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  1. I think this is an out-standing request from earlier in the week, 1981-02-20 Miami, FL (EARLMV) 'Moon Over Miami' FLAC, info, artwork https://we.tl/t-n6SgLHISqB link valid for 7 days
  2. https://we.tl/t-iFTXzpXslo Here is 2007-12-04 Oslo, NOR (Bull) FLAC w/ info & artwork link valid for 7 days
  3. If anyone has the 24bit version of this, I would appreciate it, thanks.
  4. Thanks. There are a number of 'versions' of these tracks around, but apparently "Key To the Highway" and "Don't Look Back" (diff. song) are still being held back, despite BB's designation as 'circulating.'
  5. Does the complete 12 song set 'circulate' or not? Brucebase is kind of confusing on this. Thanks.
  6. Oops, sort of. It is called 'Oakland First Night' and is not a Crystal Cat release. (CCat has 'Frisco 2nd Night' and 'Frisco 3rd Night' for this stand.)
  7. https://we.tl/t-GlOSfN2TLP here is 2005-10-30 Boston (Bakerstuff) FLAC, info link good for one week
  8. I would like to request--- 1999-10-25 Oakland, CA 'Frisco First Night' (Crystal Cat) IEM please and thank you. There is also an IEM-aud matrix for this date? -most welcome as well.
  9. https://mega.nz/folder/dQ8g0RRI#ZSW7Dk2m8ywvkofWsT9kkg I believe this is that version, with speed-correction by ghost radio station. FLAC, info, artwork
  10. Hello all, veterans and newcomers. Here is a link for 1981-02-23 Atlanta, GA aud (FLAC, info, artwork)https://mega.nz/folder/wBtShIhB#NlIP5fp29eeWPmHPOlGSpQ as I don't believe it was included in the recent early '81 batch. I would like to request 1992-08-29 Philadelphia (G 1stGen Rec3) which was posted on j'land last month, as my privileges there have "stalled". Thanks for sharing.
  11. I would appreciate a re-up or current link for... 1999-05-21 London -I have an old VHS tape (somewhere) with this date , but don't remember exactly what is on it.
  12. Thanks for Newark. (It looks like "BF4L" lives again!)
  13. I think some perceive "mega" to denote a file type, rather than simply the file storage/sharing site which it is.
  14. I can't help you, except to say that I have the same problem. About half of the regular uploaders on Jungleland never do anything but stall for me, no matter how many seeders (and it's not about my ratio either). I have tried multiple torrent clients; tried basically whatever I could think of, without success. Certain other members' torrents always download fine. I have never encountered this problem on DIME or TheTraders'Den either. I have given up trying or caring about the vagaries of J'land.
  15. https://mega.nz/#F!EZlFVABC!XReWxCqKTjXAMZ3e2PwlJQ here it is; I probably d/l'ed from that old post you found- it still has PAR2 files & I don't do ABMS. Did you say they should be deleted?
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