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  1. As promised Demos - Soul Driver: Very nice ! I like your rythmic pattern and the dynamic you put in there. Jerms23 - Empty Sky: a lot of emotion in your voice in this sober rendition. Seeing your post in the results thread, I understand that your emotion is still present... Okely Dokely - Open All Night: I really like your cover. Without getting to far away from original, you give it a very interesting atmosphere with your voice, harp and accordion. Good job Junglelander - Johnny Byebye: close to the orginal but very well executed, with a good rythmic section. Good job LoverInTheCold - Richfield Whistle: well done winner !! phantomengineer - Dancing in the Dark: to be honest it is not my preferred version. By the way, your job to re-arrange the song and mix it is impressive, with combination of guitars and right-left balance. Tom Joad - Nothing Man: what a good job to reinvent the song and create something completely new. The musical atmosphere you create fits very well with the lyrics. Very nice mixing transpirator - Fire: you already know that I appreciate your cover, with this pacific island spirit, with the long-awaited ukulele What will be your next cover with drum loops in DAW... ? wolfinthepines - Night Fire: I discover this Bruce's song through your cover. Very nice rendition. I didn't listen to the orginal, your version is perfect. Very good mixing. I like the bass presence. Your voice is great with something that looks like doubling effects. yvan - Cover Me: Your also knwo that I really like your cover. Your subtle guitar playing, with a very interesting space balancing + right-left effect, is so great. The ambiance you manage to create is very nice. Kitty's Back: no opinion on this one !!!
  2. All my congratulations to @LoverInTheCold. You get that tune out of the vault and manage to give us a sober and very well executed rendition. Maybe I heard this song one day when listening to outtakes... but I really discover it through your cover. Also all my congratulations to all other artists. I know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to re-invent and cover a song from an artist. And then to make it available for listening by huge fans of this artist ! From experienced to less-experienced musicians, playing with other musicians or with coping with their laptop and dedicated software, it's a pleasure to listen to you. And many thanks to CosmicKid for making that "contest" possible !
  3. Many thanks for all those nice comments I confirm the complexity of the structure of this song. I re-arrange the whole thing with a more simple arrangement. The most difficult part was to write this rearrangement. I don't play all instruments ! I play all guitar parts (elec + a short acoustic part). I write organ and bass parts, played by virtual instruments. For drums part, I rely on some blues and jazz drum loops to create something consistent enough, then played by virtual drummer ! For piano part, it is just jazz loops played according to chords sequence. And I had my vocals on that. And there it goes ! Many thanks @Troublette. My mother language is french. Maybe you notice the accent ! I will give my feedback on those very nice covers after a 2nd listening with my dedicate audio headset.At 1st listening, I heard promising musical parts that deserve an accurate listening (such as guitar playing and balancing on Cover Me and reinterpretations of Nothing Man and Soul Driver)...
  4. Don't be afraid ! If you have the (bad) chance to listen to my first cover on a forum, you'll forget all your fears ...!!! Get on the train and join the crazy band
  5. Thanks Karsten and I wish you a speedy recovery . A few more days of guitar rehersal sessions to select teh right song
  6. Any rumors on E Street about this new session of Bruces cover kind contest ?
  7. Same feeling as some of you. For me voting result is not an objective. Having fun preparing, recording and mixing (oups... sometime it's not fun to mix !!) a cover, and pleasure while listening to others, this is my motto for such friendship contests. Feedback from listeners is my opinion much more interesting !!
  8. Glad to hear that version 2019 of the contest is on its way. I'm ready to participate, with at least one idea in mind !
  9. Bravo to the winner. Bravo to all the performers and the organizer. And let the music plays !!!
  10. Let's go ! A few quick words about my favorite covers. By the way, for all of you, guys, your artistic and musical work & atmsophere is very interesting. I really appreciate listening to this album while driving to/ back from work and with headphones at home to get deeper in the songs. @Junglelander : energy, powerful rendition, pure rock with heavy guitars ! I like it. What-if the sime-slot for recording was longer... @bhogg : you created a wondeful balad, and your voice...wouawww! @Demos: I really like the intro, then I get lost in the atmosphere ; but the way, a very nice musical work and exploration @yvan: the way you reinterprete LT gives a very nice result; hard-working and passion... nice ! @andre : I love it, a top-version ! While listening in my car, I was imagining your cover into Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live album... @phantomengineer: the atmosphere you created is very interesting and i like it, another beautiful reinterpretation. @Jerm23: even without getting away from the Bruce's version, a simple and efficient cover makes sense ! Good rendition and nice voice. @Pastor Jeff: What can be added to the above comments ? Superbe piano-voice cover of this masterpiece; let's imagine the result with another recording device... @GreatDane: I really like your guitar licks, very efficient! @ludomichel: also a top- and high-quality cover, orginality, arrangments, voices, ... What music can do ... is so good ! Thanks for the comments about Blood Brothers, I appreciate. A few words about my choice later on
  11. Vote is completed ! 0 point for my song, it's the only zero ! More comments to come within a few days on the other threads ! One more time : congrats to all the performers. Great job. Bruce, if some you have some lyrics, maybe you can find help here for arrangement and music...
  12. A great great pleasure to listen to this new album !! Impressive covers, very good job from singers and musicians.