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  1. Correction, we have a fourth option now: "Out of the blue, just let us release that 6 hours later than usual and see how wild message boards go meanwhile"
  2. Usually i'm not a big fan of solo acoustic shows, but this serms to be a good one actually, vocals sound great from what i've heard so far.
  3. The possibilities are: 1.: It's coming on time tomorrow. 2.: Nothing is coming tomorrow, without any announcement before because they don't care. 3.: Nothing is coming tomorrow, with an announcement right at noon, because they maybe care a little bit.
  4. Is anyone else having trouble with the mp3 download of the show? It downloads the ZIP archive properly, but all songs after Sunny Day are missing. Edit: Oh, seems they noticed that since the show page is now not available anymore. Hope we're getting new download links soon.
  5. That whole approving thing makes me think how it ever was possible to get ongoing releases of the 2016 tour WHILE he still was touring. We got a show every few days then and he was much more busy than now, so i just don't get why it now always takes ages for something to get approved.
  6. Finally a new archive release from Bruce SPRINGSEN. So it took 4 weeks for him to approve THAT artwork?
  7. I can't remember anything regarding the non-existence of multi-tracks from 1985, where does this come from? We even got a show from 1985 already.
  8. The running time of France 97 is approx. 2 hours so that would end right at noon and can be followed by the new release right after.
  9. And today we once again get *drumroll*...nothing! They officially now seem to not give a rat's ass about this series anymore.
  10. I have a feeling we won't be getting a release at all this month. Still no hints, plus if they release something today it will mean the next release will be delayed yet again, so they probably skip this month entirely to be able to finally get back to a normal schedule.
  11. Seems like we're going on with the delays up until fall...
  12. Guess nothing's gonna happen today. Communication was great as always.
  13. Just because the full setlist isn't available it doens't mean there is no complete recording.
  14. To me that sounds like "We have it ready since weeks but probably once again Bruce INC comes up on thursday telling us to not release it yet cause some other bollox is happening that same day"...
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