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  1. Don't know about youtube but there are more or less complete videos of all the British shows filmed by the same people. It's a bit like being on a boat in rough water but fir the time and stadiums they aren't that bad and there's a screenshot of the wembley amnesty.
  2. There's something free called ashampoo zip which works with everything but 7 zip is much better than all the winzip stuff.
  3. sometimes it's the actual download that failed in that situation (especially since it's been downloaded 14 times) and doing the download again will solve it but give this one a go. https://we.tl/t-gxAIk8HKyi
  4. Personally, I am positively dripping with excitement at sharing my amazing bootleg collection. I hope this is what you are looking for. 2005-08-13 Vancouver, BC, Canada - Front Row Summer Extravaganza - The Tripple Mix (Only Audience) (Flynn Edit) https://we.tl/t-N0FD2XFV53
  5. Filefactory operates what is called an affiliate scheme (rapidgator, turbobit and most other really slow hosts operate the same sort of thing). Filefactory pays the people who sign up to it a small amount per download of the files. The bigger the file, the more pay per download. Where the file is downloaded from also plays a part. File factory groups some countries into pay band (US and UK are two of the biggest earners). The affiliate scheme also pays up to 90% commission on premium memberships bought off the back of a members link. Now before anyone runs in and says but the amount per download is very small then yes it is but we have to multiply that by the number of downloads and the number of files being uploaded and suddenly we're running a nice little second income. A second income which 99% of uploaders who also do it their spare time wouldn't even consider.
  6. You're quite right, he should be financially rewarded for ripping off other people's hard work and doing what thousands of uploaders do for free.
  7. What absolute nonsense. Is someone forcing him to spend his time uploading? If he's so generous why not use a file host everyone can use without it taking hours to download. How does that tie in with downloading material from a site (not here) which has permanent easy to use file hosts and re-upping them to the cashback filefactory. Why not just direct people to the original host. No better than a commercial bootlegger. Doesn't deserve any praise at all.
  8. Is there a prize for guessing which particular cash for clicks poster on Guitars101 might be doing that?
  9. 99% of people are not technically minded enough to install an extension and to know whether it is safe to use on their operating system (and I include myself in that 99%). If we're talking about the same mega folder, and I suspect we are based on your reference to size (!), then it has been around and getting bigger (!!) for quite some time. Unfortunately if it's been posted publicly it will be hammered and it won't last long because even mega won't cope with the bandwidth.
  10. quick heads up, born in the usa, i'm on fire, the river, raise your hand, twist and shout, chimes of freedom, get up stand up from buenos aires 1988 were released officially on the amnesty dvd boxset "Released - The Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998".
  11. I haven't downloaded it so I can't tell you if there are any issues but i thought it wise to warn you that one drive will shutdown links or accounts which generate substantial traffic. How they calculate is a mystery but one drive isn't really built for sharing, certainly not public sharing like this board which is also open to less scrupulous users who might copy and paste a link which doesn't belong to them to other sites to make it look like they are contributing something there.
  12. The only claimed audio of memphis is fake. It's made up of St louis and a few bits from later shows in LA. See brucebase or at least the old version of brucebase.
  13. As you will have seen from various posts recently those making numerous requests are expected to start contributing back with their own uploads before requests continue to be filled.
  14. Re: this a few posts back Since we're doing studio outtakes. Here's somthing I haven't seen on here before Lucky Man -Tunnel Of Love' Demos & Rough Mixes In Flac and with art You might want to remove the link which is why I haven't quoted the post. Lucky Man is a fake, the versions are the same as those released only in poor quality. Go to the tunnel sessions section on Brucebase.
  15. Should really be extended to not profiting from an upload so that it covers those uploaders on the likes of guitars101 who use the affiliate schemes of filefactory, rapidgator and turbobit to earn money from their uploads.
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