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  1. Love Song for Orphans at the moment. Three weeks ago it was Power of Prayer, two weeks ago it was Janey Needs A Shooter, last week it was Priest and now its Orphans. You know it's a great album when your favourite is changing from week to week. Absolutely love this album - so fresh and full of life. It came at just the right time of the year as well. Shining light in the darkest months!
  2. The short solo in Tougher Than The Rest. Restrained, simple and to the point. Perfect for the song!
  3. I'd like to listen to that new Taylor Swift album. The reviews look fantastic! But to call her the new Springsteen? I can't comment with authority as I don't know much of her back catalogue but there is just too much uniqueness and individuality about Springsteen to be compared to anyone. That is the essence of all great success like him. I mean... he writes all his songs by himself! And he goes to places, really dark places, that I'm not sure any modern mainstream pop artist is brave enough to go today.
  4. This track came onto my itunes. Two songs on one track. Near 7 minutes of sheer bliss where the joy comes as much from the sweet (yet almost aching!) nostalgia it conjures up for me as much as the truly gorgeous melancholic vocal melodies from Chris Martin. I was 17 and starting the last year at school when they released this and it rang through my ears throughout that whole year. Coldplay were never better than they were on this album. I absolutely loved it and still do.
  5. I just gave it a full listen for the first time since July. I've listened to all songs individually in the weeks since but what with the autumnal turn of the year it felt apt to listen once more in October's more dreich melancholy settings away from the sunny turn of early summer when we first heard it. On hearing it in its entirety once more it struck me just how much I underestimated musical elements first time round. The gorgeous violin solo on Stones just adds to the fleeting nature of the album. I referenced before the sweeping strings that lifted Western Stars into the expansive bey
  6. I absolutely agree with you. If it weren't for some hard core nut in the Glasgow crowd back in 2013 with his/her Jole Blon sign I would never have discovered what a superb track it was. And as it was, it was one of the most joyful moments on a beautiful evening crammed full of them.
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