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  1. anyone have Bruce Springsteen and clarence clemons SOS Racisme! 18th of June 1988 Paris thanks
  2. does anyone have the Concerts For The Clinton Inauguration - 1993-01-17 - Washington DC full concert or just the Clarence Clemons part thanks Clarence Clemons: 1 instrumental #1 2 song introduction 3 instrumental #2
  3. dose anyone have this bruce show thanks Bruce Springsteen & Billy Joel 2008-10-16 Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, NY (Sirius XM broadcast)
  4. anyone have the bruce show from 09-21-2012 thanks
  5. does anyone have the 08-03-74 bruce show thanks
  6. thank you so much really appreciate it. is the full show floting around anywhere
  7. does anyone have the The Rolling Stones Prudential Center 12-15-12 where they played a song with bruce springsteen thanks
  8. Does anyone know if there are any 2021 Bruce Broadway shows floating around
  9. does anyone have any of the 1975 shows were bruce plays up on the roof thanks i think these are the dates where it was played 1975-07-30 - CARTER BARRON AMPHITHEATRE, WASHINGTON, DC "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)") includes what may be the first performance of The Drifters' "Up On The Roof", which Springsteen sung while sat at the lip of the stage. beautiful arrangement with a "Thunder Road-esque" piano introduction and understated accompaniment from the band. 1975-08-01 - MOSQUE THEATRE, RICHMOND, VA 1975-08-02 - CHRYSLER HALL, NORFOLK, VA 1975-08-08 - AKRON CIVIC THEATRE, AKRON, OH 1975-08-09 - SYRIA MOSQUE, PITTSBURGH, PA 1975-08-10 - ALLEN THEATRE, CLEVELAND, OH 1975-08-16 - BOTTOM LINE, NEW YORK CITY
  10. its been officially released by nugs not sure if it can be posted
  11. anyone have the 7/20/75 bruce show thanks
  12. i know it's not bruce but does anyone have 2019-07-06 Asbury Park NJ Southside Johnny the Sirius FM version thanks very much
  13. thanks very much but born to run skipps on this
  14. does anyone have the bruce springsteen super bowl halftime show thanks
  15. i have some how lost a few bruce shows could someone please post the best version of the 02-05-75 show thanks
  16. does anyone have Bruce Springsteen - Bottom Line, New York City (08-15-75) with the bonus track Jungleland (1974-07-14) i think it was on the godfather records version or could just post the Jungleland (1974-07-14) track thanks
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