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  1. Drumming Song - Florence & The Machine
  2. To me the interpretation of at their peak means still being able to put on a show that is worthy of Bruce & E Street at their current stage in life,that for instance they're not yet at the point of someone like Phil Collins who looked like he'd just been wheeled in from an old folks home from the pictures posted on here,yes Bruce isn't likely to be jumping off pianos these days but he's not just going to sit there singing Badlands or Born To Run.
  3. Curtis Campher takes 4 wickets in 4 balls for Ireland as they beat The Netherlands by 7 wickets in T20 world cup qualifying. In the other game Sri Lanka also won by 7 wickets against Namibia.
  4. Sax & Violins - Talking Heads (From Until The End Of The World Soundtrack)
  5. Scotland won by 6 runs,in the other game in the group Oman beat Papua New Guinea by 10 wickets.
  6. Only Fools & Horses Theme - John Sullivan
  7. I've Got Your Number Written On The Back Of My Hand - The Jags
  8. Arthur's Theme - Christopher Cross
  9. A Little Bit Of Soap - The Jarmels
  10. That's the thing,it's ok fans thinking that there's going to be some amazing signings now they've got the money but the first thing is to actually keep them in the PL then if they do that it's going to take a couple of seasons of steady advancement before they can think of anything else. It's not like they've bought a club like Everton,Spurs or Arsenal that are top 10 PL clubs they've bought a club that has been generally been in the bottom half of the table & even in the Championship over the last few years so fixing that isn't an overnight job however much money you throw at it.
  11. I Wish I Could Be Like Charlie Watts - The Kinks
  12. It will be abit weird & if some players don't go(which is fully understandable given the circumstances) then it will be pretty meaningles,the fact all the individual states seem to have different rules doesn't make it any easier either. My son has tickets for the Gabba & no doubt there will be a few England fans who live out there that will attend games local to them but it will be a very different atmosphere without fans being allowed to make the journey.
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