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  1. Love this show!!! I always wondered why Bruce went with the fast version of Real World after this show, both on album and subsequent live shows. Any ideas on this ?? I agree with the above comment.
  2. I suppose what I mean is, Born in the USA is an amazingly written and produced song. It captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. But it's not my goto listen off the album. Same with The River. In my opinion, his best song of that album, but my favorite is Independence Day for sentimental reasons of my relationship with my Dad. That's the difference for me.
  3. This Hard Land - one of those songs I loved first time hearing it.
  4. I really enjoy Bruce's solos, but Nils' are fantastic. Always wished he had more prominence in the Live shows.
  5. Western Stars (a little promo tune) Local Hero (here's hoping) Highway Patrolman (why not?)
  6. I was not there unfortunately ... but have friends who were and I have the Archive CD. VERY SOLID show with a some rarities.
  7. Same!! Yes, I am too hoping for an ESB Tour. We will see soon...
  8. Agreed. What other 70 somethings have toured and put on great shows? I really don't know. It will certainly look different than the 2016-17 River Tour, which was terrific.
  9. My favorite one-off is the book. I have been walking through it slowly, to catch as much as I can and not miss things. Such great writing and vulnerability.
  10. Agree.. also Darkness, Atlantic City, and My Beautiful Reward are outstanding!!