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  1. Born To Run Racing In The Street Independence Day
  2. Yes - three years ago I had one bootleg. I now have every show I've wanted to see, but wasn't able. They are great over there on Bootleg Corner!!
  3. Does anyone know of a bootleg compilation of the 1985 LA Shows? It apparently includes The entire final concert (85-10-02) and also songs he performed the other nights, but did not on the last night, added with it. I have looked around but cannot find it. Thank you for any assistance.
  4. Racing in the Street Factory Walk Like A Man Jack Of All Trades Independence Day The Last Carnival Across the Border I'm On Fire The Wrestler I'll Stand By You
  5. Agree - I've loved this song since the first time hearing it on The Greatest Hits CD in 95. I'm not sure which version is my favorite, but this is special with the spoken words beforehand.
  6. I've never considered them to be the same place, but I suppose it's possible.
  7. "I had the windows open some days, I'm surprised you don't hear the cars going by on the record." LOL
  8. I've definitely lost count on the "25" released shows. Haha
  9. One question I'd love to ask him. I happen to like it... com' on Bruce, play it once!!! LOL
  10. This whole Atlanta show is hot. Good choice
  11. I wouldn't say it changed me, but as a college kid - I watched it all day. I guess four I really enjoyed: Queen U2 Bryan Adams Dire Straits
  12. Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan Rain On the Scarecrow - John Mellencamp Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams Mainstreet - Bob Seger Long Time - Boston Mandolin Rain - Bruce Hornsby The Space Between - Dave Matthews Band Take It Easy - Eagles Running On Empty - Jackson Browne Walk Like A Man - Bruuuuuuuuuce