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  1. Does anyone know if "The Bruce Springsteen Story" series (E. Street Records) was ever posted up here in FLAC? I know there was some discussion about this series last summer, but crawling through the forums I can't seem to locate whether or not the series was ever posted or even if anyone had it? Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Actually what I'm working on @tillywilly might be of interest to an archivist like yourself. Like most here I've been crawling through Brucebase for decades and while their main database is immeasurable in terms of it's depth and accuracy, the "On The Tracks" section seems to be lacking in some regards. For example there are outtakes from BTR that are undocumented there along with an outtake of "Bring On The Night" that seems to be listed twice. I'm also trying to currently work through the River section in terms of documenting what is there and if there is/are any omissions. The issue seems to lie in the fact that collectors are nearly six decades deep into Springsteenology and formats have spanned from vinyl to compact disc to home-brew compilations. I'm currently in the process of consulting not only Brucebase but also Springsteenlyrics and The Killing Floor in terms of trying to see exactly what is out there in the wild. I also know there were at least two books published in the early nineties on this stuff that would be well worth checking out as time allows. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Hey gang, I want to thank you all for the uploads @Born To Rock @tillywilly @chevy396 and at the risk of being a major pain in the neck so early in the week would like to add one more FLAC request. I've been trying to nail down these River Outs as of late and this particular collection from the early nineties has proved extremely elusive: It's called "Down By The River" and it's listed here: along with perhaps what might be some of the worst back slick artwork in the history of Springsteen fandom. Again sorry for being such a pain so early in the week. You guys are the best!
  4. A few more requests before I head off to dreamland. Can anyone re-upload this particular soundcheck collection that Badlands shared back in February? Also has anyone ever found the collection "River Outtakes" out in the wild? It's the one listed here: FLAC is preferable but any help at all would be much appreciated. Again thanks to all the uploaders for what you do. This thread has been an absolute revelation for Springsteen fans. Okay I'll shut up and head to bed now
  5. Would anyone happen to have The Unsurpassed Springsteen Volumes 1 & 6 in FLAC?
  6. Since we were discussing BTR a few pages back, the collection listed as Born To Run Complete Sessions (Mauro R. / hrubesh transfer) seems to include some breakdowns/false starts of "Meeting Across The River" which are documented on BruceBase but otherwise quite rare. Can anyone who has this particular collection confirm? It's the collection listed here:
  7. Do they usually do a father's day sale? I recall last year it was Mother's Day and then Cyber Monday (November) but don't recall a Father's Day sale. Also I cannot recall if the Mother's Day sale last year was FLAC inclusive although I know that the Cyber Monday sale was.
  8. Hey all. So I mentioned that I was seeking these out awhile back and to my knowledge they aren't out there in the wild so to speak, so I figured I'd put up a request for the following three Flynn Compilations here. I was wondering if someone(s) could possibly post the "Working On A Dream" and 2013 "Wrecking Ball" Flynn Comps in FLAC to the forum? I'm aware that in particular that the WOAD comp is HUGE, but I'm heading on a road trip in around a month and would love to have these in my back pocket so to speak. Without sounding too presumptuous, I think other Lakers would enjoy them as well. Any help with any or all of these would be nonetheless appreciated! WORKING ON A DREAM - 2009 Can't Stop This Train: The 2009 Working on a Dream Tour Compilation WRECKING BALL - 2013 Across Shark Infested Waters: The 2013 Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 1 - Australia A Few More Debts to Pay: The 2013 Wrecking Ball Compilation Part 2 - Europe =============================== A big thanks to previous sharers @Born To Rock @Twink @chevy396 for sharing many of the Flynn comps they have in their collections. Much respect to all of you! Thanks in advance and congratulations on this thread reaching a yearlong milestone this coming month!
  9. I was speaking with Badlands_89 earlier today and we both concurred that there seems to be some type of error (pop/click) inherent to the CC release "Olympic Stadion Second Night" (06-24-1999). The error occurs on disc 3, track 9 (My Hometown) at the 1:59-2:01 mark. Has anyone else experienced this issue with this particular release?
  10. So I have a question regarding "Prodigal Son In The City Of Los Angeles" (10-23-99). There is a version of this circulating that has these one second glitches or pops that appear at the end of each track which throws off the transfer between tracks so you literally hear a "click" or "pop" between each track. I'm guessing this has to do with someone incorrectly establishing the cue sheet for this particular show. Has anyone been able to find a FLAC copy of "Prodigal Son In The City Of Los Angeles" without this particular glitch?
  11. A week or so ago, there was a request made for some of Flynn's excellent tour compilations. I believe the compilations for "The Rising", "Magic" and "Devils & Dust" have been posted to the forum. Originally I was going to throw a request out there and see if someone(s) wanted to complete the matrix and post up the FLAC compilations dedicated to the "Reunion", "WOAD" and "Wrecking Ball" tours. But then I did some research on those sets and the number of discs are just excessive, to the point where I don't think it's necessarily fair to make that large of a request. Anyhoo, in lieu of all that I was wondering if someone could help me locate a few elusive CC releases in FLAC: Roxy Night (07-07-1978) Agora Night (08-09-1978) St. Louis Magic Night (08-23-2008) Hyde Park Dream Night (06-28-2009) Thanks!
  12. I think it's the definitive rendering of the song. For all of the flack that Springsteen has gotten (perhaps deservedly so) for "The Promise - 1999", he achieved the exact opposite with "Song For Orphans" in 2005, in that he took a thirty-plus year old track (at that point), dusted it off and actually managed to improve upon it likely owing to the amount of experience gained as far as musicianship is concerned over that thirty year period. "Song For Orphans - 2005" should've been given a whirl in the studio. Who knows, maybe it was?
  13. I think he's been happy ever since he got rid of that pink eye avatar of his!