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  1. This must have been one of the surprises he was talking about. Eight episodes?? Good Lord
  2. Yup! Over 11,000 people tested positive in the state yesterday.
  3. There will be two. One of them is a rescue.
  4. We Take Care of Our Own. (Came on when Joe walked out to give his speech )
  5. I didn’t read any reviews or read anything about it on fan sites until I listened to it myself. I took a long drive around Seven Lakes Drive where I live. Man, If I Was The Priest blew me away. One of his best. Song for Orphans comes in a close second.
  6. I just started watching the series Yellowstone. I was never a Kevin Costner fan, but I like him in this.
  7. Saw 2 episodes of the Epstein doc last night. It made me sick, and as I watched I grew angrier and angrier at how much power and wealth can be used to cover up the most heinous of crimes.
  8. Was surprised to read his children weren’t baptized.
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