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  1. Any Bruce more songs about the sea? Seaside Bar Song Sherry Darling Sandy Girls in their Summer Clothes I’m doing a beach based playlist and beaches are proving less fruitful than roads. This is a bit odd as Bruce often says how much he loves the ocean. What am I missing?
  2. I would explode! The mere mention of Boulevard or the glimpse of a 10th has set me off; an E street 10th combo would send me into orbit. I feel at some point I may make a pilgrimage to the promised land of New Jersey. The USA is so full of contradictions I love it and am appalled at the same time.
  3. I am a teacher of English and politics, I spend time trying to get 16 - 19 year olds to write. Balboa Park really beautiful with lots of interesting museums. When you look you can see the poverty and the homelessness. I come from Manchester (England) and the homelessness in the US looks less obviously distressing as it isn’t raining. I find the amount of ex military homeless particularly distressing, people with limbs missing begging on the street. It’s odd other countries poverty seems more distressing than my own countries poor - as always Bruce and my internal Springsteen play list makes me think about issues more deeply. On a lighter note I am absurdly thrilled every time we drive near E Street, 10th Ave nearly had me wetting myself. There are also a lot of Boulevards and I am very much enjoying them. I saw a car with Ohio plates and and I was wondering where Frank was - in bloody New Jersey obviously. I don’t think the whole adventure would be as rich without Bruce. His lyrics are so intertwined with my thought processes he is an optic through which I experience life. And my life is so much richer for that optic.
  4. On the playlist today........ Balboa Park - GoTJ will be the album today. My partner is not fond of ‘mumbly Bruce’ (his words) but I love it (unsurprisingly). I think we are lucky enough to be able to afford this holiday and so a dose of reality is good. We talk about politics a lot as a family and the current political crisis on the boarder with Mexico is brought home when you are on a beach and can actually see Mexico. Should the actual physical reality of the desert, the empty road, the border make a difference to your understanding of an issue? Intellectually, it makes no difference but I am having a significant emotional reaction to philosophical and political issues because I am actually ‘walking in the footsteps of’ so to speak. In a good way the vastness of the desert, the unrelenting heat, the long stretches of road gave me a glimpse of the American obsession with driving and ‘getting out of here to win’ and how you can ‘fall in love with lonely’. The juxtaposition of wealth and poverty makes you aware of the great good fortune of being born in the latter half of the twentieth century in an industrialised nation compared to the grinding poverty a wire fence away. And as always Bruce is the sound track to my life and experiences. Matching up my enjoyment of my good fortune while sympathising with and wanting to help those less fortunate. So Balboa Park for a fun day out while maintaining an awareness of the underbelly.
  5. Well it’s nearly empty you can just see the back of our hire car. To the immense delight of my sons and near orgasmic pleasure of my partner the car we have hired is a Dodge Charger. We didn’t plan it they offered it to us, what could we do?
  6. Beautiful post. Ride me down easy is a good way to go though. Riding easy into the sunset across the desert. If Bruce is writing your life riding easy into the sunset offers hope. God bless.
  7. Jersey - we are in Palm Desert tonight and are heading to San Diego tomorrow following more of your advice. Many thanks for the tips knowing the Morongo is where the pictures were taken was sooooo good. My younger son nearly lost his hearing when we crossed the ‘San Bernardino line’ This is me and my older son
  8. Me holding my CD copy of WS. Brilliant. Hope the photo has uploaded will try to add some more. Driving through the Mojave towards the Morongo Basin we listened to WS. Then the play list played and TPL came on and I cried. Sitting there in the car “Rattlesnake speedway in the Utah desert” and tears are streaming down my face. Honestly the beauty of the desert. Open, empty roads reflecting the music and the beauty of the land. In a tiny, infinitesimal way I was sharing an experience with Bruce and you. He’s driven this road in real life and you have driven this road in your hearts. It’s a big load of over emotional bollocks and I was moved to tears. My kids were in the back rolling their eyes at me. One of the best days of my life.
  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for telling me that. I am now about to explode with excitement we are getting ready to fly. Although with that information I might be able to manage without the plane. And you 112 TPL will shut my son up good and proper. I will do my best to do the photo thing but I may well be busy exploding in a puff of Bruce based fan girl excitement.
  10. Non of the Sunny Day kids made the playlist Driving through the desert listening to WS is the bit of the holiday I am looking forward to most, although I am not admitting that to any of my family. 32 Detroit Medleys makes my 10 TPL pale into insignificance
  11. I am very, very lucky indeed and we are flying to the USA on Monday. We have a few days in Vegas and then we are driving via Palm Springs to San Diego and up to San Clemente. Perfect WS listening - I am beyond excited and convinced Bruce has released WS to coincide with my trip. I am happy to have a play list of just one album (WS obvs) but everyone else wants to get involved so we have put together a family play list. My teenage son is in charge of the music and asked me what other Bruce songs I wanted - Promised Land - I say and now he is laughing because I have 10 versions and it took me ages to decide which one and he won’t let me have any more. I think 10 versions puts me slightly above casual fan but I am nowhere near as dedicated as many on The Lake - give me some numbers so I can prove to my ungrateful spawn I am a mere lightweight in the realms of Bruceaholics
  12. Ohhh I had to google that. Nope my partner is more of a Miles Davis kind of guy he was definitely thinking of something else.