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  1. Terrible thought crossed my mind a few days ago. Pay Me My Money Down, but instead of singing "Pay Me My Money Down", the lyric is now "Burn Down the Mission now". Like the elton john song
  2. Made a cover for this show. Was originally going to go with the sepia tone cover and then saw this pic and went in the opposite direction
  3. I've been using JVC GUMY Earbuds. They're fairly cheap, but durable as all hell. Bought two pairs in Sept. 2018, both still work despite going through the wash easily 10 times each.
  4. Ah yeah, forgot about that. (I think it's the same on linux as well). Removed the dots from the folder name, same link is good.
  5. As of this moment no, but that isn't a definitive answer. It's more of a we'll see If I get another idea for a compilation and it sounds like a good one I might pursue it depending on my free time. I just was thinking about redoing my site to look a little nicer, maybe leave google sites and find someplace else. Might give github a shot again, not sure.
  6. Thanks for posting that. My website is always in my signature, and has all the compilations I've worked on to this point. Gonna re do my site soon enough
  7. YO, Why did no one tell me that the Jeopardy theme kinda slaps? There's a whole middle section with a guitar solo and horns.
  8. I knew this day would come, still blindsided me when I saw it. Grew up watching Jeopardy nearly every night with my grandparents, we'd play along (they won quite a bit). But it turned me into a history nerd and gave me a love of strange facts and trivia.
  9. The Don't Look Back teaser video they put up today mentions the Boston Music Hall 77 stand. I'm counting that as a small victory
  10. Maybe because it technically wasn't "played". Like it was, but it was just a recording. Kinda like the pre show music they play at some shows
  11. Probably just the studio version with the Danny tribute video
  12. https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,25606/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-4-28-2008-Greensboro-Coliseum-Greensboro-NC.html
  13. Someone else had to upload those ones. My internet doesn't like to play nice with bittorrent. Some sites allow downloads but no uploads (Jungleland, Some don't allow either (DIME). Tried messing around with the firewall settings to no avail, even tried forwarding ports, nothing. For example, I couldn't seed the 'leaves' compilation that I uploaded. But the boston music hall and two lanes two hearts that someone else uploaded I can seed perfectly fine
  14. In anticipation of the release tomorrow. Both a cover for Greensboro 08 and the 24/25th of Boston 77
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