with the consensus here and say I love their last two albums, too - Handwritten is a fantastic album full stop and Get Hurt, although admittedly half-cooked, has some great moments. That said, you simply cannot beat the ‘59 Sound - one of my favourite albums of all time You should check out their first album, Sink or Swim, which is lesser known and slightly less polished I also like Brian Fallon’s solo work, I just think he’s a fantastic writer
  4. I second this - had laptop troubles due to the amount of music I had stored on my laptop, so I now use an external hard drive to put music onto my phone (its not a difficult process to do so yourself if you wish, and can save you space) The cloud is good, but I'd advise getting a high quality hard drive - I spent £50 on (what I hope is) a reliable one and I thought that was more than reasonable considering the amount I've spent on these Springsteen shows alone
  5. I think there was meant to be a Crazy Horse tour but it was postponed because Neil wanted to focus on other projects, like the films he has in the archives - that may be old news and may have related to touring in 2019
  6. I seem to think the schedule began after the tour had finished, so I think before that you just got the shows sporadically
  7. Cheers for these - I do love a good modern-day LOST IN THE FLOOD!!!!!
  8. Ah wicked I wasn’t aware you’d done a post for High Hopes - I’ll give this a read!!
  9. They all look like cracking shows - I'm taking a look at the shows on the website now and just seen that Uncasville opens with the Promise version of Racing in the Street, which I might just have to get
  10. That is certainly fair enough - think I'm certainly guilty sometimes of taking for granted these releases that I don't appreciate how big a release it was! This is the only High Hopes show I have and its bloody brilliant start to finish, I even like the audio in all honesty - definitely up there with my favourite show released. On that note, what other High Hopes Tour shows are worth checking out? I only really bought this one a few years ago so that I had one for the collection and it had a great setlist, but I'd definitely be keen to check more of the tour out
  11. I read that earlier - although I think the booker that was quoted said nobody had been booked/confirmed yet
  12. The worrying thing is I have loads to be getting on with
  13. Can someone explain to me why I'm still refreshing