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  1. Also, I just realized that I said 8/21 instead of 8/20. No one else realized as well.
  2. I was pissing myself for a good 10 minutes
  3. No never. But seriously, I only intend to entertain, not mislead. If people get fooled, then it's their own damn fault for taking everything at face value. Case in point, my Photoshop of the springsteen album page before WS was announced. It was funny how a certain someone on BTX spread it as gospel.
  4. Sure, though for the record, this is guessing. Just so people don't think I am serious.
  5. I'll be pleasantly surprised if we get an archive release for birthday. I personally think we will get some kind of announcement Monday morning. Box Set of some kind (tracks 2, BITUSA, WS), WS Soundtrack Album, New Album Details, etc. You can quote me if I am right
  6. Passaic 1 is going to end up being my "gotta get shit done" soundtrack.
  7. 2011 was when I got into bruce. First some music videos here and there, then the london calling dvd, then buying WB and HH around release day.
  8. Could someone upload 2012-10-31 - Blue Cross Arena At The War Memorial, Rochester, NY (Bakerstuff) in FLAC? Thanks in advance
  9. And another thing The whole shit about ghosts and role call during My City of Ruins can go as well. I made it almost all the way home by the time that segment is over. Most of the long interventions in songs can go
  10. I think thats it Unless they want to upload the BTR/Darkness/River documentaries to youtube. And maybe upload brand new stuff and upload to YT instead of making something exclusively for a box set.
  11. Are the songs extended a bit like he does at his concerts? Or are they played exactly like the album?
  12. I know nothing of this festival other than its in Toronto
  13. Bakerstuff has some INCREDIBLE audience tapes. Travitz is pretty good too