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  1. Better Days Drive All Night Save My Love Backstreets American Land
  2. Yeah, he’s been fairly clear there’s not much more to choose from multi-track recordings. He could wrong - let’s hope so.
  3. My Hometown (1993 Jersey Benefit Show) - incredible crowd sing along.
  4. My first Bruce show!!!! Absolutely great night!
  5. The lyric vid may be my favorite so far of LTY. The flashes of Clarence and Danny mixed with the present. Well done.
  6. Clever ... but still some good tunes there. Love Mandolin Rain and Valley Road.
  7. 1. Roulette - 2003 New York 2. Candy's Room - 1980 Tempe 3. Sinaloa Cowboys - 1996 Belfast 4. Growin' Up - 2016 Philadelphia 5. Born In The USA - 2016 Barcelona
  8. I was 21 and it was my first tour. I seem to listen to the 88 shows the most.
  9. I haven't appreciated this song until recently. It was lost in shuffle somewhere over the years. Haha
  10. I have a good friend who played guitar. I had him listen to Born To Run (1988 acoustic version) and he was hooked.
  11. Loved Ghosts and Letter To You at first listen... still do. Really like Janey, Burnin Train, Prayer, and Rainmaker. 1,000 Guitars and Last Man Standing are my weakest preferences. This is a really good album - my favorite since The Rising.
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