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  1. I didn't do a cover for No Nukes. Maybe you are thinking of @Tim1218 I did do the Nassau run though
  2. Songs I want (probably been mentioned) Ballad of Easy Rider Knock on Wood Open All Night (WB arrangement)
  3. Something like Photoshop, GIMP and are good free alternatives Although, I guess MS Word could be a quick replacement
  4. Here is the font: I made it myself a few years back. And here is a new cover. (Doesn't have Jake, but it's definitely from this venue)
  5. It's kinda strange how generic the cover is. With how important it is, I'm surprised that Jake isn't on the cover. I fixed that though, couldn't find a good quality picture (a few ten thousand people at Ullevi, no pics of Jake. Though funnily enough, there are at least 20 pics of the saxophone in the spotlight.) Ended up using one from Fenway Park a few weeks later (speaking of Fenway, cough cough)
  6. Opera appears to work. Now I just gotta solve the seeding issue. I can usually download from JL fine with no problem. It's seeding that has the issue. Which is why I usually have to request uploads here, to preserve what little ratio I have left
  7. Hope you like it There's gotta be some kind of irony here. I can't access Jungleland unless jump to the hotspot outside my house. And even if I can get on, I can't even seed my own torrent because my ISP blocks P2P. Tried Port forwarding, doesn't work. And I can't really screw with the firewall too much or I risk screwing up the modem again.
  8. Fun fact: this is the first non-american release since Leeds 2013 in November 2018