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  1. That was a disappointing one for me too, it got delayed the First Friday at noon on the dot. Literally the last possible second. To say my expectations were raised a bit would be underselling it
  2. I spent the last few days compiling all of the archive series covers into one place. All original res (1500/1600px) covers. Either from my collection or by asking around. https://github.com/lilbud/springsteen-archive-covers/releases/tag/1.1 I got all the first friday releases and all the 2016/17 covers in high resolution. 2014 is still mostly 800x800 pixels, but I'm working on that. Just click "source code (zip)" and you'll download all the covers sorted by year.
  3. I'm working on collecting full scale copies of all the archive show covers (1500 or 1600px) Could someone extract the cover for 2016-04-05 - Dallas? It's the last one I need for 2016. Thanks in advance
  4. I just assume "delay" actually means "next friday" I doubt we'll get a release before next wednesday
  5. yeah, it actually kinda weird the complete and total radio silence. Usually we'd get some form of communication from Backstreets or Nugs, but it seems that either everyone is in the dark or something happened very last minute. But like: Jim Rotolo said nothing and just played a TOL show as if nothing was unusual, nothing on any of the socials either.
  6. Where? All i'm seeing on their socials is Bob Weir stuff. Cool, if its cancelled tell us what it was
  7. It could be either really, I don't think they're allowed to say other than yes or no an archive is releasing. I mean, by now they know because they have to have a review prepped
  8. I would definitely see the Nebraska and BITUSA box sets being one box set. Since quite a bit of BITUSA got its start during the nebraska sessions
  9. I think if we actually ever get Wembley 02 you are legally banned from complaining about it
  10. In todays episode of "what the hell?" news
  11. I know the 'Street Fighting Man' clue was solved correctly (1984-08-06), Night Train clue (1978-09-30), Disco shoes but UK sizing is different, 70s and a UK show (Hammersmith 2) Those 3 are just off the top of my head
  12. well they already told me "that wasn't a hint"
  13. How is it that they run down to the wire on these releases so often? like every time there was a delay it's only ever a day or 2 before the release. It's never like a week or 2 out from release. You'd think that they'd start working on these further in advance
  14. well apparently using their names to "promote my own artwork" is lame (as per Jim's post above).
  15. Okay, that's fine. I didn't set out to disrespect you, hrubesh, hobbes, or anyone else involved with the release of your tapes. Making covers is just what I do in my spare time and I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes. I'll remove the three of your names from the back. And I'll upload new covers. I apologize again for any hard feelings
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