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  1. The funny thing is that no-one as has wished any harm to Patti. Glad I didn’t use being run over by a car as a metaphor for the uncertainty of life.
  2. With respect tramp, Bruce has traded off making his relationships public, even made money from it. This is not prying in. Bruce’s relationships, his fear of commitment as a younger man, how he values institutions like Marriage, is something that Bruce has SOLD to us. This is a question about something he has sold us. Not about something he has deliberately left out of a biography or avoided in his music.
  3. Yes. It was just a premise for the question, but a seemingly clumsy and preoccupying one.
  4. If you want to address the premise, do you think Bruce is now the marrying type? If the proverbial bus came along, do you think Bruce would remarry?
  5. For someone scared of commitment, Bruce has shown a attraction to marriage. He has spoken about Adele’s commitment to marriage. Bruce tends to honour her views. I suspect that he is now the marrying type. What do you reckon?
  6. So if Patti got run over by a bus next week (jeopardising the new album and the anticipated tour) do you reckon Bruce would marry again? Thoughts? Excuse me if this has been canvassed before.
  7. Harry & Guitar George referred to in Sultans of Swing are Harry Vanda & George Young, legends in the Australian music industry.
  8. David Bowie’s real name was David Jones. He called himself Bowie because there was already Davy Jones, who you all know.
  9. Elton John plays piano on the Jackson Browne song Red Neck Friend credited as Rockaday Johnnie.
  10. 2 - the number of months until my birthday. But thanks for the kind wishes.
  11. He failed the laboratory testing by a small amount. He’s the guy who does the school visits reading to the primary school kiddies. He’s the home grown boy who everyone has seen develop from a rookie to a valued member of the team, without having a state contract. He gets the biggest cheer when announced no matter who is playing. Some people I know packing the different equipment from me also tell me that he places in the Good Lookin’ Rooster department.
  12. Our favourite player in the Big Bash has been suspended from bowling for 90 days for having an illegal action. Chucking!
  13. I joined because I smashed a Bruce quiz night and was shortlisted to go on a tv quiz show. Still short listed and haven’t been called up yet. I jumped on to stay up to date. I has already done the quizes. Still here.