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  1. I was thinking this - must be heading into the studio soon? Unless they’re there already Also feel like they’re cutting it fine for any sort of Xmas release announcement - I’d be shocked if we don’t get the long-anticipated BITUSA box, but maybe they’re waiting for the 40th?
  2. This showed up on my suggested YouTube videos today and I’m fascinated by it - it’s both so old fashioned and so modern, I really love it
  3. I'd respectfully disagree - I think Nils' playing is filled with heart and soul, you can see it in his face when he plays I can see where you're coming from, though, as he is tasked with playing the same solos over and over again at shows (looking at you Because the Night)
  4. Have we ever been told we would be limited to one release per tour a year or is it just an educated guess based on a pattern? Only asking as I would live another River show in December, but I’d be more than happy with anything from the Rising or 1975, or anything else Bruce has ever performed
  5. Don’t quote me on this but I’m certain I’ve read somewhere that it’s keys of some sort
  6. Getting ahead of myself here, but what’s everyone think will the Xmas special release (if any at all)? We got No Nukes last time following Roxy ‘75 (again, what a month) I realise I’ve asked a broad question, but let’s assume that a December release has to be a legendary release (a la Roxy, Passaic the year before etc) - what legendary (and I mean like LEGENDARY, not just famously good shows - I’m wanting like a top 10 show) shows are left that are likely to be released? Bottom Line ‘75? Winterland ‘78? Vets ‘80? (Assuming it even exists) I’d say this is a good shout, but this has been suggested like the last two years
  7. This article has your jokes!!
  8. Anyone know anywhere I can pick up a legitimate BITUSA album cover shirt with the album tracks on the back? Seems to be out of stock in my size on the official site (not sure if that has writing on the back)
  9. My favourite on the album from day one, beautiful little tune
  10. I love the Joad shows - I don't play them all that regularly but there come times when you just need this sort of music and I'm very thankful that I have them
  11. For reference Props to commitment to the joke, never give up!!!!
  12. The cover was insane, again especially as I’m a huge Bruce and Mayer fan - I saw him at the following concert in Manchester and he tore the roof off, his playing just continues to get better and he’s really matured into a solid artist now
  13. So does he if his introductions to it when he plays it live are anything to go by