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  1. The EB is discussing the possibility of using the word outs instead of wickets in the new hundred competition to make the game more understandable to new fans.
  2. I ask this as I've just posted in the last show topic that Thundercrack at Leeds just sucked the life out of the show for me,so I wondered what song might have had a similar affect for others,has a song stopped the flow of a show for you or is there a song where you automatically think toilet break time? For some Thundercrack might have been a highlight that night. I find it interesting that while we all love Bruce one persons magic moment may well be someone else's nightmare.
  3. Due to my health preventing me going to a show in 2016 my last one remains Leeds. For me a show of two halves,main set & encore. Generally it wasn't a bad main set,Roulette as the opener surprised me & the set gained momentum till for me (& obviously others will have different views) Thundercrack just sucked the life out of the show,it felt like it was never going to end,it took the rest of the main set to pull it round again. So at the end of LOHAD I'm saying to Bruce ok that was good but what else have you got? If faith was wavering in that moment then Bruce c
  4. I Wish I Was Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair - Sandi Thom
  5. £24.95 for the wintergarden tshirts,they're having a laugh,so would customers if I tried charging that. The company I deal with currently has 10 Bruce items listed compared to 200+ for the likes of AC/DC,Maiden,Floyd,Stones etc,my guess is that along with the usual we couldn't organise a drinking competition in a brewery that goes on with Bruce Inc regarding merchandise is that i think some people wear certain band shirts even if they're no more than a casual fan because it's seen as fashionable so more potential sales.
  6. Diggin' My Potatoes - Big Bill Broonzy
  7. Queue jumper - Divine Comedy
  8. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - Phil Harris etc From Aristocats (Luna being MCC's cat)
  9. Book Of Brilliant Things - Simple Minds
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