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  1. I watched it. They were terrific. Well done those girls. Congrats NZ.
  2. Simone Biles out of the Olympics. I bile out the front of most pubs.
  3. I get chafing just watching the triathlon
  4. The Eels lost the 1978 semifinal replay in a match rife with controversial refereeing decisions, which purportedly had links to some large bets on the outcome. No, everything wasn’t better in ‘78.
  5. Incident Rosie NYCS Thunder Road 10th Avenue
  6. I was lucky enough to meet Michael Gudinski a couple of times. The first one was backstage after a Luke Bloom concert a dozen or so years ago. Michael wasn’t the promoter, but can get anywhere. One of our close Paddy friends is close to Barry (Luka). Then a fortnight later I am waiting at a watering hole for Mrs G and he is doing something similar. Had a close 40 min chat with him then until Mrs G arrived. Didn’t talk Bruce, just mostly Aussie bands. Though I do remember us discussing Joe Jackson for about 15 minutes. When Mrs G came and he left us alone. He was full of energy, warmth and interest. I am saddened he is gone.
  7. My takeaways from the show was Bruce losing his way after being propositioned by @SydneyGirl during Spirit in the Night (they cut a bit and shortened it in the download), thinking Jake was going to bust the drum during Death to My Hometown, and Bruce not leaving any room for us to sing during the acoustic Thunder Road. It was a good show. Love the NYCS.
  8. A bloke nips up to the RSL for a few minutes to blow the froth off a couple, and comes in to find that the most important thread on the forum has been neglected. On topic, I can tell you there is no perennially open church in the centre of Australia.
  9. You will be stepping down and going away won’t you.
  10. I only remember Carisbrook. Is there another? Unlike Bruce, I have played there.
  11. He could come here. It’s quite nice you know. He could come and watch the Eels, or we could do a bit of fishing. End up back at the surf club for a bevvy or two. Australia has one saint. Mary. He could work her name into a song.
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