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  1. Before the show tonight Does anyone know where Bruce is right now? And is he near Philly for a guest appearance?
  2. Figured I'd make a "bootleg" cover for Western Stars Live
  3. Wow, September, that's earlier than I thought. Thought we'd be waiting until December. Now let's see how long it takes for a release to the public (Blu-ray, DVD, Netflix <-- probably this one.)
  4. Yeah, try humming the Streets of Philadelphia beat over top of the drums and bass. Bum-bum-bum tah ba dum bum tah
  5. I realized (let me know if I'm crazy) that the beat is close to Streets of Philadelphia.
  6. I hope it is them actually playing live and not lip syncing and miming like the Tucson Train video. Put that shit on netflix
  7. So the last bootleg cover I made (December 28, 1980). I used a picture from brucebase, but all the pictures there are low quality for storage reasons. I used a software called Gigapixel A.I. It upscales pictures with machine learning, using trained samples for different elements. This picture turned out incredible
  8. New bootleg cover - December 28, 1980 (If only we could get a official release of this one)
  9. There was a post on BTX about Max Weinberg mentioning the Vets show (he said Hal Blaine was there was a guest). JEMS just dropped this in the thread and left: Not a word more, but it is higher quality than the existing partial soundboard tape.
  10. ah, one of these days I'll have a big NAS setup. There's a company called storinator that does massive 200tb NAS builds for the low low price of $2600. My dream, but not right now. And, if anyone is curious, there is a sale on 4tb Seagate HDDs. $80 down from $100. The only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger is my last drive (2tb wd black) arrived DOA and had to get a replacement. Took the better part of a month.
  11. As in one big drive? or several smaller ones?
  12. Custom built PC with a 2tb hdd (going to upgrade to a 4tb soon, just waiting for a sale) I use musicbee for organizing, mp3tag for tagging. I also have a 1tb backup.