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  1. It Really Doesn't Matter Anymore - Buddy Holly
  2. Raise You Up - Kinky Boots Cast (no the link isn't that Lorraine wears Kinky boots )
  3. Broke the lake on Monday Tried fixing it on Tuesday Called Ning on Wednesday And on Thursday,Friday & Saturday Got it working on Sunday
  4. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey - Paul McCartney
  5. I Love you Eddie - The Crystals
  6. I Want To Go To The Beach - Iggy Pop
  7. I seem to vaguely remember that coming up with a pointless answer for a Bruce album was in the jackpot category at some point in the past,I did get a right answer might have been GOTJ.
  8. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? - Chicago
  9. Finding one that could just kick the ball into row z instead of trying to pass it round his own penalty area would be a start. Playing from the back seems to be the fashion at the moment but the opposition aren't as likely to score if the ball is halfway down the pitch or in the stands.
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