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  1. I kind of miss the old avatar... But hey, this one will do
  2. Welcome, and nice to see you here. Hope you'll enjoy it . This place is pretty educational... Different languages (do you by any chance speak Chinese ??)... Lots of very nice recordings popping up all the time.... We have had a trivia goin' on at some point.... We've got interesting (and in depth talks !!!!!) about cats and dogs .... Cars (hence my avatar). Have a blast here... People are extremely helpful and nice. PS.: Your avatar seems quite.... How should I put this..... Pretty well grown up
  3. Great... Another language to google translate... Just great Hav en god aften (google that !!!)
  4. What I've got is the Doberman recording + Soundcheck by benchboy&markp Is that what you're requesting ?
  5. BTR... Could you please upload the Earlmv version. My copy is corrupt
  6. 2009-11-13 - Palace, Auburn Hills, MI (Good Evening Ohio) (Ninkaasi) FLAC Artwork & Info included Link expires 2019-07-27
  7. man... You're the wacko. Talking to yourself 99% of the time.
  8. You did the right thing right now I think - I mean contacting this particular thread. I hope You'll find someone interested. Best of luck finding a caring and loving home for the collection .
  9. By request : 2009-04-01 - HP Pavilion, San Jose CA (Wilson66 Version) FLAC Info included Link expires 2019-07-24
  10. By request : 2008-08-23 - Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO (Lying In The Heat Of The Night) (Godfatherecords) FLAC Artwork & Info included Link expires 2019-07-23 (Let me know if this is OK, please)