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  1. You pretty much nailed my favourites there. That said.... All the archive releases are my loved ones. Treasure trove and ones to have. Thanks Bruce Inc.
  2. Cool.... You can expect a few pm's I reckon. Never done this before. The DVD's already shared on here, are they done with MKV you think ?
  3. About the DVD sharing.... I have around 200 titles in a box somewhere in my attic that I bought some years ago from a guy needing some money. I bought the collection to help him out financially, but I've never watched a single one of them. I'd be more than happy to share them here.... But how do I make the hardcopies sharable ?? Any particular software needed ? Any guidance appreciated.
  4. Works fine here. All files intact & FLAC's are playable too.
  5. Aaaaah.... My friend. Good to see ya. Everything's good I hope?
  6. Good for you.... Care to share with us suckers that don't have it ?????
  7. Also gone : Would someone kindly upload 1985-09-01 - Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 64) (Via G) for me ? FLAC only, please. Thanks in advance.
  8. Also gone missing : 1984-07-02 - Civic Center, St. Paul, MN (Recorder 3 Incomplete Johnny98 Master Patched with Recorder 4) (Mjk5510) FLAC only, please. Thanks in advance.