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  1. I'm hoping for the Nijmegen show :). First show my dad came along. He was nearly 70 at the time
  2. Here it is, link available for 7 days: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/e1649d139f16a62597398f7326c6da4e20200923165130/40431720df3067616e83d567e2403bb120200923165147/885dae
  3. Seems this will be today's archive release
  4. Hi, If you want to play straight from your laptop, you can use VLC Media Player for playback of the FLAC files. If you wish to burn to cd, most programs allow you to burn FLAC as playable media files (the burning program converts FLAC to WAV.) You can also covert FLAC to WAV yourself by using FLAC Frontend for instance.
  5. Thanks for the re-upload, all is working fine now
  6. Thanks for this one. I get 2 files (tracks 1 & 2) missing: site says: uncoded file???
  7. Hi, Like I said, nu further info unfortunately. Tracks are as I received them, long long ago...
  8. 1971-01-29 Upstage (The), Asbury Park, NJ (Early) https://we.tl/t-Azn0Oyurz5 link available for 1 week. Sorry, no info file, artwork or MD5, it is what it is http://brucebase.wikidot.com/gig:1971-01-29-upstage-asbury-park-nj-early
  9. Listening now, I had an upgrade to the Knock on wood bootleg (the Vittorio tapes version) but this one is not only a big upgrade, it's massive! Love this. Thanks for all the hard work to all people involved
  10. BTW: figuring out how Mega works, so I can help out others too (if some of you aren't so darn quick in uploading other peoples requests). Really love this place
  11. Hi MickB, Thanks for these 2. Ivanf gave me little chance in finding any of these recordings. Very glad I have these now, hoping for the other ones to appear one day. Might be in the hands of the Übers only. Where's Tattoodad with his Über program, we need to get more of these out (or do I sound like a spoiled brat right now...)
  12. Hi, first time here on this sub-forum. I'm looking for a few rare ones to complete my collection, might try here 2008-03-14 Omaha NE 2009-03-24 Asbury Park NJ (try-out) 2009-07-28 Seville SP 2012-04-17 Cleveland OH 2012-11-01 University Park PA 2012-12-10 Mexico City, Mexico Thanks, Arjan
  13. My infofile says it's a remix from the IEM Uber source, no mention of an AUD/IEM mix, only Brucebase states that. I think it's safe to say what EV2 says: IEM remix, unless there's 2 versions out there, than I'd like to see the IEM/AUD mix appear
  14. Yeah, I always hoped someday Crystal Cat would release a full Nijmegen 2013...
  15. Maybe he means the 1975 show? http://brucebase.wikidot.com/gig:1975-03-08-dar-constitution-hall-washington-dc
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