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  1. So far, the concert is being played out of setlist order. And apparently only a few songs were played live on channel according to user GRJ on BTX.
  2. This one is something like 3-400 pages and it cost me $130. I'd hate to see what a bigger one would cost
  3. That's one of my many problems with what I've read of the book so far. It has a British Invasion section (while it is an "American Music" book, british bands did play a pretty big part in our landscape). This section halfass mentions The Beatles for two short paragraphs. It also has a short section on Video Game Music, but doesn't give any examples whatsoever.
  4. So I'm taking a class on American Music this semester. And yes, the book does cover Bruce, but pretty poorly. (The 2 examples are Born to Run and Thunder Road).
  5. I always thought the part in She's the One where he takes the guitar off and slides it up against the mic stand was so frickin cool.
  6. If they do one song a day, Racing in the Street will be uploaded on the 30th of January
  7. I've lost track of how many times I watched this concert. I used to watch it on my IPod while riding the bus to and from middle school. So glad it's getting YT treatment.
  8. I love Outside Looking In and One Way Street. Hell, "The Promise" is an incredible album in it's own right. And I feel it would be seen as a classic if released back in the late 70s.
  9. Only 5 songs are available: The Promise, Gotta Get That Feeling, Racing in the Street 78', Ain't Good Enough For You, and Blue Christmas. All of those are up on Bruce's youtube channel
  10. We should wait for official word from Nugs. That was just a hypothetical statement
  11. But real talk, it'll be exciting as all hell if this is legit. It'll be even more legit when the first real info and music drops and everyone complains that it isn't as good as [insert early album here]