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  1. John Wayne Is Big Leggy - Hayzi Fantayzee
  2. Leeds 2013 was my last & with having to miss 2016 with being ill I've kinda thought that it might stay that way which I'm ok with,even though I'm sure it would be a struggle I'd seriously think about a next time if it happens. At the end of the main set at Leeds I said to myself ok that was decent Bruce but what else have you got,the encore answered that question.
  3. Grand Central Station - Mary Chapin Carpenter
  4. Don't Try To Stop It - Roman Holliday
  5. Greetings Thundy,isn't a long kitty something best used to measure social distancing?
  6. Daisey abducting new lakers putting them in a darkened room & shining a light on them is not permitted unless you're asking the following questions; Do you have cake? Do you have Hob Nobs? Do you have wine?
  7. Jos Buttler is auctioning his world cup final shirt,all proceeds will be going to 2 heart & lung centres to help them fight Coronavirus.
  8. I hope it's not replaced Jessie's Girl My eldest son is an accountant,any chance of a signed copy of the book version of Accountant Pete Do you have any Hob Nobs?
  9. Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song) - Chris Young
  10. That's the thing,there is no fair way,there is already some talk of legal action by clubs if they don't agree with decisions that are made,even in non league promotion or relegation can have a huge impact on a club.
  11. I think (although technically minor in the current grand scheme of things) that this is likely to cause problems for SKY etc as how are they going to afford to pay out all these millions to clubs for the rights to broadcast games that aren't happening & aren't going to be happening for a fair while,how long are customers going to subscribe to something that's not getting them anything,when alot of them are going to need that money for more important things at the moment,not to mention the loss of advertising etc.
  12. Time Waits For No One - Freddie Mercury
  13. Boy Meets Horn - Duke Ellington
  14. Heather Knight England Women captain has signed up to be an NHS volunteer.