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  1. The language was one of the many excuses for not participating so much, but well, with family help I am solving it. I am a three and a half hours drive to Rosario more or less and if I calculate that there are 300 kilometers and a little more as well. Rosario is a beautiful city to visit, full of great artists and good footballers. PD : Por cierto tu espaƱol es muy bueno !!!
  2. Asi es ,gracias tambien allsetcobrajet ! buena semana
  3. No tengo idea skywalkerboh ,me lo hizo un miembro de aqui pero no recuerdo si fue tillywilly o Born To Rock,saludos mi amigo
  4. Greetings to all and thank you very much for contributing your collections for those of us who do not have so much, I send you many good wishes and that this moment we go through in the best way.I also wanted to express if there is a possibility of having this bootleg for which I will be very grateful. Greetings from Bs As and forgive my English New Jersey Nights - CC 501-03 Jul-Aug 1999 Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
  5. thanks mickb You have given me great help with your information, I will buy it through the official website, greetings
  6. Greetings Thank you for always sharing such good moments, I wanted if someone could provide me with this release for listening Legendary Broadcast 1978, Masterpiece, NJ91978A/B/C Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, USA, September 19 1978
  7. Excellent as always on this page, thank you very much and I will enjoy it, greetings
  8. Greetings, I hope everyone walks very well, in my case going through a lot of rains in the country and what better occasion to complete some boots that I am missing. The Big 50 (I'd Rather Be In Philly!) Ev2 24 Sep 1999 / First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA Thank you very much in advance and everything goes ok
  9. Thank you very much for your kindness BTRock, have a good week because I will have it with this concert, greetings
  10. Greetings to all, have a good week, the most Springstinian of the year maybe hehe I would like to have this fabulous pirate or one of those magical nights of 77 in Boston Thank you !!! Higher And Higher (The 1977 Tour) Doberman Music Hall, Boston, MA
  11. Thank you very much Born to Rock for being so attentive and helping me complete my boots
  12. Greetings to all and have a great week, I'm looking for "Prodigal Son At Winterland - The 25th Anniversary Prodigal Son Remaster". If anyone can give it to me grateful as always, hugs
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