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  1. If it's from the rising tour, don't reply to this post....
  2. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but what River Tour shows do we know were recorded that have not been released yet? (just curious)
  3. Looking at some of the releases from this past year (I tend to get them all at once) such as Indy 08, Boston 92, Tower Theatre 05, St Paul, etc. May get some 2016 as well.
  4. Paolo, What format do you typically listen to all of these in? (Mp3, CD, etc) Just curious, as I'm going to be purchasing some shows here soon.
  5. One that may surprise you: State College, PA (aka University Park, 2016). Crowd was insane all night long. And, you can't go wrong with a Metlife show.
  6. Speaking of Wembley, Wembley 7/4/85 was briefly rumored on BTX this morning. No mention of Wembley 02...
  7. This will probably be what it looks like moving forward with releases, assuming they don't change the schedule (if there even is a release as you alluded to).
  8. Yep. Same show that was released in the past.
  9. Just announced on E Street Radio that they are playing France 97' at 10 AM EST.
  10. New York City Serenade from 8/23/16 was a stunning rendition.
  11. My apologies, you probably won't be the only one
  12. Just heard a BITUSA outtake on E Street Radio (Unsatisfied Heart), and it got me thinking: When do you think the box set for Born in the USA will be released? Or will it even be released in the foreseeable future? Additionally, what do you want to see in the box set? Personally, I'd be content with outtakes and electric Nebraska, on top of a remastered album. Let me know your thoughts!
  13. Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze is on my archive wishlist, so I wouldn't be mad.
  14. Real World from the Christic Shows (1990) is essential listening for me.
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