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  1. I just started watching the series Yellowstone. I was never a Kevin Costner fan, but I like him in this.
  2. Saw 2 episodes of the Epstein doc last night. It made me sick, and as I watched I grew angrier and angrier at how much power and wealth can be used to cover up the most heinous of crimes.
  3. Was surprised to read his children weren’t baptized.
  4. Currently watching the second season of What We Do In The Shadows on FX. The first season is available on Prime. I love it. It’s like Seinfeld, except the characters are vampires. Hysterical. They live on Staten Island.
  5. That’s a bummer. It was streaming for free as part of the SXSW 2020 film festival which was canceled.
  6. My Darling Vivian is available on Prime for free. This documentary is about Johnny Cash’s first wife Vivian Liberto.
  7. Looks like Patti gave her man a haircut.
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