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  1. I booked my first concert in months the other day - February in a small UK venue - very optimistic I feel... The more worrying thing for people must be money wrapped up in concert tickets - I have hundreds of pounds spent on concert tickets in limbo (the concerts have been rescheduled or organisers are ‘trying to reschedule’, but I have no access to the money for refunds etc)
  2. Also, as per Instagram Ron Aniello is ‘Back to Business’ in Redbank, NJ...
  3. As both a guitarist and a huge fan of both Bruce and Neil, you have no idea how jealous I am of Nils - to play those shows and songs with the E Street Band and then to play with Neil in the most free-spirited band going, wow. What an insane career he has lead. Testament to both his talent and his character - there’s nobody more dependable!
  4. I think Nils is an official member now - Poncho Sampedro, the previous guitarist, is enjoying a nice retirement in Hawaii. Nils played on Colorado, the Horse’s last album, and has played shows as a member - not sure about the upcoming tour but it sounded like straight up Crazy Horse as a foursome (but not 100%!)
  5. Just to clarify, I also love the synths - I just know that a lot of people find them very dated! As I said, I love the fact that this song is a total cheese-fest and the synths really add to that!! I actually bought my first synth last year to compliment guitar tracks I was working on at the time - they are ridiculously fun instruments if you can get a good sound dialled in!
  6. I think he would always prioritise Bruce, especially given it will (I’m guessing) be a better money-maker. That said, would anyone be interested in an E Street tour with just Bruce and SVZ on guitars if Nils chose the Horse?
  7. @Eileen I read this article this eve and thought you’d appreciate it - Brandon Flowers in conversation with Phoebe Bridges, who is one of my favourite artists. Brandon says they are still working on the mastering of one more track!
  8. I am totally unashamed to say Real Man is one of my favourite non-E Street songs - complete cheese fest, but I’ve always loved the vocal melodies (particularly the pre-chorus “I don’t need no gun in my fist...”) and the lyrics are very honest and real - it’s a genuinely feelgood love song that challenges traditional masculinity That said, I won’t try to defend the synths..!!!
  9. I’ll respectfully disagree with that. Album recording during lockdown is difficult - nobody is in the same place, not everyone has the means, facilities or skills to self-record, band members have families to look after, they have other priorities, not to mention the fact that many artists are saying they don’t know how to write and release in the current climate Regarding the tours selling albums, perhaps they don’t sell as many physical copies but they’ll certainly boost streaming numbers. Each year after Glastonbury the UK iTunes Charts are filled with the best performers, and the same has happened when big tours have taken place (such as the last Killers tour, or whenever Coldplay tour)
  10. From memory it was scheduled for May 31 - given the uncertainty and the fact that they have had to reschedule their UK stadium tour until next year they postponed it. Makes sense given that the tour will help to promote the album. Some sites tell you December 31 release date but I don’t think that’s official, especially because I think they’re deciding to make changes to the album (I.e. the mixing etc I think, although cannot remember where I heard this!)
  11. This is why the situation confuses me - even more so, why can't we just use 2002-era equipment to transfer the files to something releasable? I'm guessing it was doable back in 2002/3, otherwise DSD wouldn't have been used. Surely the technology is still around somewhere, it wasn't too long ago
  12. Haven't re-listened this morning but I'm sure Nils said the album was "in the works"
  13. Just heard this on twitter - very bold claim, here’s hoping it was mostly finished or the band can crack on with its completion whenever this whole thing allows it... god knows we need it right now