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  1. Not a member of JL. It seems pretty unstable (from reports on here) and has been on & off at periods of times, hasn't it ?
  2. . I don't know you ... But I'm a Magpiefan .... . Take care K. I know your'e a good guy deep within - honest
  3. Oh....... The "They don't have to do anything" ..... That sentence sucks. We have newbies right here on this thread and you acccuse them to not DO ANYTHING ??? They actually question things that really deserves an answer. A decent answer. To be honest I see you as somewhat arrogant right now. Disappointed, but who gives s**te.
  4. Come on Kev. You know what issue I was pointing at. CDA .... FLAC..... WAV..... Requestor not knowing how to convert. This "discussion" just to enlighten people about issues on the LOSSLESS (whether WAV or FLAC) issue here.
  5. I'm enjoying the music, thanks. But YOU state a fact, which I'm entitled to question (Or am I wrong school master ) ??
  6. Ok ? This is your statement. Could you by any means validate this ?
  7. I don't disagree with you or bt1... I was just wondering if the minor compression of FLAC files would interfere with "real" WAV's. Then again.... having WAV's burned to CDA's (cd releases) would that process influence REAL lossles releases (FLAC) ie. from CD's to FLAC ? As I said.... Just wondering .
  8. CD's are usually burned as CDA format - or am I wrong ?? If I'm right it should be like this -> CDA ->Traders Little Helper (Decode) -> Wav
  9. This recording fro JEMS is absolutely astonishing. I knew they were good/excellent already. But this is just incredibly good. Bruce Inc. should reach out for any help they can have remastering recordings from these guys pronto. Thanks JEMS..... Eternally grateful for this gem.
  10. Thanks Skywalkerboh. Gonna listen to this soon
  11. No worries. thanks for the upload (appreciated actually)
  12. If you're ok with uploads via wetransfer I have all three in FLAC. but haven't got time to today.
  13. Never heard any of Morten's solo albums. Ulf Lundell's are a treat for me. A couple of years ago I bought the 68 disc "Hem├ąt Genom Rift Valley" set. Never played any of the disc's from that particular set, as I already had all of his releases through his career. He's a brilliant musician and songwriter I think.
  14. So glad. More so if i'm able to actually go to sleep tonight after that blunder
  15. Man.... I need my eyes checked .... Got carried away for a sec there . Anyway, I'd like to help out if I can.
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