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  1. Purple Rain.. incredible version in honor of Prince. Glad to see it on there!
  2. If anyone has this, please share in mega: 2006-11-09 NEC Arena, Birmingham, England 'Touring UK' (Ev2) Thanks so kindly!!
  3. Word move me, so I prefer them over a nice melody. However, I do love some of his songs that say very little, but the music is great. Tough call, but voted for Words > Melody. Nice poll!!
  4. 1988 Lexington, KY - Rupp Arena Loved the "two-punch without a break" Ain't Got You/She's the One and an incredible Dancing in the Dark. Walk Like a Man was a highlight for me.
  5. This album has never grown on me, though Bruce has stated how much fun he had on it. Give me a few live shows worth getting so I can get a good sense of this tour and how good it was. I already have the 2006 New Orleans release. Thanks!
  6. Thanks y'all for giving us a chance to hear so many live shows!! Grateful..
  7. If anyone has this in mega, please share: 1998-01-31 Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank NJ (Red Bank Night - CC) Thank you!!
  8. I'm curious besides the official released or most often mentioned Darkness shows, which ones were some of your favorite of the 30? I wouldn't mind getting some boots of them from here. Thanks!!