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  1. Given the commentary on the four tracks that I posted up, one would think that they are from the earlier batch of demos as found on the "Fist Full of Dollars" collection. According to Clinton Heylin, that would place these origins just before Springsteen headed over to Europe with "The River" tour in the spring of 1981. It makes sense too as apparently on the tape "Follow That Dream" is still of an embryonic nature and Springsteen would debut that song on 1981-04-19 in Paris, France. "Johnny Bye-Bye" is also in the early stages at this juncture and still bore much in common with the DARKNESS outtake "Come On, Lets Go Tonight". The alternate lyrics to "Johnny 99" are interesting as well as they make reference to "Mansion On The Hill" which was likely already in Springsteen's songbook at this stage as well. Those listings really should be added back to On The Tracks at some point.
  2. The Lost Pre-Nebraska Tape? So I'm posting this up, just to pick the brains of my fellow GL residents to see if anyone has any specific recollections regarding a collection of demos that have been rumored to exist among certain collectors but have most definitively never made their way into general circulation. Around a decade or so ago, Brucebase reported on a collection of tracks known as the "Pre-Nebraska Tape" as part of their "On The Tracks" section. Many of the selections listed as part and parcel of this tape were known from their inclusion on the "Fist Full of Dollars" collection as released on E. Street Records. However, there were several selections notated from this same period and while although they contained detailed descriptions of the performance in question, the performance itself was not included on the "Fist Full of Dollars" collection or any other collection that I'm aware of. It was notated at the time that the full tape is 35 minutes long and has demos very similar in quality to the “Chevy Delux” demos from 1979. The first 4 songs are complete, the rest of the titles are fragments ranging in time from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. Here are the listings for the four selections not common to the "Fist Full of Dollars" collection: JOHNNY 99 Harsher performance than on “Nebraska“. Includes a reference to the “Mansion on the Hill” as a symbol of the afterlife. Thematically it’s identical to the released version. After the title character is convicted of murder the song ends like this: “Well I’m heading for that mansion on the hill I’m a thirsty man, gonna get my fill I don’t care what you say, Mr. Smith or Mr. Brown Step in my way and I’ll shoot you down Until the day that you understand It was more ‘n all this that put that gun in my hand“ FOLLOW THAT DREAM Rambling performance w/most of the eventual lyrics in place but no real melody. THE MAN WHO GOT AWAY Springsteen opens this song by moaning for 30 seconds and then sings a story very similar to “My Father’s House“. A Son leaves his family and friends and they’re all left to think about the man who got away. MY LOVE A short performance but unquestionably the same song he recorded as “My Love Will Not Let You Down” in 1982-83. The tape also contains ten selections included on the "Fist Full of Dollars" collection and there seems to be some speculation that for whatever reason E. Street Records did not include the entire contents of the source tape they had in their possession on the "Fist Full of Dollars" collection. Even stranger is the fact that all references to the titles listed above have been missing from the On The Tracks section of Brucebase for around a decade. So what is exactly the story regarding these demos? Is this case of a myth being debunked and thus the four titles listed above being deliberately excluded from Brucebase? Or is this a case of the source tape used for "Fist Full Of Dollars" being only partially accessed for that title and later falling into the hands of unknown collectors who subsequently provided the description of the tape's full contents to Brucebase only to have it later disappear from the database entirely? Source:
  3. Thanks for this BTR - This transfer for those wondering is as clean as a whistle as @Born To Rock indicated. FWIW if hrubesh ever decides to share the rest of his Lost Masters pulls, hopefully they will be posted up here as well because the commonly circulating collection of the Lost Masters series (the one that @JaHoe referenced and that features the aforementioned pop on LM7 - track 22) likely has other small errors/anomalies as well, given that an error presented despite the log itself indicating the source was clean. Just some food for thought.
