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  1. When someone has time, please upload for me in mega this show: 2003-06-28 Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy Keep rocking!
  2. 2016 LA #2 is my favorite. For personal reasons, also Houston 2014.
  3. @TelecasterMaster so which of these two is the upgrade? I was confused reading the posts. Thank you!
  4. Yes, Incident came later for me in the Rising tour..love it now! Kitty's Back - I don't understand the attention it gets from some. Maybe I will one day as well.
  5. Hahaha - I've always wondered if he just took artistic license on that one. It just doesn't sound right. LOL
  6. Thank you @PhrostByte for your tenacity in keeping this extensive poll going. It's fun!
  7. Hey friends, does anyone have the two songs when Bruce joined Billy Joel at MSG in 2018? 2018-07-18 Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
  8. As a consumer, I’ve found this somewhat annoying. But to be fair, it is his art and craft. He can choose to share what he wants us to have and hear. Compared to early years Bruce has come more free in the access of his music.
  9. Thank you!! Have safe and great evening!