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  1. So calling vets ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’ happened because of COVID? The trade war with China occurred because of COVID? Go take your bad takes somewhere else.
  2. The versions of Lost in the Flood, Saint in the City, Kitty’s Back, and Quarter to Three from this show are my favorite and I think best of his career.
  3. Watch Hammersmith. I love Tempe ‘80 but Hammersmith is my go-to Springsteen concert. There are no words to describe how amazing it is.
  4. Thanks. I need to get back updating it. I’ve discovered a few tremendous Springsteen images. Pretty awesome that one of the archive releases is from one of the shows I spotlighted.
  5. I’m still around. Just been busy with everything going on here in America. Hope you all are doing well overseas.
  6. The second image is probably from the Wrecking Ball tour. I did a Google Image search and found it listed on this post from 2013: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ca&u=https://jantonclasse.blogspot.com/2013/10/avui-toca-bruce-springsteen-al-nostre.html&prev=search
  7. Bottom Line 75 stand with accompanying video. I’d cream my pants.
  8. Why spend all the time/money/effort to get a show ready and then decide at the last minute, it's not good enough? A few people complaining about it on the internet isn't enough for them to stop it at the last second.
  9. And where did you hear this from? If this were the case, why phrase it as "scheduling issue" and not "technical issue"?
  10. The tweet was removed from Nugs twitter feed, which is strange. Backstreets has it listed on their news page.
  11. This month's release in the ongoing Bruce Springsteen live archive series will be slightly delayed due unforeseen scheduling issues. Rest assured our August release will be out soon. Normal First Friday timing will resume in September. That was the official work from Nugs. Wonder what this inforeseen scheduling issue is and why it is delaying a release.
  12. I don’t think it’s fair to question how much a fan that person is. Not all Springsteen fans like that time period. Hell, I don’t care for the BITUSA era. I don’t care for how he changed his voice/style and think he sounds constipated. Does that make me less of a fan?
  13. I did understand your point but a lot of us want as many classic era shows as possible so I don’t see it as being a bad thing to wanting more. You might not like them and there’s nothing wrong with that but I bet they make the most money from those shows. I wasn’t around then so I wanna be able to hear as many as I can in great quality. if it’s something you don’t like, like you said, skip it. There’s show they released that I have no intention on buying.
  14. What's wrong with wanting more shows from the most sought after eras? The great thing about Bruce Springsteen is that every show is indeed different. Having a new show released is being able to find something different from the last. I want more, a lot more. I have the luxury of being able to listen to music at work so I'm able to get through at least 1 show a day.
  15. For the December '75 shows, Mike Appeal mentioned a handful of shows being recorded in December '75 for a planned live album in '76. The Hammersmith second show being recorded was mentioned in a book (I believe). The other Roxy shows, I'm not sure what is being referred to here. I mentioned that the 2nd show from 10/18 was probably recorded due to having the truck already there. I can't see that show being released any time soon anyway with it being so similar to the already released show. As for the other dates that is mentioned in the post, I'm guessing it's referring to soundboards of these shows. The only soundboard that exists with Suki is Main Point and this will never get released as no one knows where the tapes are.
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