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  1. You will be stepping down and going away won’t you.
  2. I only remember Carisbrook. Is there another? Unlike Bruce, I have played there.
  3. He could come here. It’s quite nice you know. He could come and watch the Eels, or we could do a bit of fishing. End up back at the surf club for a bevvy or two. Australia has one saint. Mary. He could work her name into a song.
  4. Happy Birthday Daisey! I hope you don't mind but I have arranged for Luke McAlister to come an deliver you a cocktail wearing nothing but a bow tie and a facemask.
  5. Um, I never watched it but I don’t want to see The Apprentice return. Do you have memories of a favourite birthday?
  6. I'm back sorry. Though I thought someone might have tidied up while I was out.
  7. When I leave I won’t announce it. I will either slink out in the dark of night, or just get up and leave in the middle of a sent
  8. Quite a bit. Mrs G is the sourdough queen. Did you have a favourite shirt or top as a child?
  9. Another tike myself @Accountant Pete ( he says wondering if tike is a particularly Australian term for a Catholic). If this is an area you wish to pursue further I recommend you read an article by an American priest/catholic scholar Andrew M Greeley entitled ‘The Catholic Imagination of Bruce Springsteen’, in which he unpicks the Catholic imagery of Bruce, Most particularly in that article, the images used in Tunnel of Love. They are generally images rather than idols discussed, and most of them are universal rather than peculiarly Catholic. Whilst I’ll Work for your Love uses
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