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  1. I think you got those backwards, Blinded is diplomat (indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat)
  2. well acrobat would go with circus, which is where Wild Billy's is set.
  3. Diplomat: Blinded by the Light Acrobat: Wild Billy Prisoner: Mary Queen of Arkansas, Adam Raised a Cain Those are the generally accepted ones I've seen. Which most likely means a show where all of those songs were played. Acrobat and Prisoner could be up to some interpretation. Many think 6/27/2000, has the first Blinded, Mary, and Adam. I think it'll be something else, I have my fingers crossed for our first pre 75 show (many of the early shows would've had those). Or maybe a 2005 show (I think there is a few with some combination of those songs.
  4. Everyone thinks they've definitely solved the clue and are deadset on a reunion release, specifically 6/27/2000. I personally think its going to be something different, it's only been a few months since the last.
  5. What strikes me as just a bit odd is that NBTB announced ahead of time that Flynn is writing the review for this archive, like why announce that ahead of time? If it's 06/27/2000, maybe they're getting him to write it because he mixed and released an IEM/Aud mix for that show. Or it's something special we're getting this week and announcing that he is writing it (something they've never done before, as it doesn't really matter who writes it). Is an indication that this release is going to be special.
  6. I think that was actually my theory a while back. I mean, they probably know there is a part of the fanbase really wanting another rising show, but I think they also have to weigh the amount of work needed and see if they feel the payoff will be worth it. I mean, money talks and bullshit walks. They may not feel like they're earn enough back to justify the work. I feel like if we were to get another rising show, it would be a retail release of a pro shot video and mixed audio. Not everyone knows/follows the archive series as well as we do here. And a retail release wou
  7. Grabbed the show off Jungleland and had to make a cover for it
  8. I personally think that Helsinki didn't sell well enough to justify the work needed for another release. And yes, the old tech still exists and is out there. But that's the thing "old tech", the problem was that the rest of tech has moved on to newer formats and hardware, and that old format isn't compatible with the newer tech without some legwork first to convert the show to the newer formats, THEN they have to mix and master like any other show.
  9. like, shit. Fuck releasing soundboards and studio outtakes. Can someone release Springsteens Photo Archive circa 1973 - 1985? Some collectors gotta have that. I like to think Marc Brickman grabbed a bunch of photos as well before leaving.
  10. heres what getty has for 1977 Some lynn goldsmith pics (non concert, just random snaps) 8 pics from Richfield 10 from detroit And then absolutely nothing until NYE 77 with southside.
  11. I gotta say though, it is a bitch to find good pictures from 1977. Like there is a bunch from Detroit 77 on getty, and one or two from some other shows. But other than that, it's shit quality JPEGs the rest of the way down
  12. Thanks. I've been doing a new set of covers for the JEMS "Nothing to Lose" series. As well as some other odds and ends here as I find shows and they need covers. I gotta update my flickr page with the new covers at some point.
  13. 1977-03-06 - Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL (Nothing to Lose Vol 10): https://mega.nz/folder/olwVAK7B#DEVxypMFuyGaDSEzUMmQQg Does anyone have the following? 1985-08-05 - RFK Stadium, DC (Barr Weissman Master Tapes - JEMS) 1981-07-03 East Rutherford NJ (Anonymous Collector-Low Gen Source) 1981-07-03 East Rutherford ' Time Can Wait ' (First Gen Analog) Thanks in advance
  14. I'm reading through this book again, and while it gets some details almost, but not exactly right. It's still enjoyable to read. Plus it was written before the Greatest Hits reunion and even before Tracks was a thing. So this book still refers to Greetings as the earliest samples of springsteens writing.
  15. I have this one by Ron Frankl, it's from 1994, my mom found it at a library book sale probably about 10 years ago. Nothing particularly groundbreaking or anything, but it goes surprisingly in depth for a book that would have been at just school libraries and intended for middle schoolers
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