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  1. People that hate the "twang" will like this show btw. because it's from thast leg of the tour where Bruce got a little hoarse and didn't sound like on most of the Reunion shows other
  2. Wow , that's one of those releases again that came totally out of the blue! I would have thought something from the MSG or NJ runs, but this i did not expect!
  3. 2000/05/22 Anaheim, CA!!! That came totally unexpected!
  4. Are we sure there's gonna be another release next friday?
  5. They called the next release "holiday goodies" so i guess we shouldn't expect anything before the 17th.
  6. That's my thoughts aswell, because otherwise it would be just a week before No Nukes, or even just a week afer it, which seems completely unlikely because everyone will be occupied with No Nukes once it's out and close to nobody would be paying attention to an archive release so shortly after.
  7. Just about 1 1/2 hours to go until we get nothing once again, i'm so excited! *sarcasm off*
  8. I'd glad to be wrong but to me that last tweet meant there's not gonna be released anything else until No Nukes comes out. So nothing until the end of november at least.
  9. And as i said, it's just a different approach. The Springsteen releases aren't intended to be something like the Dylan Bootleg series and all that fancy stuff. They simply are official live downloads, not more and not less, and that's good. I think people are reading way too much in that "archive series" phrase.
  10. Please name ONE other artist that's releasing professionally mixed shows from 10-45 years ago on a monthly base. Not a single one comes to my mind. I don't know where this comes from.
  11. The archive releases ARE professionally mixed. But they are not intended to be some kind of big "live albums" with 100 page booklets, expensive packaging and all that stuff. That's reserved for releases like No Nukes, and that's okay, i'm loving these kind of box set releases aswell. But that's excactly why it should be possible to have an archive release on time every month, because it's something different, and it doesn't want or need to be anything else as it is: Great sounding, official live recordings.
  12. Nope, paying for stuff that i want is not a gift.
  13. This "there's another release colliding with that" crap is getting ridiculous. One thing hasn't got to do anything with the other. The archive releaes are such a little part in the Springsteen puzzle that it doesn't matter if anything else is released at the same time or not, people that want to buy the live shows will buy them anyway, no matter what, and people who don't, don't. most "casual" fans probably don't even know or care about the archive releases, so just let that run by itself, put out a show every first friday again and leave it like that. It wouldn't do any harm ro possible other releases.
  14. I really dont think anyone does that or that something like this is intended. I'm pretty sure the only reason for delays is other releases that coincide with it and approvement by Bruce that they somehow can't always get on time because he's occupied with other stuff. The latter seems stupid to me since you'd think he has people that do stuff like that for him.
  15. Yes, but there was no huge release like No Nukes that fell into that same time period.
  16. If it doesn't come tomorrow it's high likely there will be a delay in november aswell, or even no release at all since No Nukes also is being released then...
  17. Because there are much more shows to choose from 2008 than from 2007.
  18. If it's a Magic show i'm hoping for another one from 2007 or from europe summer 2008.
  19. I don't think there really are any "issues", they just don't care much about these releases. There's a hype about No Nukes right now, so they just don't give a s*** about other "small" stuff like this.
  20. Correction, we have a fourth option now: "Out of the blue, just let us release that 6 hours later than usual and see how wild message boards go meanwhile"
  21. Usually i'm not a big fan of solo acoustic shows, but this serms to be a good one actually, vocals sound great from what i've heard so far.
  22. The possibilities are: 1.: It's coming on time tomorrow. 2.: Nothing is coming tomorrow, without any announcement before because they don't care. 3.: Nothing is coming tomorrow, with an announcement right at noon, because they maybe care a little bit.
  23. Is anyone else having trouble with the mp3 download of the show? It downloads the ZIP archive properly, but all songs after Sunny Day are missing. Edit: Oh, seems they noticed that since the show page is now not available anymore. Hope we're getting new download links soon.
  24. That whole approving thing makes me think how it ever was possible to get ongoing releases of the 2016 tour WHILE he still was touring. We got a show every few days then and he was much more busy than now, so i just don't get why it now always takes ages for something to get approved.
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