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  1. Request : Jahoe's generous upload from may 26th of the "1988-03-17 Rosemont IL (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 38 Via G)" is unfortunately missing several tracks (Track 07 ; 10 ; 17 , 21 ; & 24). Could someone please upload the complete recording of this specific release ?? FLAC only, please. Thanks in advance
  2. No worries. No need to feel bad or awful. Just request 5 or so recordings at a time. 20-30 requests in one post may seem greedy. In time you'll get all your requests - that I'm sure about. Everythings cool ??
  3. I think you misunderstand. I don't need mp3's - don't collect mp3's. Just hoped you would ask politely for recordings (FLAC) in the future.
  4. @Born To Rock Don't know if the list is way to long, but I think some courtesy and respect to the uploaders would be very much a minimum when requesting - the time spend for the uploaders considered. Disrespectful is the word that springs to mind, at least to me. Greedy (maybe) but disrespectful (for sure). Just my two cents.
  5. Could someone please reupload this one for me : 2000-06-20 New York Night 4 Garden Serenade (Aud´╗┐ience Version 01) . bosstrade's original link doesn't work anymore. Thanks.
  6. Well... Not all of us has been on "western Stars" repeat... Some poor soul has been repeatingly mowing the bloody lawn most of the weekend. I hate being a garden owner - not even embaressed to admit it. Just looking forward to the winter... 3 feet of snow, and my garden will be as beautifully looking as the neighbours. Just hate the gardenwork... Hate it.
  7. This place is so great. Lots of good shares and music just waiting to be heard and enjoyed. The last couple of days has been.... Insane. Thanks for keeping this place so much alive - Really admirable and appreciated by a lot of the regulars and, I suppose, "lurkers" . Would be cool if more people joined us over time. Stay safe and take care all .
  8. @Born To Rock & @mickb. 27,5 GB downloaded from you two combined since yesterday. Are you trying to see "good old mega" have yet another nervous breakdown ????. Or me,for that matter ?? Much appreciated, both of you. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated.
  10. I certainly will. Just hope I'll be able to help you (and others ofcourse) out uploading requests in a a foreseeable future. Right now I just feel I'm stuck in the middle of not moving anywhere - but I'm not giving up, never will.
  11. Thanks.... Now take a well deserved break. This is amazing and time-consuming. Thanks so much.
  12. Wow... I feel like a newbie now .... Never heard of any of these.
  13. Out of curiosity .... how many compilations have "they" made ?
  14. Thanks.... Seems like a massive collection (5 parts in total I mean... Can't wait to get to listening).
  15. Would it be possible to upload the complete compilation ? (I haven't even heard of it before you mentioned it).
  16. I don't have any of these. Unfortunately. Hope someone can help out . (Spread the word please).
  17. Are you sure about the year ? There is a CC "New Jersey Nights" release from 1999.
  18. I have it (River Outtakes -Wild River Records) and will upload it for you later today.
  19. I think I know what you mean. You have the files in WAV format, which are at least 2-3 times bigger than FLAC files. If so .... Could you please upload each disc seperately ? (Just a suggestion)
  20. Just how big is it ? Wetransfer offers you to upload files of a maximum of 2 GB.