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  1. First time hearing the Roxy '78 bootleg... Those performances of Candy's Room... Point Blank... first time I'd ever heard that back-to-back transition from Racing to Thunder Road... and that version of Twist and Shout that felt like it went on forever and was still too short... Haven't had that kind of visceral experience listening to a show for the first time since.
  2. I'm not sure my hard drive can take much more of this...
  3. As a new Bruce fan, can I just say thanks so much to everyone who has posted shows in here, I'm aware it's not a quick process to find, label, upload etc. I've gone from being vaguely interested in Bruce's live recordings to suddenly having 50+ great quality bootlegs which I am churning through (and LOVING). It's so cool that this community is so generous with this stuff, it makes me even happier to be a Bruce fan.
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