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  1. Of course. It would be unpatriotic not to. It’s only just past midnight.
  2. You are a Kiwi @Daisey Jeep. Shearing is something you do.
  3. @SteveJhb at the World Cup there are 12 players who happened to have played for the BBL t20 team we follow. Everytime they do something good I claim them even if they only played a couple of games many years ago. The players are Aus - Cummins, Khawaja, Zampa, Warner. Eng - Butler, Root, Morgan, Vince. W.I. - Russel, Brathwaite, Gayle. N.Z. Nichols Though is the most recent season it was Cummins, Khawaja, Butler & Root. Cummins is related to my mate.
  4. Thanks Eileen, plus there is no romanticism in the song. Wilted flowers, half drunk beers, Jack Daniels, dusty road. Bruce is making sure it isn’t romantic. If it were romantic there would be a view of the sea, the scent of fresh flowers, the flow of her hair, how lovely she smelled. No wine, no champagne, no cognac. Instead half drunk beer when the affair is happening. When he goes back he is pouring whisky from a bottle still in the paper bag. That is how winos and deros drink. When he is pouring one for him and one for you there is no glasses. He is pouring them straight down his throat. This is not a tender or romantic song song. Bruce slowly and quietly draws back the wrapping on something tawdry. What was the name of the woman at Bruce’s gym who’s husband tried to sue Bruce over the affair? That was the first thing I thought of when I heard this song.
  5. Love the post @Jerseyfornia. The journey doesn’t end here. The characters in Western Stars aren’t forlorn or morose. There is something that keeps them going, even if it is fading memories. They are still worth reliving. Bruce revisits the theme of redemption. There is hope. We should take that with us.
  6. That would be the Sydney Thunder’s Carlos Brathwaite
  7. The bloke needs a shag so much that he’s gone back to where he was putting away some married woman to reminisce. Who hasn’t done that?
  8. My go to rebuttal is ‘stick it up your arse, dicknose.’ Feel free to borrow. Quote me by name if you have to. As for nostalgia, I don’t think it’s as good as it used to be.
  9. Were little Early-Pearly and Go-Kart Mozart characters? I thought Early-Pearly was someone in real life, perhaps named Pearl. Scooter and The Big Man? I like the thread btw. One of the books I have has a listing which is outa date.
  10. Sell yourself on it! Why do I have to do all the f**king work?
  11. Small confession to make Juke. When I said I had sung at the Opera House, it was actually on the steps at the Crowded House fairwell concert when they asked us all to join in. Scorecheck J. Box - 1 K. Guitar - 0 B. Springsteen - 437,236 As for the Sydney Cricket Ground, Bruce and I have both played on there so that is legitimately halved (even though one of us was playing rugby). I could also tell you about the time I beat the Olympic 400 metre runner Darren Clarke over 100 metres (burnt him off at the lights on Victoria Rd West Ryde) or how according to our Vet I am more famous than Ed Sheeran (said they had never heard of anyone with a cat named Graham - we both had cats named Graham and the Vet has heard of me). Don’t get me started on the time I beat in a swimming race a guy who beat Mark Spitz.
  12. Take that Brucie-Boy, the Kent Guitar owns you on this one. Only one of us has sung at The Sydney Opera House and it isn’t you. Who’s the Bossman now! Score update Kent G. - One Bruce S. - Four hundred and thirty seven thousand two hundred and thirty six. I’m making at run at you now old guy!
  13. That would be the Sydney Thunder’s Eoin Morgan.
  14. Hi Declan, I’m relatively new myself and still feel a bit like the work experience boy. Have an opinion and give it loud. But first a question. What is the greatest Springsteen song of all time, and why is it Thunder Road?
  15. The song reminds me of Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard and of Fun, Fun, Fun