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  1. I think all it's giving away is that we're getting something tomorrow. I can't think of any hints or clues that could be taken from this
  2. I think you may have mentioned it off hand once or twice. You taped the Dead in 85 right?
  3. Could someone upload 1980-11-28 MSG (Recorder 3 CB 1st Generation Tapes)? I have it but my copy is missing a handful of tracks. Thanks in advance
  4. 2 new: Sleepy Joes Cafe, Burnin Train 2 old: I would love to see Paradise by the C make a return, also Detroit Medley (how it was Darkness/River) 2 that need a rest: Dancing in the Dark, Shout Personally I'd like to see the setlist shaken up a bit, move songs from the expected locations (maybe return to opening a show with BTR instead of having that in the encores)
  5. not always, it can be anywhere from 11 AM EST all the way to 1 PM EST.
  6. Nassau 1 One more night from Wembley and I think another NJ '81
  7. A few months ago I recreated the poster, as well as a square cropped version for a cover. The poster is actually what Paolo used as the header image in his review. Here they are if anyone wants them. As well as a secondary wallpaper sized image I made for fun.
  8. Summer, definitely E Street. My guess is Fenway 2 for the "green monster" wall. Kinda fits with the paint clue
  9. Not sure if anyone else is having trouble, but I can't seem to download the 24/96 version of the show above. Most of it downloads but it gives me errors for Seeds and BTR. Tried both MEGASync and in browser (even tried downloading as zip). But those 2 tracks stop the whole download. The 16/44 versions of those songs download perfectly fine.
  10. Blog: https://blog.nugs.net/07-23-2021-springsteen-giants-stadium-85/ DOWNLOAD: https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,26772/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-8-22-1985-Giants-Stadium-East-Rutherford-NJ.html
  11. this wouldn't be so bad if they were in active communication with us about what's happening
  12. I mean yeah, I called for MSG 1 2009 for a good long while despite the cries of "they don't have it". Here's hoping for main point 75 on friday
  13. I feel like there could definitely be some volume adjustments necessary. The verses sound fine but when it chorus comes in (especially around 1:51 "the dice was loaded from the start") it gets uncomfortably loud IMO. I'm not sure if it was like that live or not.
  14. I tried this a few times, different things happened each time. Passaic 19th Prove It - Actually lined up pretty nicely. Passaic 19th Badlands - Drifted out of sync pretty quickly LA 85 - Stand on It and Janey - Also worked pretty well, barring a small skip in the video for some reason after editing (there is a noticeable drop out when the track switches to stand on it)
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