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  1. The mods are 100% right. When the official version of a show is released that performance and those versions of the songs in the setlist become coyrighted. The source of the bootleg recording is irrelevant. As for the semi-legit releases which flood Amazon etc then we know they are bootlegs, the mods know they are bootlegs, Bruce knows they are bootlegs but filehosts are as easy to con as Amazon and would probably take down an upload if challenged by people they perceive to own the copyright who in fact are simply a step up from the chancers who post links using cashback hosts on guitars101 but regularly raid here for content.
  2. The ego's have landed with a boatload of hypocrisy five days ahead of SCHEDULE. Don't do as they do, do as they say. Who would take people calling themselves Band of Brothers seriously. I preferred the old name. Be interesting to see whether they go after the cash for clicks folk on guitars101 posting this after such a childish response to a photo. Or maybe the scolding won't wash over there.