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  1. if possible does anybody have the following in FLAC? How Nebraska Was Born (Godfather) Unbroken Promise War and Roses (or if there's a better compilation of Born To Run outtakes)
  2. This is fantastic thank you so much! What kinda audio format was used? FLAC HD?
  3. Tracks 2 box set announcement on his birthday?
  4. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand and two times but I usually download FLAC files but this is an important show to me so I'm wondering would FLAC HD be worth it or any of the other higher quality versions
  5. I don't wanna say it cuz I feel so spoiled by today's release but I wonder why they didn't release 9/21 and 9/19 as a package like they did with the Uniondale shows? Maybe a Bruce birthday surprise later in the month?
  6. I'm so fucking happy sorry just this is the show that really punched me in the gut and made me fall in love with Bruce. Spent countless hours freshman year of high school watching this show on YouTube and years listening to the radio broadcast. Just so happy it's finally released
  7. I think that means that there's dialogue from the movie used as tracks on the soundtrack
  8. Looks like anybody that bought it the first time will get it for free. It's under the "my stash" tab on nugs. Of course my dumbass bought the cd off eBay a year ago in an "attempt" to save money. Also like the essay says, "it moves the listener from the 40th row into the first row" really great remastering job now bring on a sublime remaster for Agora 78!
  9. Just listen to the remixed version of candy's room. Fuck I have to get both
  10. Would be very exciting especially if they kept the tapes rolling for the final two songs Bruce played after the show ended
  11. Sorry usually at work on Fridays, what time are they usually released?