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  1. Also, that was the Springsteen on Broadway viewing experience as well
  2. Am I crazy, or does this main point audio sound a little higher quality?
  3. My family wants to go to the movies tomorrow (not for western stars, because why would they.) The western stars showing at the theatre is way too early, but previous nights made the showings later so here's hoping they'll bump WS to line up with the movie my family wants to see so we can both see what we want and be done around the same time. Also, not waiting til it comes home, because this is the home experience for movies (and since it's something I want to see, we'll get to it by this time next year) Dad complaining that this is fuckin stupid and snoring like a pig Mom telling everyone to stay off phones, then playing a game at full brightness. Brother doesn't care, so he isn't there Dog going fucking ham on a bone or toy.
  4. I edited my copy and removed the disc fades because I will never understand that decision.
  5. November 7th 2009, The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle is performed in it's entirety for the first time ever. The first of two nights at MSG (night 2 was the full river performance, which I think we've had more than enough of those, IMO.) Absolutely Killer versions of Kitty's Back and Rosalita, as well as Incident into Rosie (as it should be) Available on New York City First Dream Night boot (Crystal Cat.) Thoughts?
  6. Maybe they had a theory on how to fix the DSD problem and picked a (relatively) boring/standard show so if they fucked it up, it'd be no problem. Which might explain why we didn't get a real heavy hitter out of the gate. Then they saw all the work and figured it be worth it to go to another show that would take less work overall. The Rising Tour, in the grand scheme of things, isn't one of those incredible mindblowing tours. So maybe the interest isn't there (and more importantly, the financial motive) to justify spending another month or two fixing another show. Just a few thoughts
  7. When J guesses Wembley 2002 for what has to be the 17th month in a row
  8. No problem One of these days I get every cover up on a single page.
  9. Let's see, monthly plug for 2009-11-07 (this time cause it is the anniversary next week) A WB Show with Open All Night or Frankie (2013-05-04 and 2012-08-15 respectively) Main Point 75
  10. Could someone upload 2013-04-29 24bit version? I want to see if it is louder than the 16bit version as my copy is very quiet and the audience is way louder than the band
  11. I got an AMC giftcard that I want to use, but my local AMC isn't showing the movie yet