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  1. Yes, we posted that. If we had the whole show we would have shared it long ago. We only have a short portion of the show and a couple of the songs have issues. That version of Darkness has a lot of mastering work on it. But...it does suggest a soundboard recording was presumably made of the whole show. Whether that was done by crew, without any intention of entering Bruce's archive, we don't know. We do know a partial board exists of the Tom Waits show (ever notice the pattern of soundboards leaking from shows with guest performers?). The songs that have issues have mix issues, so it is possible a full fidelity recording of the show doesn't exist. Darkness proves there is an excellent quality two-track out there somewhere.
  2. Speaking as a collector and someone who has worked very hard to source master tapes and upgrade key shows for all of us, I've never been satisfied with any copy of the Passaic broadcast I've had before. Not saying it wasn't great, obviously it was mixed by Jimmy Iovine and broadcast on the radio. But Crystal Cat's version is pitched wrong and all the copies I've heard or had were always just a notch below what I consider definitive. What I find absolutely hilarious is that when Passaic 9/20 came out in the Clearmountain mix, many posted how much better it was than the JEMS version, which was sourced from two-track soundboard master reels that were arguably some of the highest quality fan-sourced live Bruce recordings ever. Now the Passaic broadcast comes out, where all previous copies were off the radio (and couldn't hold a candle to the quality of the soundboard 9/20), and people say (without any close listening or A-B comparisons), "Nah, brah, skipping this. Have it in great quality already." That's some idiotic bullshit.
  3. Did people not want the studio albums remastered? Greetings and The River sounded fine in their 1987 CD versions, no? Why remaster? After all, we already had those albums in "great quality." Why go back to the multi-track master tapes when you have bootlegs sourced from off-air cassettes?
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