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  1. Homestead is a nice song in my opinion. I’m hoping Bruce records and releases it one day.
  2. I actually like most of the songs, with the exception of 1,000 Guitars. Compared to his more advanced years albums - I feel it’s a really good one.
  3. If you enjoy the solo tours, the 1996 Nashville version of Racing is solid. He’s got that Dylanish/country voice going. Also Suzi on the violin.
  4. It’s a great show, I have the boot of it. Yes a great boot indeed. I’m glad they released this!
  5. This is one of my personal favorites as well.
  6. Excellent writing and review and agree with all aspects. I personally add Dancing in the Dark and Backstreets as highlights for me as well. Great show even if the audio doesn’t match the energy and impact.
  7. It was for me a life-changing album at age 18. I seemed to relate so well to the characters and narrative. Now that I know the rest of the vault, I would exchange Janey Don't You Lose Heart for Cover Me and This Hard Land for Working On The Highway. I like My Love being an outtake played so well live. But still...Great album with tremendous outtakes.
  8. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street Born To Run (Atlanta 1978) Long Time Comin’ The Price You Pay (Barcelona 2016) Bobby Jean (Live 1975-85)
  9. Thundercrack Better Days Born To Run Ain't Got You Adam Raised A Cain
  10. Ramrod 4th of July (Asbury Park) Sandy) One Step Up Downbound Train Wreck On The Highway
  11. Better Days Drive All Night Save My Love Backstreets American Land
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