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  1. Loved Ghosts and Letter To You at first listen... still do. Really like Janey, Burnin Train, Prayer, and Rainmaker. 1,000 Guitars and Last Man Standing are my weakest preferences. This is a really good album - my favorite since The Rising.
  2. Personally, I usually like the horns - especially on Local Hero and Dancing in the Dark, among many others.
  3. He played All or Nothing At All in Houston (2014). He claimed a man was at several shows with the sign, but did not make it to this show. Bruce played it anyway. Haha
  4. They also did a Ghost of Tom Joad cover with Elvis Costello.
  5. My gut says Stray Bullet from the River or Rockaway the Days from USA. Or if you mean released songs - Backstreets with strings or Born To Run with the dual vocals.
  6. My favorite Bruce podcast is None But the Brave.
  7. After listening to many audience recordings of tours and concerts over the span of Bruce's career, I must admit the rest of the world (especially Europe) seem to be louder, clap more and sing more than the USA fans. Has anyone noticed this and why do you believe this may be the case? As a USA citizen and huge Bruce fan, I am impressed by the fandom not only here in the States, but around the world. Any comments are welcome. Keep on rocking, my Lake friends!!
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