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  1. would it be possible for you to upload vol. 2 ? (My copy is missing MD5 & ffp files). TIA
  2. Hi there stranger . I could use a cold beer please . Hope you're OK and Rockin' my friend
  3. Thanks mick... Didn't even know it existed.
  4. The "Moonraker" edition has been up for just about 7 hours now *hinthint*
  5. By request : 1996-03-13 - Circus, Stockholm, SWE (Circus) (Moonraker) FLAC Artwork & Info included Link expires 2019-08-26
  6. Don't worry.... I thought it was funny acually
  7. Any help appreciated my friend. I have a few things to sort out in "real life kind of things" right now .
  8. Thanks . Looking forward to start September 1st.
  9. You're so good a guy. Thanks for the references guys ... GOOD KARMA ... I made it
  10. @rivermeet076 I'm sorry that I haven't been able to upload your requests as promised. My job interview took quite a while longer than I expected - 3 hours to be exact. All well on that part.... I got the job immediately ... even before I left the room actually. I'll do all I can to upload your requests tomorrow. Thanks for your patience
  11. I can upload them for your later today. (I'm on my way to a job interview in a few minutes).
  12. Very good idea to support him, but I'm not gonna donate $20 as I don't visit the place.
  13. EAC logfiles are usually included by the original uploaders - I leave them untouched (if available) when I receive the recordings. The same goes for the infofiles and artwork (when available in the original upload).
  14. I have been doing the same "mistake". But when I share here I make a new MD5 & FFP file. FFP first (which identify the authencity of the FLAC files, and then the MD5 files to prove the FLAC files hasn't been tampered with except the tagging of tracks). No clue if this is the way to do it, but it seems the most logical way to do it in my eyes. My 2 cents on this matter.
  15. THANKS... At some point I will have to compare your uploads with the one's I have had for years. Anyway... Thanks for this and ALL of the other contributions you have offered through so long on this thread. Impressed and very grateful.
  16. Sorry but I have to ask a simple question. The Lost Master series that has been made available by BTR, is that the REAL LM Series or what ?? TW's confusing post is greatly annoying and not OK. Could he for once just answer a question with an answer which is not answering a bloody thing. F*** I'm getting more and more tired by each post from him. (Sorry... I just had to vent) As You were, and carry on.
  17. Thanks love... You're so good a person.
  18. You my friend is lot more awake than me. As you were, and I apologize cincerely .
  19. Sorry man... Few weeks ago it was officially decided that no one (includes you) should bother search links (such as the provided by you in this post) by any uploader (such as you my friend). Requests should be typed with exact dates (yyyy-mm-dd) and not referring links. (I was the one bitching about the request by link being a bit to popular )
  20. May your ratio always stay like that Keep 'em comin' .
  21. I for one am happy that I already had this in my collection. "filefactory" and I just never gets friends. Downloads takes centuries and milleniums at 250ish Kbit speeds. May I suggest "Mega" or "wetransfer" (wetransfer are for free , and has downloadspeeds lightyears faster than the free "filefactory" service). Even if hundreds of boots I don't have uploaded to that site I wouldn't pay a dime and I wouldn't even bother downloading them. Just remember what happened to "Rapidshare" and "Megaupload" some years ago..
  22. My guess is there's no link to this specific date in the Archive release. (On the other hand I may be completely wrong).
  23. Thanks so much for your these. Hope you'll continue to do so .
  24. I'll consider joining in . Not today though.... Celebrating my dogs 10th birthday. (Lots of goodies and friends visiting barkin' - He's havin' a blast right now) Pure joy and lot's of poo on my lawn.