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  1. The guy in charge of VAR has given it 7 out of 10 in it's use so far (though I'm sure he's the only person that would mark it that high)it would be refreshing if he'd come out & admitted it was a screw up,in theory the ref having a mic like in rugby is a sensible idea so fans watching know what's happening,unfortunately the practical is that the language used by the players would be picked up on the mic & end up with all kinds of obscenities being heard on live TV so until players learn words that don't begin with f then that isn't going to happen.
  2. Street Fighting Years - Simple Minds
  3. The situation with VAR has become something of a perfect storm,some new laws can be trialled at lower levels,obviously VAR can't because of the need for all the cameras etc so it's been thrust straight into the top level,it's like being given your first driving lesson on a motorway.The original intention was to amend clear & obvious errors,now we're seeing goals being disallowed because a toe is offside,add to this the fact that the FA in all their wisdom have thrown the new handball laws into all this so nobody seems to actually know what is right wrong or indifferent as at the moment something similar can happen in two different games & a different decision reached. VAR in theory is a good idea but it's not being used in a sane way at the moment,players know when a clear & obvious error has been made such as the Henry handball for France v Ireland,the wrong Arsenal player that got sent off etc,for VAR to work it has to become something like cricket where each team can appeal a decision,if their appeal is valid they keep their appeal if it's not valid they lose their appeal,something clear can be seen in an instant,there shouldn't be a need to be drawing lines across the pitch that then have to be looked at for 2-3 minutes to determine if a body part is offside.
  4. Don't worry Daisey,not likely there'll be another Eng/NZ tie anytime soon....oh wait.....
  5. First time I've heard of 2 officials being injured in a game,sometimes they can find an official in the crowd,I know my son was at a first round game yesterday,shows the importance of warm ups,especially on such a cold day.
  6. Another Eng/NZ tie,another super over,fortunately a boundary count not needed this time for Eng to win the match & the series.
  7. If I was 50/50 about going to see it then Rhinestone Cowboy certainly made the decision not to go alot easier,I wouldn't necessarily say it's ridiculous,there is no shame in trying to cover a song & not being able to pull it off,the ridiculous part is nobody saying erm.. Bruce you really think this is a good idea but then with Hitch Hikin' being committed to record I guess all bets are off in that department,I feel like the boy in the emperor's new clothes in the face of all the love here & I'm happy for all those that love it but personally for all his talk of magic tricks I think this is the biggest one he's achieved.
  8. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors - Editors
  9. Daisey a little happier as NZ now lead 2-1 in the 20/20 series after England collapse in latest game. Just heard Aggers on the radio saying there are a lot of grumpy NZ fans still not over the world cup final & most were supportin SA in the rugby final.