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  1. I’ve yet to listen but I can’t wait until I do - the following Helsinki show is one of my favourites in the archive
  2. I’ve loved following your listen - glad you enjoyed it so much!!
  3. These posts have me excited - re British Summer Time when can the UK expect the release? Next half hour?
  4. I’m by no means an expert on the Seeger tour, but I think I understand that the Dublin release and the New Orleans release represent the tour highlights - so, you’re probably right!
  5. Exactly my thoughts regarding Shea - I’m sure it’s a great, special show, but I’d love vintage rising - full of emotion.
  6. Surrounded by friends and family in Copenhagen, June 2016, with Bruce finishing with a solo Thunder Road - not a bad way to leave it In terms of regrets, my dad had a ticket for me to go with him to Paris on July 13 - it was going to be a last-minute early birthday surprise, but I ended up booking travelling with friends and my dad didn’t want me missing out on the travelling experience to see another Bruce concert - so, when I booked flights I was unaware of the ticket. The travelling was great, for sure, but was it worth missing Iceman???
  7. Wow, I can’t believe that the Tampa ‘08 show was over a year ago, where does the time go?? I’d say that stretch from BITUSA to BTR looks the most likely, although Seeger looks quite ominous
  8. You’d have been right near me, then - what an evening, made all the more special by the glorious Glaswegian weather! The Sandy that followed it was equally memorable for me... Listening to it now and I can feel the heat burning me to a crisp again!!
  9. I’d love anything from the River or BITUSA shows. Honestly, though, I can’t begin to predict what tomorrow will bring - I have every finger crossed for Vietnam Vets ‘81!! I feel like the Rising tour never gets mentioned (minus the Increasingly less frequent calls for Wembley 2002) and has been rather forgotten due to the technical difficulties, so I’d love a release that puts that back into the limelight - something from early on in the American leg (although I imagine Shea is more likely)
  10. As much as I’d love a River show, I’m also going for something post-reunion - maybe a D&D or Seeger show. I also note that it’s been a while since our last BITUSA show, so it would be cool to get something other than NJ from 1984
  11. Welcome, AP - love the username, glad you’re with us!!!
  12. Give it a few weeks and you’ll be all caught up welcome to the lake!!!
  13. I think it might even be in the autobiography - I definitely recognise the quote
  14. What makes you so sure? (also thank you for bumping my thread as opposed to the other tour thread)