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  1. Size isn’t important .......... Well that’s what I say anyway
  2. We have our work Christmas party tomorrow. Due to the venue and the numbers we had to send through our selection form the menu ahead of time. Walking through the office this arvo, Sharon from accounts says, ‘good choice of the lamb shoulder tomorrow’. I said thanks, thinking that the person compiling the order must have been short of conversation topics. Andrea from Risk walks past the office about an hour later, as says ‘Baaah, going the lamb are we’. I nod. After two more comments from others, John from support confided in me. I had hit the reply all when sending my order through. What a dufus! At least when the food comes out tomorrow I shouldn’t have anyone with order envy trying to nick my lunch.
  3. Then we are going to smoke you in Sydney
  4. I thought they were making a stand because I hadn’t donated enough
  5. I turned down the Wednesday night for this Sunday arvo. Taking a (silently screaming) Mrs G. When I booked the tickets I chose the seats. Can’t believe how many sad sack single seat Sams or Sallys are Bruce fans going to the session. Virtually no-one is sitting next to each other.
  6. Put me down for a no. I like a spare arrangement on that one.
  7. Just gonna keep posting this every year until people like it. And yes I did get the single for Christmas in 1976.. (I can’t believe I started a sentence with And. Lucky I remain anonymous in real life).
  8. My mum told me Bruce is coming to Australia towards the end of next year. She heard it on the ABC overnight about 2am on Saturday morning. Sure I don’t believe it, but I don’t reckon Bruce would let down my mum. As an aside, I take my mum shopping every Saturday morning. She gives me an update of the Bruce Springsteen she has heard on the radio during the week. She only listens to the ABC (our equivalent of the BBC). I have to try and work out the songs from her descriptions. If it was a game show I would be world champion. This week there were two. My Hometown (it was a song about his hometown) and Atlantic City (he sort of repeated the same thing in the chorus. They were talking about organised crime before they played it).