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  1. Thousand guitars....Is it just me or does it sound like Arthurs theme by Christopher cross? ...was baffling me all morning x
  2. Loving the whole album. Just what we needed right now. Has made my year and lovely to see him in good health during interviews. Have not seen Apple documentary but a big Thanks to Bruce for still giving his all to us.
  3. I Love that everything he writes you can associate with.....its like he takes a little bit of everyones life and knows that it will have some kind of impact when listening..that is what good music is about, listening and feeling it because there are words that put a memory in our heads....be it a sad one or a happy one or a hope or a dream, the loss of someone..the hope of love or a lost love...... It may only be one word in that song or one line...or even the whole thing but they all have meaning and depth unlike some music out there nowadays.
  4. sure us Chihuahua owners can forgive you lol...............
  5. Agree totally there..the Orcehstral arrangement is amazing......thats what i meant by it just grabs you by the heartstrings when least expecting it.........
  6. i was giggling at that one too as i own a chihuahuah too lol.........though i didnt grow up in Los Angeles.....
  7. no way.......sometimes the backing is lost when you play it at normal level but wow this is amazing when you listen to it full pelt.....i find parts really moving when they come in...that hit the heatstrings moment .......cannot fault any of it so far ..all have me totally immersed....and the lyrics are wonderful....
  8. So far loving it!!! got it on blasting through my speakers...have the whole neighbourhood singing along soon lol.......needs to be loud this one for me (not that im deaf) but although some said it was more sunday morning listening i think its one to be turned up loud to totally appreciate how good it actually is .....
  9. OMG ..Mine is finally here..shaking!!!!.....off to finally listen!!!! excited is not the word............
  10. Still waiting on mine to arrive......Same here with Amazon..now i know about Badlands will order from there in the future....hate Amazon!!!!......determined not to go and listen to the temptations that are being sent via email to hear it...........want it in my hand!!!!! .....frustrated is not the word at the moment................hurry up!!!!!
  11. I personally love all the new releases and to be fair most musicians retire once they reach a certain age and have the money in the bank and leave their fans with nothing whereas Bruce is still giving us a piece of himself and doing what he loves the most ..which i am so grateful for. Being a latecomer to enjoying his music i was worried there may not be anything more to come and regret that i missed out on all the excitement in the past of new releases despite it being fun to catch up on everything now...so Thankyou Bruce!!! Hopefully there will be a tour as well so even if i can get to see him just once i will die a happy lady knowing my dream was fullfilled and i wasnt too late!
  12. Just in the middle of reading the book Greetings from Bury Park...great book so cant wait to see the film...
  13. Oh my..........just the fix i needed before going off to bed................image to take into my dreams..............phwoooor....thanks for posting these...love browsing through
  14. One of my fave pics of Brucey....always makes me go weak at the knees..........
  15. Well . thought id just share bit of fun i had with @Junglelander....He played his cover of Hello Sunshine over Facebook for me and i then i sang along with him.........bear in mind he is in USA and im in UK ..so i recorded it on my phone and back to laptop so rather tinny sounding i admit........and yep messed up a bit on timing and words....but its one way i love to learn the words and feel Bruceys music..either singing along or learning it on guitar....kinda makes me feel the song even more and its meaning......anyway here goes...nothing to serious just a bit of fun between Brucey fans.... Voice_003_(3).m4a
  16. Last time i was there was to see Andre Rieu ...bit of a far cry from Brucey...but was a good night....worked out though not to go on the floor seats there as better view of everything from the higher side seats. Though did go right up to the front of the stage which was the only bonus but atmosphere far better from the side seats looking down seeing everything.
  17. Well if you are ever here again give me a shout! did you go in the Cavern club? bit of Brucey memorabilia in there....x
  18. Hun i know this may sound daft but reading this she seems to eat when you feed her but not off her plate...is there an issue with her plate at all? im only asking as my chi will not eat at all off any other dish than the one she has always had ...her original cracked so had to use others and she would not go near her food at all and she is a good eater believe me!!...would sniff and refuse to eat at all. It got to the point until i got her the exact same dish i had to put food on the actual floor for her. Its odd but animals seem to sense change in the norm for them and if as you say another cat has been at her food it may be an issue with the actual dish now.....its a long shot but just worth a try as you seem to have tried every other thing to get her to eat ....hope she is ok xx
  19. Dancing in the dark today for me as been trying to play it on guitar this morning and its stuck in my head now
  20. When you just can't take your eyes off a certain somebody ............my pooch Layla x
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