  4. Yeah that is the commonly circulating version that was uploaded to ABMS. The pop is there at around the 0:23 mark (appearing predominantly in the right channel), no doubt about it. Given the lineage, I wonder if the anomaly occurred when the file was being converted from SHN>WAV>FLAC? I guess the only way to confirm 100% is if someone has a version that is sourced from a physical media copy, although if the pop is indeed present it might mean there are other anomalies present on this particular rendering. Anyway it's all cool - Thanks to @mickb and @JaHoe for chiming in
  5. Hey all, I just wanted to give the forum a heads up regarding the commonly circulating version of "Lost Masters - Volume 7 (Stockton Boy)". The version of this collection that was uploaded along with the other eighteen volumes in the series onto J-Land and ABMS years back contains a notable pop during "Fade To Black" (track 22) at the 00:23/00:24 interval mark that should not present on the waveform. Although the EAC log indicates that the selection processed w/o errors, this rendering of the media in question does indeed contain an anomaly. Just giving you all the heads up. Once again thanks to everyone for all the shares and information shared on this forum. The definition of indispensable to say the least.
  6. I'm in search of the following four titles in FLAC if anyone has them: 01 - 1978-06-25 - Paramount Theater - Seattle, Washington (Brucebase recommends "This Is Called The Promise" on MIDNIGHT DREAMER but it seems JEMS released this concert under that title) 02 - 1978-12-28 - Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 03 - 2002-12-09 - Carolina Center, Columbia, South Carolina 04 - Lost Masters Volume 7 (Stockton Boy) [Labor Of Love]
  7. Eddy's site lists disc 2 - track 12 "Born In The U.S.A." and that is the track that presents with the disc error. FWIW: If you downloaded your copy from GL earlier this year it probably presents with the error.
  8. I wanted to post this up prior to @JaHoe posting the patch file later on. Earlier this year, Flynn's 2002 Compilation "One Night" was posted to the forums. However, upon inspection the version posted here contained a disc error that presented during "Born In The U.S.A." (disc 2 - track 12) at several intervals between the 2:29 and 2:43 mark. @JaHoe has an alternate clean source for this recording and will be posting a patch file to the forums sometime this weekend. So if you previously downloaded the Flynn's 2002 Compilation "One Night", you might want to check your copy to see if you are in need of the patch as well. Cheers!
  9. Thanks again for all the uploads, a few final requests before I hit the hay - Does anyone happen to have the following two titles in FLAC? 01 - The Legend Of Steel Mill (Vintage Masters) 02 - Castaway (Classics Unlimited) listed here:
  10. Does anyone have either of these two in FLAC? 01 - Roll The Tapes - Studio Recording Rarities Collection (Vintage Masters) 02 - UBER Volume 29 - Early Days Revisited Thanks in advance
  11. A few days back I posted up a request for "This Hard Land" (A.D.M.T. Blood Brothers)" and at that time the recording did not circulate among the GL community and therefore nobody was able to upload it. Subsequent to that I was able to get in contact with hrubesh and he graciously has made the recording available through J-Land. My own personal curiosity regarding this recording aside, this particular release is an important addition to the Springsteen canon as according to hrubesh it is inclusive of a deviating version of "Cover Me" which is not to be found elsewhere. The long and the short of it is, I was wondering if anyone could pull this release from J-Land and post it up here for the rest of us tramps. For those wanting more information on this title I've included the link to J-Land below as well as a link to information on the recording gleaned from Eddy's site:
  12. On this Fourth of July, I'd like to raise a glass @Twink, @chevy396, @Born To Rock, @tillywilly & @mickb and say thank you for all the uploads and shares. You all are the best!
  13. So I have a few questions (and with that a few obligatory requests). Brucebase is currently being updated with a lot of new information regarding the On The Tracks section and many of the new entries refer to hrubesh transfers that I'm not sure are out in the wild or not? Specifically the two that I'm looking for are: 01 - This Hard Land (A.D.M.T. Blood Brothers Records): 02 - Born To Run Complete Sessions ( Mauro R. / hrubesh transfer): I believe selection #2 was recently uploaded to Jungleland by hrubesh. In addition I'm also searching for "Murder Incorporated: The Lost Masterpiece" (Flamingo Records): ( If anyone can post any of these up in FLAC it would be most appreciated.
  14. Did hrubesh do transfers of these? If you mouse around a bit there are a bunch of variations that Eddy notates on his site here: Are these what you are looking for? It would be interesting to know if there are any deviations given all the different pressings.
  15. Can anyone re-upload this "Loose Ends" (Scorpio) collection in FLAC?