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  1. Like the suggestion of "I'm Down", this is probably several decades removed from Bruce's voice being able to deliver a peak performance. But I always thought it would be a ball to hear Bruce and the E Street Band cover Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jean's "Not Too Young to Get Married". P.S. The song is not as gimmick-y as the band's name. They were a Phil Spector creation and the song is completely legit.
  2. The Firecracker Night But the problem has been solved!
  3. Some months back, one of the generous souls here fulfilled my request for the 12/31/78 Richfield, OH. show in FLAC. Problem is, the last four tracks on the third disc are missing. Can anyone out there supply the last four tracks or even the last disc and finish me off? : )
  4. Philadelphia 9-18-84 The Last Time (FLAC) https://we.tl/t-d8Ruvb6qbI
  5. For purely selfish reasons I'd love it chevy396. But you sure you want to do that to yourself? : )
  6. As a caregiver for my wife, I have some idea what you've been through and are facing going forward. I'm sure your wife appreciates your attention and care more than you know.
  7. Thank you so much mickb. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, this is the best reunion show you've never heard. Glorious!
  8. Anyone have a FLAC copy of 'Arizona Soul Men' (Phoenix 10-15-99) they'd care to share?
  9. Richfield, OH. 12-31-78 (FLAC) https://we.tl/t-RRSgRM74LQ
  10. Considering joining Jungleland. Downloading torrents looks fairly complicated. Many, many questions, among them being this: does leaving the Bit Client open (or 'seeding') expose me to malware, hacking, etc.? And what format does the downloaded file arrive in? Many thanks for your replies, experiences, etc.
  11. Monkinmotion, thank you--again. And cowboyofthesea, thank you as well. Really appreciate your help. Long may The River flow!
  12. Thank you again, Sir. As I accumulate these shows in FLAC, perhaps I will one day be able to fulfill a request!