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  1. Lol believe me I kno. That show is just special to me as it's what made me the maniac I am about Bruce and those legendary shows.
  2. Kno it's not gonna happen but hoping for Passaic 9/19/78
  3. I really really love this song. Was not expecting this. Makes me want to move to Arizona and start some sort of car business
  4. Lol hey it pays my Nuggs bills but at least I can download the shows during class
  5. Tell me about it. Not allowed to have my phone in the building at work so that's me till hopefully 2:30 lol
  6. Ugh I want to kno but I don't want to kno either lol
  7. Sorry my bad! Thought I remembered seeing footage from Largo River tour in that Super Bowl Promo with a bunch of footage but was wrong. It's a shame. Tho the bootleg Largo 78 film is pretty decent
  8. I kno it sounds depressing but I want Quarter to Three (hammersmith 75) played at my funeral