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  1. From The Ashes - Martina McBride
  2. They've Got An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Brazil - Frank Sinatra
  3. South Africa do their best to play like England & lose their last 4 wickets for one run in 23 balls. England enforce the follow on,not a phrase heard much recently.
  4. England bat for a whole day in a test match In an area that is suffering drought like conditions & water restrictions the start of the 2nd day is delayed due to rain.
  5. Drink,Drink,Drink - Mario Lanza
  6. White Lines - Grandmaster Flash
  7. On the subject of tributes has anyone seen The Glory Days Band just came across them when I was looking at gigs.
  8. Glad you got tickets,will be interesting to see who plays what.
  9. Rashford tweets that he's proud to be the third youngest player to reach 200 appearances after Best & Giggs. Norman Whiteside's wife tweets him to say her husband was actually younger than any of you.