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  1. This is the shit that I'm going to hear when I descend into hell. There will be one record store, and all they will have is this and vinyl copies of that Lost Highway album with 15 versions of Real Man and they will all be bent from shipping.
  2. I know you're joking, but I wouldn't be against this
  3. Mine: Also, the date for the Vets show is 1981-08-20, 8-28 is the same venue different show.
  4. Does anyone have the Night for the Vietnam Vets - Scorpio Masters + edition? (I think thats the release name) Could you upload it? Thanks in advance
  5. @JaHoe Could you upload that 1985-09-01 show that JimCT sent you?
  6. I'll be good to go sometime tonight, I'd be cutting it very close now because school starts soon. I'll let you know when I'm good to go tonight
  7. Have I mentioned that I hate this, cuz I'm mentioning it again. I hate this
  8. @tillywilly I said above, not a few pages back.
  9. Someone posted this show above. The FTP is for @JimCT tape of 9/1/85
  10. Ok, I'm still good for setting up FTP later.