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  1. Parramatta's name is Aboriginal and commonly translated as 'the place where the eels lie down' or 'head of waters'. It comes from the Aboriginal word Baramada or Burramatta. The Burramatta people (Burra meaning place, matta meaning eels) belonged to the Dharug people. The indigenous Dharug people called it Parramatta. I have seen the Eels lie down there so often on a Sunday arvo, and not in the Parramatta River.
  2. I pity those who first hear this when they are older. I was 12 at the most when I first heard Thunder Road. Too young to analyse. Just taken along on the journey. What a ride.
  3. Welcome Pierre. All the questions you have regarding the Parramatta Eels, I’m your man.
  4. Good question Kent, sometimes you hear a voice and you are thankful you don’t have to hear it everyday. What is something that someone else in your family cooks better than you, and you love it when you have it?
  5. Generally and not a function of the virus, we are eating less meat. Found we had less when we were on holidays and felt better for it. How important in a partner is how their voice sounds?
  6. Not personally. Do you have a favourite bird?
  7. Mince Pies. They give me gout. If you could change one law, what would it be?
  8. I remember Warren Lees. I didn’t have any teachers as famous as Warren Lees in the right way. One boxed at the Olympics and about half a dozen have been convicted for abuse. One went on a current affairs program, came out and defended gay teaches. He was sacked before he got home. It was mid 70s and a Catholic School. Had plenty of famous coaches. Who is the most famous person you have been in a toilet with?
  9. I prefer the beige of the 80s, but never wear beige myself. Have you ever been told off by a famous sporting person?