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  1. The comments don't really give that impression, I live in LA too and we haven't any lightning. Bruce also said he'd record a new album with the Band. Plus if it was Tracks 2 he wouldn't be recording, he'd be compiling. Probably laughed because they were so off base, in a knowing way.
  2. Long Time Comin’ is a great and incredibly sweet song about the magic of being a parent and that special bond between children and their parents. Highly recommend
  3. Been thinking a little about the best way to go for show closers. On one hand, I think acoustic closers like "Thunder Road", "This Hard Land" or "For You" can be pretty and leave on a quiet, poetic note. But on the other hand, for big E Street concerts with a lot of people coming for a fun night of rock and roll, maybe fun band closers like "Rosalita", "Glory Days", "10th Avenue", "Twist and Shout" can be a great showstopper. Bruce tends to meet in the middle a lot for "Bobby Jean", which is a full-band song but is more sentimental in both the lyrics and the general sound of the song. I don't think compromising like that works that well, although "Bobby" is a good song that could work in another part of the encore. What do you guys about the best way to end a Bruce rock n' roll concert?
  4. Nothing wrong with good party rock n' roll. Bruce would be NOTHING without garage rock classics like "Louie Louie", "Gloria", "Hang On Sloopy", "96 Tears", "La Bamba", "Kicks", "Good Lovin'" "We Gotta Get Outta This Place", "Wild Thing", "I Fought the Law", "I Saw Her Standing There" "Johnny B. Good", "Tutti Fruitti", "Blue Suede Shoes", "All The Day and All of the Night", "The Last Time", "I Can't Explain", Gary's own "Quarter to Three" etc etc. Of course he's also influenced by the great songwriters of all time - Bob Dylan, Lennon/McCartney, Jagger/Richards, John Fogerty, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, Neil Young, and others. But "Sherry Darling", "Ramrod", EVEN "Darlington County/Working On The Highway" and especially "Rosalita" have a lot of value when compared to "Thunder Road" or "Backstreets" or "Darkness On The Edge of Town. Even as for "Jole Blon", it's fine, perhaps a little generic. And some other songs in that mold, "You Can Look", "Crush On You", and more fall flat too. But to shrug off some of the great rock n' roll of all time is a disgrace to Bruce's music and not only makes you not a true Bruce fan but also a little pretentious.
  5. Hey lakers- Was wondering if any of you guys went to the Arroyo Seco festival in Pasadena this weekend. I went with my family and it was amazing. Great performances by Neil Young, Jack White, Robert Plant, Pretenders, Alanis Morrisette, Gary Clark Jr, Third Eye Blind, Aaron Neville, Kings of Leon. Some idiotic LA Times reporter wrote a negative review ( that I thought was no obnoxious. Their main complaint was that it was too nice and easygoing of an atmosphere that it softened the performances! a) that's not true- the performances were spectacular, b) what does a nice atmosphere do to ruin great music? and c) the reporter almost certainly had the $1000 luxury package that most attendees weren't able to afford. Perhaps he should have reviewed the real experience instead of his snotty ungrateful one. This guy doesn't seem like he has what it takes to be a Bruce fan! Too bad. Usually love the LA Times. Anyway if any of you guys went too, I'm sure we'd love to here your thoughts!
  6. It’s on Freehold ‘96!!!
  7. Personally, I love the Asbury Park '96 shows. We got such rare and delightful versions of some of his great early favorites, both acoustic favorites like Saint in the City, Bus Stop, and Growin' Up, and then songs we hear with the band all the time but were a treat to hear so wonderfully in a scaled-down fashion, like Blinded, For You, Spirit in the Night, Sandy, and my personal favorite, Rosie. Plus we got perennial acoustic favorites like Atlantic City, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Born in the USA, The Promised Land and Racing in the Street on piano! I'd be happy with any one of them, although the last is probably the most likely one. I also second 9/24/99 in Philly. A funny and powerful night after a milestone in Bruce's life. And of course, Wembley 2002 all the way!
  8. I'm kind of disappointed, to say the least. This just feels lazy to me. Springsteen used to produce such great new material and be so proud of it. Since 2014 he's been going back in time (covers, remakes and outtakes jumble of High Hopes, River outtakes, and tour, retrospective Springsteen on Broadway) which is fine in moderation. But it's time for something new- or at the very least a new tour.
  9. Adam Raised A Cain with horns in the Tunnel of Love tour is an atrocity. A hard rock staple such as itself (as many other Darkness song) has no place with an outlandish horn arrangement. Yet it works wonderfully acoustically, as seen on the Joad tour, Devils tour, etc. It's either, all (full rock n' roll) or nothin' at all (full acoustic folk) to quote one of Bruce's most mediocre songs. This seems to be a pattern for Bruce's career. For instance, he's great with E Street and great acoustically but with the Human Touch band it is just a catastrophe.
  10. This article from NJ Arts makes a pretty compelling case for adding an encore song to the Broadway shows to keep things fresh for him and to add a little of that trademark Springsteen spontaneity to these shows. Thoughts?