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  1. Surely dr.oboogie will be along to tell you that his career is taking off again by going to Scotland even though he'll be playing in a league that's already over after the first weekend of the season.
  2. Multi purpose shirt,you can wear it to paint your house then wear it to a game straight afterwards as nobody would notice the difference if it was covered in paint.
  3. I was following the hundred on BBC text last night & they posted a tweet from him thanking people for their support that he'd been vaccinated & was only showing mild symptoms.
  4. You Can't Deny It - Lisa Stansfield
  5. Ben Stokes to take indefinite break from cricket with immediate effect to prioritise his mental health & help his injured finger to fully heal. This means he will not play for England in the test series against India starting next week.
  6. Can't be easy keeping up with the all the Chelsea loans,I thought there was supposed to be some new rule about limits on loans,probably as enforceable as financial fair play if you're one of the top 6.
  7. Ain't Going Down Till The Sun Comes Up - Garth Brooks
  8. Is that most posts in a day by country for the last week on here?
  9. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Robert Hazard
  10. July & Celtic already out the Champions League,their fall from grace since Rodgers left continues to gather momentum.
  11. Do You Behave Like That At Home? - The Beekeepers
  12. Unfortunately there's not much that is fair these days. Especially if you've got money.
  13. In the continuing weird world of the hundred, County one day games have been going on whilst the hundred is happening,the problem being that alot of county players are involved in the hundred so counties are having to field weakened teams because of this,apparently Lancashire were missing 8 first team players when they played on Sunday. England players such as Root,Stokes & Buttler have been playing in the hundred so far but as they're contracted to England are now leaving the competition to join up with England ahead of the first test against India next week. England of late have been rotating players to rest them,I'm not sure how inventing another competition helps this. All about the money sadly. On a non hundred note I read that players might pull out of the Ashes if their families were not allowed to be in Australia as some players would be away for about 4 months if they were playing in the 20/20 world cup prior to the Ashes tour.
  14. The last of the players bought with the Gareth Bale money to leave Spurs,him & Eriksen the only ones that were a success.
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