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  1. @amber438 So, surgery went well I hope? Healing and progressing nicely I hope!!
  2. @amber438 I do appreciate it. Best of luck on the knee surgery!! Replacement or repair? Keep walking once you get it done, may hurt like you know what, but will be the best thing for it if a replacement and do the therapy, they know what they are donin'!
  3. yeah I missed it, can i get a reup? Please and thank your!!! Hope to see all of you at the Broadway show or one of the great tour shows next year!!!!
  4. as far as covid proof, who knows, that isn't the theater, that is New York State. will they allow out of the country proof, maybe, maybe not but will be interesting to see the lines getting in.
  5. interested to see if they will require credit card or drivers license at door to prove they aren't scalper tickets and are legitimate ticket buyer. last time around scalper prices were outrageous.
  6. I agree. If everyone feels that way, I will be able to get multiple dates to go and see it.
  7. cleared of all charges!! Over zealous cop looking for an autograph.
  8. Remains to be seen how long he goes, but my understanding is Disney has another show planned for the theater.
  9. Having gone to bruce shows since 1975 in Kutztown Pa, I was very moved by SOB. It gave a behind the scenes look at his inspiration for his songs/his attire, his whole outlook on life. No politics involved. If you were expecting a stadium show then you were disappointed I guess, but this was pure bruce in a local bar on a saturday nite..... I can't wait for a full tour, but this is a good bone to chew on while waiting for it!!!!
  10. I saw i twice the last time on broadway and it was worth every single penny i spent on it!!!!!!! I am hoping and praying he does new material off the last two albums, and hopefully a preview of new album, but even a replay of the last time he did this would be great. both shows were slightly different as well as the netflix show. If you don't try to see this show, you are crazy. You will never have a chance(unless you get into the pit at an arena) to be this close to him!!!!
  11. and yes I realize I am old, fat, and stupid and I spelled her name wrong, its Joanne Shaw Taylor
  12. I love these bands, as well of Bruce of course, but really can't find any live recordings other than youtube of them. Does anyone have any that they are willing to share. Please and Thank You. Stay Safe out there, wear a Mask and get the shots!! Plus one or three of some smoked maple knob creek!!
  13. yeah thats what I thought which is why I asked first. I will keep looking, but most of my stuff is mp3, and most if not all is already up here, but I will try.
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