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  1. When I first heard dropped the needle on Ain't Got You (first song on Tunnel) - I was hooked. Though it was different than anything he had done, I loved it from the start.
  2. Just pay for and not worry about how expensive the ticket was in 2000 and go see Bruce in Louisville, KY. Unbelievable now that I passed on that chance, because the bootleg sounds like a tremendous show.
  3. Those shows from Oct-Dec he was on fire!! I have several of the boots from those months and they are all outstanding shows. I would love any of them released, even on a two-track recording.
  4. Death To My Hometown (it has grown on me as I gave Wrecking Ball another full listen today). Really good album.
  5. The Dylan duet is great! I also really the 95 Darkness and 99 Backstreets.
  6. Thunder Road (78 Roxy) A show I would like to be transported back in time and be in the room.
  7. This song has meant for me as the years have gone by. Tremendous lyrics and performance!
  8. Reason To Believe (one of my favorites from LIVE 75-85)
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