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  1. Just wanted to check in again and, again, thank EVERYONE for the warm welcome, wishes of good luck, and the specific ideas about how I might find a taker for my single ticket. I'm THRILLED to report that Hecate did *indeed* come through, pay for the ticket, and the ticket has been transferred to them, so they are going to see Bruce on Thursday!!! [Edited to add:] And I got an extra nice silver lining when Hecate noticed that my email addy and name reveal me as a giant mega fan of the Clash as well, and Hecate is a Clash fan too, so there ya go, I feel double good about who got the ticket Hammersmith75, thanks again to you for being the one to flag Hecate's ask on the other forum. And thanks to ALL of you who threw in ideas, and to the one other person who privately messaged that they might also be able to buy it though they weren't sure. Thanks everyone, I'm still crushed to miss it but glad a UK visitor and fan will get to go without paying scalped ticket fees, and relieved that I'm not eating that much money because, given the madness at my job, I need every dollar I can avoid wasting! Big hugs to you all, and thanks thanks THANK YOU!!!!
  2. Thank you for asking Rosiejaneymary, YES, it's not a done deal yet but hammersmith75 brought it to my attention that someone was looking for a single ticket during a timerange that includes my show date, and that person and I are in touch and working it out now! So I'm incredibly grateful to all of you for offering your ideas and specifically grateful to hammersmith75 (and the other person who messaged me privately but hasn't confirmed yet whether the person he's thinking of can use the ticket or not), thank you to all of you for being so gracious and helpful and awesome!
  3. Hi there Hecate, did you already find a ticket yet? I have one for April 12, a single ticket in the Orchestra, Row N. I'm about to email you, but you can email me or PM me. Either way I hope it works out well for you and you get a ticket!
  4. Wow you guys, you are all amazing! Between the well wishes for work, the sympathy about not being able to go, and the actual ideas about where I might post, you guys are like the most helpful, resourceful fanbase ever!! I truly appreciate it, thank you so much! I'm off to check out a couple of the ideas you guys had (especially guy from UK), but again, thank you!
  5. Thanks for the welcomes everyone! It's so tempting to ignore work today and really dig into reading all these great coversations! But alas, I do kinda (really!) need my job, so this will be a very fun part of my weekend (when I'm not working ). Thanks, really appreciate the welcomes!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm brand new here. While I've been a Springsteen fan a very long time, I didn't know this site existed until now, very happy to find it, I've got a lot to catch up on! But the main reason I was looking for a site like this was that I was so excited to get a ticket to see Springsteen on Broadway this coming Thurs April 12, but due to some scary stuff going on at my job, I can't travel to NYC that day to be there. So I have a single Orch Row N ticket that sadly I can't use but I also can't afford not to sell since they were so expensive. I bought it during the verified fan presale, and I would never sell it for more than face value. Is it ok to post this here, and is anyone interested and able to be in NYC this Thursday (or already in NYC) and wants to go? I don't know how messaging works here but either respond here or if we can get private messages please write me there. Or you can also email me at Mods if this is inappropriate or the wrong forum, please let me know. Thanks everyone!