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  1. I Love that everything he writes you can associate with.....its like he takes a little bit of everyones life and knows that it will have some kind of impact when listening..that is what good music is about, listening and feeling it because there are words that put a memory in our it a sad one or a happy one or a hope or a dream, the loss of someone..the hope of love or a lost love...... It may only be one word in that song or one line...or even the whole thing but they all have meaning and depth unlike some music out there nowadays.

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  2. 1 minute ago, lilbud said:

    I've been listening to the title track all morning back and forth to school. The orchestral break started as I got on a long empty open road.

    Really changes the song listening in a car.

    Agree totally there..the Orcehstral arrangement is amazing......thats what i meant by  it just grabs you by the heartstrings when least expecting it.........

  3. Just now, The_Magic Rat said:

    Agree. This is not lazy Sunday music 

    no way.......sometimes the backing is lost when you play it at normal level but wow this is amazing when you listen to it full pelt.....i find parts really moving when they come in...that hit the heatstrings moment .......cannot fault any of it so far ..all have me totally immersed....and the lyrics are wonderful....

  4. Still waiting on mine to arrive......Same here with i know about Badlands will order from there in the future....hate Amazon!!!!......determined not to go and listen to the temptations that are being sent via email to hear it...........want it in my hand!!!!! .....frustrated is not the word at the moment................hurry up!!!!! 

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  5. I personally love all the new releases and to be fair most musicians retire once they reach a certain age and have the money in the bank and leave their fans with nothing whereas Bruce is still giving us a piece of himself and doing what he loves the most ..which i am so grateful for. Being a latecomer to enjoying his music i was worried there may not be anything more to come and regret that i missed out on all the excitement in the past of new releases despite it being fun to catch up on everything  Thankyou Bruce!!! Hopefully there will be a tour as well so even if i can get to see him just once i will die a happy lady knowing my dream was fullfilled and i wasnt too late:)!


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  6. Well . thought id just share bit of fun i had with @Junglelander....He played his cover of Hello Sunshine over Facebook for me and i then i sang along with him.........bear in mind he is in USA and im in UK i recorded it on my phone and back to laptop so rather tinny sounding i admit........and yep messed up a bit on timing and words....but its one way i love to learn the words and feel Bruceys music..either singing along or learning it on guitar....kinda makes me feel the song even more and its meaning......anyway here goes...nothing to serious just a bit of fun between Brucey fans....




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  7. 17 hours ago, Junglelander said:

    So, next time, we need to get @Redheadedgirl in on this. Despite what she says, she can actually sing. I know, I’ve heard her singing along with my own personal recordings. 

    LOL....maybe in a few years time.....and with something better to record on other than my phone .....not good!! but was fun singing along with one of your recordings..certainly made me appreciate Hello Sunshine alot more than i did too....some awkward notes in there..

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  8. 1 minute ago, maccawings said:

    I did go to the Cavern. I go every trip for a visit. I was just there in December to see Paul McCartney at the Echo Arena

    Last time i was there was to see Andre Rieu ...bit of a far cry from Brucey...but was a good night....worked out though not to go on the floor seats there as better view of everything from the higher side seats. Though did go right up to the front of the stage which was the only bonus but atmosphere far better from the side seats looking down seeing everything.

  9. 1 hour ago, maccawings said:

    Hi, thanks for the add!!!    First time poster, long time fan.


    really loving Tucson Train!  I like the prior two as well and really looking forward to the release of Western Stars!  And then add already material for an E Street Album...........great time to be a Bruce fan!!   


    Can’t wait!

    welcome hon xx

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  10. 31 minutes ago, Junglelander said:

    There is a certain vibration you will feel between the guitar and your body that will let you know that your voice is on. It’s sounds stupid but that’s how I do it when im not trying to sing songs that kill my vocal cords in a few takes

    I think my prob is i am just recording through my phone as no hi tech stuff so i end up trying about 50 times to get it right by which time my voice has just totally gone out of tune..i play a song and it sounds okayish for a newbie as i am still learning but then its difficult to tally the two together. I really need to learn what equipment i need to get at least a half decent sound recording as it sounds okay in reality but once through the phone then transferred to my computer it just destroys it and sounds so tinny that i get disheartened with it all 

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  11. On 5/28/2019 at 6:27 AM, Daisey Jeep said:

    oh @Redheadedgirl please enter next year, maybe @Jerseyfornia has some ideas of what we can do without professional recording equipment or tech knowhow

    the professionalism of the entrants really shocked me - i mean they all.sound great - Mr Bruce Springsteen should be very proud

    id pay for CDs by those guys

    anyway the other night i listened to some Bruce  songs on u tube plus Patti Griffin and Alabama Shakes - 

    i do a very passionate Adam and Seeds and Youngstown - more shouty than singy and with a little gir xl fish wife kind of voice

    then i thought i need something that doesn't have such a big range so i can work on staying in tune but i wouldn't even be tragic - id be so out of place

    i have my own favourite Nebraska outakes - the lossing kind, child bride, fade to black but its like comparing the NZ navy to the US navy - we try hard but that'd about all, compaired to America saving the world 



    Sorry Daisey didnt see this post for some reason.

    I would defo give it a go next year if its running ..might give me a bit of a kick up the bum to actually work out how to record better and do backing etc. At the moment i just take a song and if i cant find it on youtube try to go by ear or watch Bruce play and work out from there and sit and play in the living room without anything else just me and my guitar....i have electric acoustic and custom electric but never even use that as yet as just cannot work my amp to sound anything yeah need to do a lot of work! to get that sounding anywhere near good

    I have only been playing for just over a year or so but got a few songs under my belt. Dancing in the Dark, Hometown, Tougher, The River, Hungry Heart, I`m On Fire, Have sort of put Born to Run together but again it needs so much along side just me and my guitar to sound anything like...and my voice is nothing to write home about...trying to get the two in sync is something i am working on but i end up flat as anything!! well you can prob hear it in the other section i posted a recording in when i went to rock school and sang there...was horrendous lol hence gave up and gone solo x