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  1. I really like the Tampa show and listen it often!
  2. Oops.. I thought we voted for each album! Ohhhh, we are looking just for THE BEST SIDE?? Dang... I voted for one side on each album!! Hahaha, my bad!
  3. You're amazing!! Much appreciation!
  4. By the way.. please share these in MEGA. Thank you!!
  5. When any of you have some moments, I am looking for these three shows: 1996-11-24 Asbury Park, NJ 2002-07-26 Asbury Park, NJ 2005-06-16 Dusseldorf, Germany 2005-05-10 St. Paul, MN Thank you!!!
  6. Not a bad idea! Younger people are buying less albums and making more playlists of singles with Spotify, Apple Music, etc. The shift is definitely happening.. however, my 19 year old daughter (guitar player in a band), buys whole albums. She wants to know EVERY song, so that when she sees them live, she can sing along. haha
  7. However, he is 70!! I'm thinking his "rock-n-roll" days are transitioning as he ages.
  8. Thanks for all each of you do for us!! My collection has been enhanced because of you. Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated!!
  9. Agreed.. I looked up I Wish I Were Blind and it's been played only twice (according to BruceBase) with the Band. 2013-05-16 Herning, Denmark 2014-02-23 Hunter Valley, Australia
  10. Factory is one of my favorite Bruce tunes. It's not his best, but still one of my favorites for personal reasons.. my Dad.
  11. Leap of Faith and All are terrific live songs. He did All or Nothing (sign request) here in Houston in 2014... outstanding!!