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  1. Stockholm 5.08.1981 (mjk5510 - Recorder 2) FLAC https://we.tl/t-ywMz7lKGax
  2. Two more shows from the River Tour, both from Chicago Chicago 11.10.1980 (DS-Archives Vol.1) mjk5510 FLAC https://we.tl/t-6HsbLNZQD9 Chicago 20.11.1980 "The Rosemont Reception" Ev2 mp3@320 https://we.tl/t-v1ONLHlu06
  3. Mobile 12.02.1981 "Who'll stop singing and howling in Mobile" Ev2 mjk5510 remaster FLAC https://we.tl/t-PNBwsuCeTY Red Rocks 17.08.1981 "Follow what's in your Heart" Ev2 FLAC https://we.tl/t-aOYgfFtFRB both links valid for seven days
  4. thank you for your generous offer. I have a few JEMS releases, but I am sure they don't amount to 120+. So you will be filling some holes in my collection. Thanks
  5. 1977-03-19 Central Maine Youth Center, Lewiston, ME (Maloney Master - 24/96 https://sendgb.com/TXLhrUqb49Y link good for one week
  6. Here are two of my favourite River Tour shows, both from New York 18.12.1980 This is a Ghost Story JEMS mp3 https://we.tl/t-C4aWXbDY2v 19.12.1980 Once upon a Time in the West mp3 https://we.tl/t-ZUR8Wdsi6I
  7. @foreveryoung: Shea Rising (45 Shots) - FLAC http://www.filefactory.com/file/1fapno8bo6gn/Shea_Rising 2003 (45 Shots) 2nd.zip
  8. @ Born to Rock: thank you again for your fast uploads. much appreciated!
  9. I am looking for two bootlegs from 1975 (mjk 5510 version) Richmond August 1 Norfolk August 2 if possible in FLAC - thank you in advance
  10. @born to rock and @cowboyofthesea: thank you for your fast uploads - much appreciated @1234: thank you for offering to help!
  11. I am trying to complete / upgrade my collection of River Tour bootlegs. I am searching for these bootlegs, if possible in FLAC Rotterdam 1981-04-29 - only one version in circulation Gothenburg 1981-05-03 "A long Way from Boardwalk" Chicago 1981-09-10 - mjk5510 release thank you in advance
  12. I am searching for New York 1980-11-28 (CB/mjk5510) in FLAC. many thanks
  13. @Born To Rock I managed to download 1978-08-18 Philadelphia, PA - This, Is Not A Test (ER Archives via JEMS - ER Archives Vol. 7) yesterday. thanks for posting. Here is a link for those who try to download from mega and don't get past the spinning wheel. http://www.filefactory.com/file/z7wwf2p0prl/Philadelphia_18.08.1978 JEMS.zip
  14. yes, same problem, when I was trying to download the Detroit links you kindly posted for monkinmotion
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