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  1. Thank you-I’ll stay away from the scalpers then. I’ve been keeping an eye on stubhub despite the painful 20%.
  2. Were there any scalpers there? Wondering if worst came to worst, I could get one from them rather than stubhub.
  3. Thanks-I don’t mind waiting in line, especially to save so much, what I worry about is that it’s nearing the end of the run, they might be in higher demand. I’ve been keeping my eye on stubhub too hoping some nice reasonable person will have only a moderate mark up (I can dream).
  4. Has anyone tried getting tickets day-of recently by waiting in line at the theatre or stub hub? Are there scalpers at the theatre? Just trying to decide if I should buy the marked up stubhub tickets in advance or chance it. There are apparently about 15,000 in the daily lottery, with 20-30 tickets to win.
  5. Just wondering if anyone had a pair for December 12,13,14 or 15? Could also do December 7,8.